Now Foods Bromelain Review – Anti-Inflammatory & Digestion Aid

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”NOW Foods – Bromelain.”  There’s a lot to be said about NOW Foods – Bromelain which I picked up recently from Julian Bakery. In just two weeks, I noticed a huge difference in the quality of my joints.  I couldn’t believe my ears, and elbows!  A couple years ago I was prescribed antibiotics (Avelox, a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic similar to Cipro and Levaquin) for a simple ear infection…. Soon after that, my knees started to ache and I could no longer run or bike.  Then my old injuries from years ago started to ache, and I got to a point where I couldn’t walk or even sit without pain.  I acquired lots of food sensitivities, and was covered in rashes, suffered from muscle spasms, body tremors, and I was a complete wreck.  This helped me find Paleo, eating clean, real food, and I decided to change my life for the better and heal it with natural remedies.  It took a long time to heal my “Leaky Gut”, close to a year and a half and things are looking a lot better…. But now I am left with the damage from when I was weak, when my joints weren’t getting the nutrition they deserved due to the Leaky Gut…  I have been eating bone broths and lots of anti-inflammatory foods to help it,   but my knee and both elbows still snap, crackle and pop!  I am almost embarrassed every time I hear those clicking noises, I sound like a ninety-year-old, yet I’m only thirty-seven!! 

Sometimes things happen for a reason, I think this experience has made me a better person, definitely a healthier person!  But I genuinely feel that I am here to tell the world about some of the best natural products out there, and this is one of them!  NOW Foods – Bromelain has been so helpful in getting about 90% of the cracking and clicking out of my elbows, in just two weeks!  I am so impressed, although I am not shocked, knowing that NOW Foods is a quality company that sells products that we can trust, just like Julian Bakery

“Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the stem of the pineapple plant that has protein-digesting properties. When taken with food, Bromelain can help to support healthy digestion; when taken between meals, it may help to support joint comfort and may help to relieve temporary soreness that is associated with muscle overuse. Bromelain is designed by nature to support proper gastrointestinal function and may also help to promote the comfort of muscles and joints.”

  • 2400 GDU/g
  • Joint Comfort
  • Protein Digestion*
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • Vegetarian/Vegan

So what I did was I took two capsules in between meals, whenever I was hungry I’d take a couple… That’s it!  I hear that this helps with digestion and allergies as well…. Which could explain why this is the first year where I can claim that I have no allergies whatsoever!  Normally I am sneezing, crying and scratching while mowing my lawn, and this occurs well into the next day…  Not anymore!!!!   NOW Foods – Bromelain is a keeper, and I will continue to take these for sure.  I am so glad that I ran into Julian Bakery’s Supplement section, where you can find a bunch of healthy, natural supplements. 

So make sure you check out the supplement section, pick up some Bromelain and let me know how it works out for you!  Hopefully you don’t have a prominent clicking sound coming from your joints, like I did/do…  But if you do, this may be your silver bullet.  And I hope to chime in soon with an update as to how my knee is doing…. I have a feeling with Bromelain my knee will get better eventually, combined with some other healthy supplements that I have testing out from Julian Bakery, as well as a Paleo diet with healthy fats, clean proteins, and tons of vegetables….  And make sure you stock up on your Paleo Bread, the only bread that works with a “Leaky Gut!”  Trust me, it does!!!

This is Dan from Primal4Life, signing out…. And please, stay away from Fluoroquinolone antibiotics unless you absolutely need them.  I hope you have a safe and happy day!



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