Primal Bison Burger On Paleo Bread™

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Primal Bison Burger.”  Now I’m sure a few of you are thinking “But wait, Bison IS Paleo… Right?”  Well yeah… But not the bun dude!  With a quick switch to almond Paleo Bread you too can be kickin’ it Paleo style with a Paleo Bison Burger.  Paleo Bread is low in carbs and cals, but also rich in protein and fiber… Plus, it lacks the GMO’s, ditches the gluten and grains, and passes on the dairy and soy!  It is the only bread that I condone, especially to someone looking to enjoy a tasty bread that either has autoimmune issues or simply wants to stick to ingredients that existed long ago. 

What I did to make these wonderful burgers is I combined ground bison with a couple garlic cloves (minced), cilantro (chopped), and a half teaspoon of the perfectly blended Paleo Powder.  I just know, since I’ve had Paleo Powder in other delicious recipes, that it will give my bison burger just the right amount of heat and flavor.  Its gluten and MSG free, and can be purchased in the same place as the Paleo Bread!  Finally I start to grill up my burgers, and I place my frozen almond Paleo Bread on the grill as well.  Don’t worry it’ll be just fine!  I’m an expert….  Trust me.  Just before the burgers are cooked to my liking, I top them with a little organic swiss cheese, and I put a little shredded cabbage blend on the grill pan as well to cook up. 


• Ground Bison (I made two 1/3rd lb burgers)

• 1 tsp Paleo Powder

• 1/8th cup chopped cilantro

• 2 garlic cloves – minced

• 2 slices almond Paleo Bread™ (Coconut) or (Almond)

• Organic swiss cheese

• hand full of shredded cabbage

• Paleo Mayo – from 500 Paleo Recipes cookbook

• Sea salt and black pepper to taste


1)      Mix ground bison in a bowl with minced garlic, Paleo Powder, and cilantro.

2)      Form burgers, and place on grill pan with oil of your choice.  Paleo Butter would work quite well here…  Today I used a little coconut oil.

3)      Add Paleo Bread™ (Coconut) or (Almond )to grill pan. 

4)      When burgers are close to done, top burger with cheese, and add shredded cabbage to grill pan to sauté slightly.

5)      When all is done, add Paleo Mayo to Paleo Bread, and top burger with shredded cabbage.

6)      Serve, and enjoy!

 Prep Time:

• 5 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes


• 1-2

Another great burger, Paleo style!!!  This had a great protein, with wonderful condiments, excellent flavor, and it was topped and bottomed with the one and only Paleo Bread!  I really enjoyed not only eating this one, but coming up with it.  Using several items that we purchased with ease through we were able to make a very healthy meal, with none of the gluten or grains that you’d typically experience in a normal burger.  Don’t forget to pick up the 500 Paleo Recipes cookbook where you can make the Paleo Mayo, when you are ordering up your Paleo Bread and Paleo Powder!

I hope you enjoyed our recipe – Paleo Bison Burger – using products from Julian Bakery!  Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment, especially if it’s a good one!

Dan From Primal4Life 

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