On A Low Calorie Diet? Try Our Amazing Sourdough

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sourdough bread!  I would use it for every sandwich I ever ate if I could.  The only reason I have avoided sourdough in the past is because I associated it with plain white bread in terms of its nutritional value.  That’s only because I didn’t know about Julian Bakery’s Amazing Sourdough bread.  There’s no better way to describe this sourdough loaf than the ‘Amazing’ that’s already inferred from its name.  Every slice of this amazingly guilt free sourdough contains 60 calories, 5g of complete protein, 6g of fiber, 4 net carbs, and absolutely no fat.  What really separates this sourdough bread from the rest is the added chicory root, which allows carbohydrates to pass through your body without being broken down and absorbed.

Amazing Sourdough is perfect for keeping a low calorie count during low-carb dieting.  It’s nearly common sense that taking in fewer daily calories than your body is burning is essential to losing weight.  This high fiber, low calorie bread is specifically designed to increase satiety so that you feel satisfied throughout the day.  If you are counting calories or on a low-carb diet, but still want great tasting bread, Julian Bakery’s Amazing Sourdough is the perfect loaf for you!

To help you fully understand how great this Amazing Sourdough bread is for you, I have to dig deep into our Amazing Sourdough fermentation process, and how it breaks down phytates to open up nutrient bioavailability.  The fermentation process includes wild yeast and bacteria which create an end product that is healthier and more digestible than most commercial sourdoughs.  Some of this bread’s terrific health benefits include bacteria which help balance your intestinal flora, improvement in digestion, and an increase in bioavailability of nutrients.  In most bread, indigestible phytates bind to minerals, making them unavailable for digestion.  In sourdough, the fermented bacteria dissolve the phytates, freeing the healthy minerals and making them absorbable.  The healthy bacteria in Sourdough fermentation also contributes to the nutritional value by:

Pre-digesting starches, making the bread easier to digest

  • Breaking down gluten, making it tolerable for gluten-sensitive stomachs
  • Lowering insulin response & improving glucose tolerance
  • Protecting Vitamin B1 from being damaged during baking

For the most phytase activity and thus the most unbound minerals, check out our Real Sourdough Rye. Time and time again, sourdough rye bread is scientifically proven as the healthiest bread. Stay tuned to the Julian Bakery blog for a future post on the great benefits of Rye.

Julian Bakery’s Amazing Sourdough is unique bread designed to curb your appetite and allow you to take in less calories, preventing you from feeling bloated. This soft, delicious bread is absolutely great with any meal! This bread is available in hundreds of stores across the country.  Use the Julian Bakery store finder to locate a Julian Bakery wholesaler near you.  You can also place orders online and have us bake and ship your bread fresh to your door. Get this low-carb, low calorie, and high protein bread today!

By: Ricky C.


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