Open Faced Egg & Prosciutto On Paleo Bread™

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you an “Open-Faced Egg & Prosciutto Sandwich.”  As I woke up this morning, I had a craving for some bacon and eggs with some of that killer almond Paleo Bread.  And of course, some good veggies to tag along!  Well, we’re fresh out of bacon, so I’ll have to improvise today.  But how?  Well, I have some organic prosciutto which I’m betting will crisp up in a frying pan, so I’m gonna go all in and see how it works out. 

This breakfast starts off with me sautéing some chopped Napa cabbage in olive-oil, and the almond Paleo Bread from Julian Bakery goes into my toaster-oven on full blast.  Meanwhile, another pan with my prosciutto starts to kick off…  “Sizzle away Prosciutto, and try to be more like your cousin, Bacon!”  As things go as planned, the prosciutto is crisping up, and the house smells incredibly good.  I set my sliced avocado aside, ready to do some healthy damage…. This is when I start making my eggs, getting into the final stages of this morning project.  


• Olive oil (for pan frying)

• 4 slices organic Prosciutto

• 2 eggs

• 1 avocado – sliced

• 3 leaves of Napa Cabbage – chopped

• 2 cloves garlic – minced

• 2 tablespoons sauerkraut


1)      Cook Paleo Bread in toaster oven

2)      Sautee cabbage with olive oil and minced garlic

3)      In a separate pan, fry prosciutto

4)      In a third pan, cook eggs to your liking

5)      When toast is done, plate

6)      Add avocado slices, prosciutto, eggs, and finally the cabbage slices

7)      Add Salt & Pepper to taste

8)      Top with sauerkraut

Prep Time:

• 2 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes


• 1-2

When this was all said and done, the prosciutto ended up being a lighter and thinner bacon!  It was tasty, crispy, and satisfied that bacon craving that I had.  The bite from the prosciutto went very well with the tasty almond Paleo Bread, which is the only bread that I approve of.  Made from all natural ingredients, it is the only choice when it comes to bread for someone trying to stay on path for Paleo.  It is also Non-GMO, gluten and grain free, dairy free, soy free, and low in carbs and calories.  Yet, it keeps you full and satiated since it’s packed with fiber!  Finally, the trio of the soft and creamy egg, cabbage and avocado go so well together.  And the added benefits of the garlic and sauerkraut are just screaming out “Healthy Healthy Healthy!” 

So what have we learned here folks?  You can make it without bacon…. Maybe not for long, but when you are down and out, try prosciutto!!!  Heck, try ham if you are really scroungin’!!!  I really enjoyed this sandwich, and I hope you do too.  But whatever you substitute when it comes to ingredients, please keep in mind that there is no substitute for Paleo Bread!  You can purchase it through Julian Bakery, via their bakery in La Jolla, California, or online @




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  1. This looks yummy! But I don’t know what Napa cabbage is. Can we get it in the Midwest?

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