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Lauricidin – # 1 Best Candida Cleanse and More!

Want to know all about Lauricdin? Then read below all about this amazing lauricidin product. Buy Lauricidin Online: Click Here $28.95 Technical information on Lauricidin® (monolaurin): It is important to know what is a monoglyceride like monolaurin (Lauricidin® ).For visualization, a monoglyceride is composed of glycerin and one fatty acid joined as in the drawing […]


A Look Into Fat, Part 2 of 2: Hormones

As you may know, your body works on clusters of very precise cycles, called metabolic pathways.  All of these pathways work together using proteins, chemicals, enzymes, and byproducts from each other to contribute to what shape your body takes on.  Within these particular pathways, one of the important chemicals that we use are hormones.  I […]

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