Nutiva Coconut Manna™ Low Carb Paleo Spread

Paleo Nate here to share with you another healthy addition to your Paleo Kitchen, COCONUT manna by Nutiva®. It’s low carb with one 1 net carb per serving! I picked this product up at the Julian Bakery once again and love its versatility and flavor. Here, I used it as a spread on my slice of Paleo Bread – Almond variety. I know it is hard to see but it melted pretty quickly once it touched the warm, toasted bread. You can use this COCONUT manna™ in so many ways in the kitchen, it’s amazing! You can use it as a spread (as I did), use it in a smoothie or even add it to your sauces. It is made of pure, dried coconut flesh and tends to “melt in your mouth”. COCONUT manna is truly your “everything” spread that replaces cream, cream cheese, and butter. Try it for yourself. You will be impressed. Now let’s get to the simple, yet yummy, recipe for a snack.



  1. Toast the Almond Paleo Bread™ in a small skillet over medium heat in coconut oil.
  2. Spread 1 tbsp of the COCONUT manna™ onto the bread and enjoy!


 Prep Time:

  • 1 minute

Cook Time:

  • 3 minutes (toast)


    • 1 person

 Be sure to pick some up at the Julian Bakery either in La Jolla, CA or online at and let know what you think in the comments. And at $12.99 for a 15 oz. jar, you can’t go wrong.

 To the folks at the Julian Bakery, you’ve done it again.

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 By: Paleo Nate

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