Paleo Bread with Carrot Mushroom & Ham Keto Scramble

Here’s another example of how simple it is to make a sandwich with fresh ingredients and kept Paleo!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Paleo Bread with Carrot Mushroom & Ham Keto Scramble”.  So many endless combinations, so little time.  Well, I guess it’s a good thing that meals like this don’t require much cooking time!  In about ten minutes, I was able to kick off my ultra-low-carb Paleo Bread in my toaster oven, melt up my PrimalFat Coconut Ghee, sauté some veggies and Applegate Black Forest Ham, and cook up my eggs.  It’s not that hard folks, and if it sounds intimidating, take a breath, relax, and give it a whirl.  What’s the worst that will happen?  It doesn’t taste good or it burns, and you grab something else.  Or you succeed and bask in the glory of cooking your own Paleo meal!  Ten years ago, I barely knew how to boil water.  Look at me now!  That’s from slowly trying new foods, attempting different cooking techniques, having fun in the kitchen, and taking pride in what I’ve created.

Why am I using Paleo Bread?  Great question!  I slowly strayed from the typical GMO-infested breads, and opted for so-called “healthier” choices.  Let’s leave their names out, cause I’m sure you can pick several off the top of your head.  I went with whole wheat and multi-grain, because it’s healthier, right?  Let’s look into that one….  Blood sugar and insulin levels are vastly affected when it comes to breads that contain wheat, in fact your blood sugar levels can spike more than candy after consuming wheat, for longer periods of time.  That spike is what causes inflammation, which leads to higher cholesterol levels, higher triglycerides, sickness, brain fog, and even rashes.  Remember that cholesterol is vital, and comes in to help out by putting out inflammation.  By keeping inflammation low, the body is in a much happier and healthier state.  This is where Paleo Bread comes in to save the day!  It’s beyond gluten free!!!!  It’s also void of soy, dairy, starch, and GMO’s, and by using coconut flour and/or almond flour, it’s not going to spike those blood/insulin levels that we just mentioned.  This, in turn, allows your body to function without inflammation!  Plus, Paleo Bread is low in calories, has just one net carb, and has decent fiber and protein content to allow you to feel fuller for longer periods of time.  Guess what that does?  Helps you lose weight….  So with much less inflammation, no GMO’s/soy/gluten/dairy/starch, a good amount of protein and fiber to assist in weight loss, and very little carbs, can you guess which bread is the way to go?  Paleo Bread!

[youtube id=Dd-OJnLI2H0]




1)      Toast Paleo Bread

2)      Melt PrimalFat Coconut Ghee, and sauté carrots and mushrooms.

3)      When carrots and mushrooms have cooked for about 4 minutes, add sliced ham and allow to heat up.  Feel free to cook for longer if you want it browned.

4)      Add eggs, stir it all up and allow to fully cook.

5)      When done, add to Paleo Bread, and add some Paleo Mayo if you wish.

Prep Time:  1 min

Cook Time:  10 min

Serves: 1


Now doesn’t that sound delish?  It was!!!!!  I got to enjoy some healthy vegetables, along with wonderful fats from the PrimalFat Coconut Ghee (a blend of organic virgin coconut oil and grass-fed ghee), pasture raised eggs, some quality organic ham, a homemade mayo, and some quality bread (Paleo Bread!).  It’s a meal that is real, which I am a huge proponent of.  Real food makes real progress, and is what the body deserves!   And this is why I shop at Julian Bakery for all of my Primal & Paleo needs!  So make sure you go to and check them out, they have quite the assortment and you can also stop and shop in person in the San Diego, California area!  Thanks for checking out this Paleo meal, I hope it inspires you to cook up a mini storm and take your health and cooking skills to the next level!



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