Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup Review

Sugar Free normally is something I don’t go for…. But in this case I am giving two thumbs up!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you Julian Bakery’s latest Paleo product; “Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup Review.”

 Normally when I see sugar free, I know they put something in there to make it taste better… And usually it’s some fake chemical junk… That fake chemical junk is something that harms, depletes, and hurts you.  Prior to ordering Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup from Julian Bakery, I did my research to find out the real deal on Xylitol…  And I was pretty amazed with what I have learned from a little digging around online.  Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup is a sugar-free maple syrup, made with Xylitol; a 5-carbon sugar alcohol that actually has several health benefits which I want to share with you.  Xylitol occurs naturally, it has no bad aftertaste, it’s found in fruits and vegetables and in our own bodies… Where we make both Xylitol and the enzymes to digest it!

Tooth and gum health seem to be first and foremost….  Xylitol alkalinizes the mouth, while reducing bacterial growth and thus preventing plaque growth.  And it can even prevent bacterial strains like strep!  That’s kind of amazing…  I’ve been wondering why more and more toothpastes have been made with Xylitol, now I know!  If used consistently over time, Xylitol may even repair some damage from cavities.

Due to Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup and Xylitol being low glycemic, it has a small impact on blood sugar and insulin levels. This means that unlike sugar, highs and lows are gone…  No ups and downs for either your energy or your mood, and no cravings for more sugar and carbs.  Less adrenal fatigue, less chance to increase your cortisol levels, and less chance of weight gain. 

Ear infections and sinus health are on the list as well… Studies have shown a 30% decrease in ear infections in young children when taking 8-10 grams of Xylitol daily, due to its anti-microbial effects.  And since Xylitol is alkalinizing to our systems, it prevents harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi of all kinds from getting in our systems.  That keeps the body alkaline and makes it easier and more likely for you to stay healthy and balanced in many ways.  Good!!!  Sugar, in contrast, weakens our immune system by creating an acidic environment.  Bad!!

Since our bodies are getting less acidic due to Xylitol, our bodies technically will leech less calcium from our bones and teeth.  So bone health (and teeth again too!) are on the good list…. Wow!!!

Yeast and Candida don’t stand a chance against Xylitol… Why?  Because Xylitol is the only sugar that doesn’t feed yeast… and actually it helps kill it off!  If you suffer from GI issues when consuming Xylitol, chances are it’s a detox / die-off effect… Keep at it, and the stomach issues should subside, while you attack that Candida.  I wish I knew this back when I first found out that I had Candida and Leaky Gut, that’s for sure…

So with all that said, I am a huge fan of Xylitol…. And since Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup has just two net carbs for a quarter cup, no sugar, and is low in calories, I’m switching over!  This morning when I enjoyed this lovely Syrup on my Paleo Waffles, I found it to be one of the best tasting syrups around.  And when comparing the figures with traditional maple syrup, I was in shock.  Our traditional maple syrup had about 54 carbs and 54 grams of sugar.  Yikes!!!

Here is the Nature’s Hollow Nutritional Info:

(2 Net Impact Carbs) Deduct Sugar Alcohol From Carbohydrates!


Make sure you take a peek at for the new Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup.  You too will be a fan once you taste it, but after seeing all of the health benefits and understanding that it’s not going to impact us like traditional sugar…..  Your probably placing that order already!

Thanks for taking some time to read my Paleo food blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and please stop by again soon! 



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