Paleo Bread Bacon Burgers

Ready to Indulge?  I am!  With the perfect bacon burger!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Paleo Bread Bacon Burgers.”  I really love bacon, so does Ali, so does Rachel, and I’m sure you do too!  But to get just the “right” amount of bacon, without overdoing it with slabs of it on your burger, you might want to give this recipe a shot!  We flipped through Paleo Indulgences and found what looked like a perfect bacon burger, and it was!!!  This cookbook has a ton of Paleo treats, but even all out Paleo meals (more treats if you ask me!) that are done just right.

This recipe starts off with a pound of ground beef; keep it grass-fed and organic folks!  Get the good stuff, for healthier protein with less omega-6 and more omega-3’s!  The same applies for the bacon; go for nitrate free, organic, the best you can find!  Then we have some minced onion, Worcestershire sauce, rosemary, minced garlic, black pepper, and we finished things off with a favorite spice that we use quite often….  Paleo Powder!  A perfect complimentary spice blend that has no gluten or MSG, and tastes great!  I’m a big fan of skipping out on the gluten.  Its bad news, it causes inflammation in the gut, and if you feel anything like I do when you consume it then you need to opt for Paleo Powder too.  



  1. Place the first 8 ingredients in a medium bowl and mix to combine

  2. Shape into 4 patties

  3. Grill or cook the patties in a greased cast-iron skillet until browned both sides and cooked to medium, about 4-5 minutes per side.

  4. Toast (or grill) Paleo Bread

  5. Top with your favorite Paleo condiments

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Makes: 4 servings

Not only is Paleo Powder gluten free, but so is the Almond Paleo Bread.  We opt for Paleo Bread because of the lack of gluten, grains, soy, and even GMO’s.  Yes, no GMO’s here!!  Julian Bakery focuses on sourcing the best, cleanest products to offer you, me and the entire Paleo community.  Actually I shouldn’t even say that, it’s not just for people that eat, sleep and breathe Paleo, it’s for anyone looking to eat right.  Looking to pass on soy?  They have you covered.  Looking to eat low carb?  Yup!  Julian Bakery is for you.  Looking to eat for an auto-immune protocol?  Then go to so you too can do just that!

When I took that savory bite of this “Paleo Bread Bacon Burger”, I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the ride.  I could feel the endorphins rushing, and my body and mind were becoming calm, cool and collected.  Food has such an impact on us, and quality foods have such a positive impact on us…  I decided to top my burger with some fresh avocado, tomato, and onion… Mmm mmm mmmm!!!  Talk about fresh, tasty, healthy, and scrumptious!

So make sure you try this delicious burger that Tammy Credicott has put together, and grab your copy of Paleo Indulgences from Julian Bakery…  Don’t forget your Paleo Bread, Paleo Powder, and some Sunfood Super Foods Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt!  Thanks for checking out this Paleo food blog, where I bust out some of the healthiest products for the ultimate in flavor, nutrition, and health.  I hope you enjoyed it, and please come again!



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