Open-Faced Beef Patty on Paleo Bread (Keto)

Today I’m making the most of my meal with what I have left…. But still keeping things healthy while carbs are low!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you an “Open-Faced Beef Patty on Paleo Bread”.  You know the feeling, you have to go food shopping, and you are limited to what’s available at that moment in time… Well, today that’s me!  I don’t think I’ve used Romaine lettuce on any meals in the past year, but hey!!!!!  It’s a vegetable, it’ll do!  This meal doesn’t have any fancy schmancy ingredients, we’re keeping things plain Jane, but still allowing the carbs to be minimal without sacrificing taste.

Starting out with some coconut Paleo Bread, I bust that out of my freezer and get going.  Why Paleo Bread?  Because it’s the cleanest bread money can buy.  I have been put through some crazy real-life tests, autoimmune issues arose, and I’ve eliminated many, many foods in order to keep the aches and pains away.  Traditional breads were the first to go, as I did not feel well at all when consuming them.  Gluten free breads didn’t make it much further, as I still noticed some issues here and there.  Finally I stumbled upon Paleo Bread and saw that it was made gluten-free, didn’t have soy or GMO’s, and no starches… Meanwhile I couldn’t believe how low in carbs and calories it was, while being made from real ingredients!  I felt good, and its history from there!  

[youtube id=pSujnR3ERHg]




  1. Combine first 4 ingredients in a bowl, mix together well, and form a beef patty.

  2. Melt Paleo Butter in frying pan, then add beef patty and begin cooking.

  3. Start boiling water for Paleo Rice, then cut open bag, pour in strainer, rinse and strain Paleo Rice.

  4. Start toasting Paleo Bread to your liking.

  5. When water is boiling, boil Paleo Rice for up to 2 minutes, then strain, rinse and strain again.

  6. When patty is done, add to Paleo Bread, and add avocado, Paleo Rice, lettuce, and any other healthy condiments that you desire.


Prep Time:  4 min

Cook Time:  10 min

Serves: 1

This is how I am rolling today, with real ingredients, keeping inflammation and carbs low, and bumping up the taste levels!  Yeah, rice on a burger may seem strange, but I actually enjoyed this like an open faced sandwich.  It was delicious, it provided me with a bunch of nutrients, and as I just mentioned inflammation was kept to a minimum.  With healthy Paleo Butter from and a quality organic ground beef from grass-fed cows, avocado for healthy fats, and Paleo Bread which keeps inflammation low, we are golden!  See, by keeping our blood sugar levels stable and eating a low-inflammatory diet, we’re able to keep our bodies happy.  Skipping out on traditional breads means a lot more than the extra carbs and calories…..  This is why I chose Paleo Bread! is where I shop, for the best Paleo and low-carb items around!  You can also pop into their Oceanside or La Jolla, California locations, and if you do tell them Dan sent ya!  I hope you enjoyed seeing this meal come together, with some simple, healthy ingredients… And have a great day!





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