New Smart Carb Bread with 3 Net Carbs And 16g Protein per Slice

Introducing the new Smart Carb Bread with 16g of Protein and 3 Net Carbs or 4 Total Carbs per slice. The new Smart Carb had reduced starch which means it does not convert into sugar and then fat in your body. This bread has a Glucose Index of Zero and does NOT raise blood sugar. Smart Carb #1 bread is ideal for all diabetics.

Smart Carb curbs appetite through delivering 16g of protein per slice taking away your hunger for snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Smart Carb enables you to reach or maintain your ideal weight with diet and exercise through enabling you to cut carbs and most importantly starch.

The new Smart Carb bread is lab verified with Medallion labs for accurate nutritional information and the lab test our available at

Smart Carb bread is almost all protein and taste the best toasted. Its soft delicious and ideal for any low carb diet as it enables you to stay in ketosis because of its low total carb count. It last 3+ Months frozen and 2 Weeks in the fridge. We offer Smart Carb bread in almost 1000 stores nationwide so visit our site and use our store locator today. You can also order online at

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