Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Honey

If you have a sweet tooth, like most of us do, keeping things low in sugar and carbohydrate is usually pretty tough!  This is Dan from Primal4Life reviewing Nature’s Hollow Honey.  Generally anytime you sweeten things up, as in recipes or even a spoonful of honey for your tea, you are adding a decent amount of sugar….  Sometimes it ends up being more than decent, to be quite honest.  And carbs, oh the carbs!  We are learning more and more that counting calories isn’t as important as watching your carb and sugar intake these days… and typically a spoonful of honey will add twenty or more carbohydrates to whatever you are sweetening.  So what is a health-nut to do?

Nature’s Hollow Honey has hit the scenes, sweetened with Xylitol and totally sugar free!  Xylitol has been known for being a solid sweetener without side effects, and truly has some stout health benefits.  And if you read my last sweetener review, which happens to be Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup, you might already be aware of some of those health benefits.  Stronger teeth, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, there’s so many positive benefits to Xylitol…. And Nature’s Hollow Honey has those exact benefits as well!

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So with our recent order of Paleo Waffles and Paleo Wraps, I decided to give the Nature’s Hollow Honey a try.  Reading that a tablespoon has only one net carb (calculated by subtracting fiber and sugar alcohol from carbohydrate) and just twenty-five calories, I was psyched!!!  My daughter has been on a tea kick, with honey…  And now I’m able to give her something that will strengthen her teeth and gums, fight off some of the possible bacteria from sugars and carbs, and lessen her carb and sugar intake just a tad as well.  Personally, I am more concerned about my carb and sugar intake over my daughter’s, as I try to keep my carbs somewhat low, and sugar as low as possible.  I really don’t need to explain the benefits of watching your sugar, we all know it’s bad for you, and we should all watch it whenever possible.

Opening my Julian Bakery box (which arrived in no time), I chuckled when I saw the cute bears that the honey came in.  Normally I tell people to avoid the honey bears at the supermarket, but in this case I’ll take ‘em!!!  Ali couldn’t wait to try it out, because taste matters!  And guess what, she must’ve had about three teaspoons and loved every drop!  No worries, that’s right around a tablespoon, which again contains zero sugar…. Awesome!  When I taste tested the honey, I noticed it was light, smooth, and easy to pour.  Taste was spot on, clean and not ultra sweet.  It goes great on Paleo BreadPaleo Waffles and I even enjoyed an avocado with a teaspoon of Nature’s Hollow Honey which was deeelish!!! And because it’s pourable, it’s perfect for your your baking and your cooking needs.  Just think how much less sugar, calories, and carbs your meals will be!!

Thanks Julian Bakery, for offering yet another low carb and sugar free alternative!!!  This isn’t just for Paleo peeps, it’s not just for people watching their weight, it’s also for diabetics, it’s also for anyone looking to detox, and for anyone just wanting to be healthy!   Remember that excessive carbs will spike blood sugar and insulin levels, causing inflammation.  Inflammation is what triggers cholesterol issues, aches and pains, fat storage, and health issues.  By using a low glycemic sweetener like Xylitol, you are able to have much more control over many aspects of your health!!!

Ali and I give Nature’s Hollow Honey two thumbs up for sure!!!  We both love the taste, the sweetness, and the nutritional facts too!!  Check it out at and order it up today with all of your other Paleo needs!  Thanks for stopping by, and let me know how you enjoy your Nature’s Hollow Honey!



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