Paleo BBQ Chicken Paleo Sandwich

                “Where is that smell coming from?  What is that?”  Those were my questions every time I drove by this place in my neighborhood.  Then one day, nothing.  No delicious smell that got my taste buds going on overdrive and no smell stuck in my car as I drove off.  I thought “Are they closed forever or just today?  I didn’t even make it in there yet!  How could this happen?!”

A couple weeks later I’m driving in another part of the city and there was that smell again!  I sniffed my way to the most popular BBQ joint in the whole city and that’s where my obsession with pulled meat sandwiches began (amongst other non paleo dishes that I will not mention due to their enticing appeal). 

I get out of the car and am walking up the restaurant and wondering why there was a huge line of people eagerly awaiting something that looked as though they may be buying concert tickets.  Inside the restaurant I was rudely informed that I had cut the entire line (the one that I thought was for concert tickets, hah!) and to turn around, go to the back of line and wait my turn.  OOOOOKKKK…So an hour and a half later I get sat in the corner of the bar area, stomach growling and mouth watering and ordered the second the waitress came over (since I had so much time to decide).  After that first visit, I realized why they always had such a long line and was an addict and became a pro at ordering takeout from them. 

We all have one of those places that draw us in with their temptations that seem so right in the moment and then the guilt sets in.  Well thankfully, I can make a similar meal on my own and I can even eat bread with it using Julian Bakeries Coconut Paleo bread.  The thing I love about making a pulled meat sandwich using a rotisserie chicken is that it’s super easy to just pull the meat off the bone and toss in a couple ingredients! 

Serves 4


1 rotisserie chicken, pulled off the bones into small chunks

1 tsp. coconut oil

1 medium red onion, chopped

1 jar of BBQ sauce, paleo friendly

Julian Bakery Coconut Paleo bread, toasted


  1.  Heat the coconut oil over medium high heat and cook the onion until slightly browned
  2. Add the pulled chicken and 1 cup of BBQ sauce until meat is generously coated with sauce
  3. Cook the onions and chicken until warm, adding BBQ if needed
  4. Place the mixture on top of Julian Bakery Coconut Paleo bread and ENJOY!
  5. Complimented with Paleo Coconut Macaroons From The Julian Bakery

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