Paleo Bread Cold Cut Combo Sandwich

I’m so glad that I can enjoy sandwiches again, thanks to Paleo Bread!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Paleo Bread Cold Cut Combo.”  When I first got sick, and I mean real sick with autoimmune issues from Leaky Gut, I knew what I had to do… Ditch the bread, ditch the cereals, ditch the wraps, and go beyond gluten-free with Paleo.  Sandwiches were out of my diet for a while, until I saw that blue Paleo Bread label in the health-food store’s freezer.  “Huh????  Paleo Bread??”  My curiosity went through the roof, and when I read the ingredients, I was sold!!!  I can have sandwiches again!!  And so can you!!!  Whether you are Paleo, looking to go gluten-free (and beyond), wanting to eat healthy, or just trying to lose a few pounds; Paleo Bread is going to get you where you want to go.

Today’s sandwich is kept organic, nitrate-free, and as clean as possible.  I opted for the coconut Paleo Bread to start; it’s GMO-free, it’s made with organic ingredients, and its gluten and grain free too!  Plus, with just 35 calories per slice, and just 1 net carb per slice, this is going the perfect slice for our cold cut combo!  I then take some Applegate Farms deli meats, like coppa, soppressata, salami, and a few strips of bacon, and start building my scrumptious lunch.

It doesn’t stop there…. I opt for some fresh kale, and half of an avocado to party in that sandwich with those organic meats.  I decide to make this one a little extra creamy and add a little more flavor through some Paleo Mayo, straight from the 500 Paleo Recipes cookbook!  It’s a wonderful cookbook that is packed with great recipes and even condiments like this one.  I’m a big enthusiast of making your own foods, as well as the little things…. Getting rid of the “bad” items, like your average mayonnaise, from your fridge is step number one to living a successful Paleo lifestyle.  If it’s not there, you can’t eat it, it’s that simple. 


  • 2 slices coconut Paleo Bread
  • A few slices of organic uncured Coppa
  • A few slices of organic uncured Genoa Salami
  • A few slices of organic uncured Soppressata
  • 3 strips organic nitrate free bacon
  • 1 leaf of fresh kale
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 tbsp Paleo Mayo


1)      Toast Paleo Bread to your liking.

2)      Assemble as you wish, with organic meats of your choice.

3)      Add avocado and Paleo Mayo, and enjoy!

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 7 minutes

Makes: 1 sandwich

[youtube id=AsetpCt-fvo]

Not only is Paleo Bread low in cals and carbs, but it’s also packed with fiber and protein, which allows you to stay full, feel satiated for longer periods of time, and eat less.  Along with this great sandwich, I enjoyed a few macadamia nuts, a couple pieces of Paleo Chocolate, and half an apple with some MeeNut Butter.  A great lunch if you ask me, with healthy fats, organic protein, nutritious greens, and very low in the carb department.  Just like all of my meals, they fill me up, they keep me going for hours without snacking, and I feel great!!!!

This cold cut combo was absolutely delish!  The Paleo Mayo and avocado were phenomenal together, creating a wonderful creamy taste to go with all those lovely meats… And the crunchy bacon and crunchy kale also go hand in hand.  So assemble it as you wish, but please keep it organic. 

Thanks for checking out this Paleo food blog, with healthy products from Julian Bakery.  Make sure you go to for all of your Paleo needs, and for you Crossfitters out there, I highly suggest the AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bars!!!!  Designed to refuel Athletes, 100% Paleo approved, gluten free, high in protein and healthy fats, and really really tasty too!!!!



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