OU81 Protein Bar Review (100% Grass Fed)

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”OU81 All-Natural Nutrition Bars.”  As an avid mountain-biker, runner, workout-aholic, I am always looking for that extra edge.  And part of that edge is to have fuel on the go.  Well, today’s review is one that is absolutely perfect for your go-to source of fuel; we have the “OU81 All Natural Nutrition Bar!”  And not just one, but three different flavors to satisfy anyone out there.  I am taking a few moments out of my bike ride to stop and sample these three bars for you, well it’s for me too – don’t you worry about that…  And I’m here to let you know my honest opinion on how these bars rate. 

Starting off with the exterior, the package is simple, yet effective.  It’s thin, which makes it great to stash away in a jersey pocket, Camelbak, or even in the tiny pouch that is under my bike’s seat.  Reading the packaging, I am thrilled to read things like “All Natural”, “Grain-Free”, “No added refined sugar”, not to mention the amazing line-up of ingredients.  We have real foods like unrefined coconut oil (big fan of the unrefined vs refined), pumpkin seeds, almond butter, dates, honey, cranberries, cocoa nibs, and even sea salt for that added nutritional benefit.  No complaints there whatsoever and I’m very impressed to say the least.  Even the whey protein that is included in these bars is from grass-fed sources, no wonder why Julian Bakery is offering these in their Paleo product line!   Yes Paleo Peeps, Julian Bakery is where I sourced these bad-boys, and so can you!  So let’s do a quick sampling of each bar and see what my initial impressions were.

OU81 Paleo Protein Bars Come In: Chocolate Cherry / Coconut Cranberry / Chocolate Coffee / Variety Pack

Ingredients (for the Chocolate Coffee since that was my FAV!):

• Dry roasted pumpkin seeds

• Dried dates

• Dry roasted almond butter

• Raw honey

• Grass-fed whey protein powder (whey powder, stevia)

• Organic roasted cocoa nibs

• Organic unrefined coconut oil

• Organic cocoa powder

• Vanilla extract (vanilla bean extractives in water and alcohol)

• Coffee powder

• Sea salt


1)      Tear open packaging

2)      Eat, savor and enjoy


So let’s get down to business, the taste test.  Randomly, I decided to grab a bar and take a bite, and I ended up with “Chocolate Cherry”.  I didn’t know this, but I soon figured it out as my mouth was slowly filling with that heavenly cherry aroma.  As mentioned in the video, my initial comparison was that it was like a Powerbar; except a hundred times better!  Maybe because this is actually made with real foods…. Next up, “Chocolate Coffee”…. From the second that I bit into this, I noticed a slight crispy crunch, and suddenly a whirlwind of coffee flavor that absorbed right into my system.  I was in love at first bite and wanted to eat the entire bar.  But, I restrained myself, knowing that I was on candid-camera and had to use my manners.  I hear the coffee comes from a local source as well, good for you OU81, good for you…  Bar number three was “Coconut Cranberry”, and it was milder in flavor, and on a texture scale it was the median of all three bars… Not crunchy, and not soft…. So you decide which will be your favorite?  Can’t choose?  Get the mix pack and have your own taste-test to help you make that decision.  Yes, there is a variety-pack available, soon, through www.Julianbakery.com/Paleo !!!!   For you La Jolla natives, lucky you…..  Get ‘em while they last!!  Before I order them all up, that is….

I hope you enjoyed my review of the OU81 All-Natural Nutrition Bars, and when you get your mix-pack please post up your review as a comment right there on Julian Bakery’s blog!  I am curious to see which you prefer.  Until then, enjoy life to the fullest with real food.



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