Organic Superfruits On Paleo Bread Recipe

Since there’s many folks like toast in the morning, I decided to show them (and you!) how I would enhance things with some tasty and healthy Julian Bakery products!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Honey Berry Paleo Bread”.  Just because you enjoy toast in the A.M. doesn’t mean you have to eat GMO’s, grains, gluten, a ton of carbs and calories, and spike your blood-sugar and insulin levels.  You can have your cake and eat it too!  How?  With Paleo Bread

I am toasting up one slice of each version that Julian Bakery offers; the delicious coconut and the nutritious almond.  Oh wait, they are both nutritious and delicious!  Sorry about that!  What’s so special about Paleo Bread compared to traditional bread?  Let’s discuss what it’s not made with.  Julian Bakery does not use any wheat, soy, grains, dairy, or GMO’s…. And since wheat and grains are known to cause a large spike in blood-sugar, this allows you to keep inflammation low, insulin levels steady, and overall improved health.  Regular bread, especially whole wheat, will bump up those levels higher than candy, and that is not a good thing when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.  And when it comes to the calorie and carb-counters, Paleo Bread weighs in with just 1 Net Carb per slice, 60 calories for the almond version and only 35 calories for the coconut!  Those are some impeccable, lab verified numbers!



1)      Toast Paleo Bread to your liking.

2)      When ready, spread organic honey on Paleo Bread.

3)      Sprinkle desired amount of cinnamon.

4)      Add berries to Paleo Bread as you wish.

5)      Enjoy this low inflammatory and super-healthy treat!

[youtube id=U5QF0RJeojA]

Once my Paleo Bread slices are fully toasted up, I decide to spread on some delicious, and oh so healthy honey… But it’s not just any honey, it’s the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Organic Raw HoneyJulian Bakery offers this as their premier and most organic honey for a reason; it’s raw, unpasteurized, and loaded with nutrients and amino acids.  What I truly enjoy is its taste and texture; no other honey compares in my opinion.  When baking, it’s so simple to scoop it out, since it’s soft and creamy.  And for today’s simple task, it makes things that much easier. 

Next, I decide to add a little organic cinnamon, not only for added flavor but also for the added health benefits.  Plus, it also helps to stabilize blood-sugar levels…. I’m all about keeping those levels low, stable, and in turn I am enjoying a healthy Paleo lifestyle.  Increased blood-sugar levels means inflammation, sickness, higher C-Reactive Protein levels, weight gain, and numerous other issues.

How can this toast get better?  With Sunfood Super Food Incan Golden Berries and Goji Berries!  Talk about a ton of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, along with a superb and distinct flavor from each product.  The Goji Berries have a soft texture, unlike other Goji berries that I have tried from other brands….  While being soft and plump, they have a very mild and sweet flavor.   When it comes to the Golden Berries, I am in love with their super-tart taste.  This is my candy, but they aren’t candy!!  They actually help me realize how much is really packed into these little guys!!!  And, I get both products right there with my Paleo Bread from Julian Bakery!

This combination was a very delicious and scrumptious way to start my day…. And if you are a toast lover, why not give it a try?  Remember, this isn’t your average toast, think of it as “Super Toast!”  It’s not just tasty, but it’s also providing you with more nutrients than traditional toast could ever dream of!  So make sure you check out for that low calorie and 1 Net Carb Paleo Bread, but also the raw honey and the Golden and Goji Berries!  I hope you decide to try this, and I also hope you enjoyed my Paleo food blog using some terrific products via Julian Bakery!



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