Mango Scrambled Paleo Wrap

Here’s a totally random meal that came to mind, but once again we are able to enjoy a healthy breakfast that I’ve personally never experienced before!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Mango Scrambled Paleo Wrap”.  As I was going through my freezer to find something to start my day, I saw a bag of frozen mango chunks… This sparked a great idea; mango scrambled eggs!  Better yet, we’ll serve it up in a delicious Paleo Wrap from Julian Bakery!  

Looking outside here in Connecticut, you’ll see about four inches of snow on the ground, and mangos are definitely not in season!  Although I recommend seasonal eating, it doesn’t always happen.  Nor will I get ill, pass out, or develop a third eye!  I still am a huge fan of mixing things up and varying what you put on your plate for different vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc.  So, having some frozen fruits and veggies is always a smart idea.  Right there next to my wide assortment of frozen produce, you’ll also find a host of raw nuts and seeds, as well as Paleo Waffles, Paleo Bread, as well as these awesome Banditos by Paleo Treats!

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  1. Allow mango chunks to defrost for about thirty-minutes prior to firing up your skillet.

  2. In a warm skillet, add Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil and add mango chunks.

  3. Allow them to get warm, so you can no longer feel cold spots on them.

  4. Once fully warmed, crack your eggs into pan, and stir to make your scrambled eggs.

  5. When done, season with Quantum Pink Salt and add to Paleo Wrap

  6. Top with avocado chunks, and enjoy!


With some healthy fats from the eggs, avocado, and even the organic non-GMO coconut in the Paleo Wraps, I was able to enjoy a healthy fat intake…  Meanwhile, we are also getting lots of vitamins, and amino acids, the list goes on and on!  What also matters to me is the lack of grains, gluten, soy, and dairy…. All of that adds up, and couldn’t be possible without the wonderful Paleo products brought to us by Julian Bakery.  These Paleo Wraps are awesome, have just four net carbs and only seventy calories per wrap, and there is nothing that comes close.  They are portable, strong, tasty, and have the least amount of ingredients compared to any wrap that I have ever come across.  Remember, less is more, and with just two organic ingredients, Paleo Wraps take the win!  Although if you watch the related video you’ll see me using two Paleo Wraps, which gives me an extra crunch and added flavor, while only bumping up my wrap intake to just eight net carbs!

Yet another tasty, and enjoyable meal, with different tastes, textures, and is always able to be made your own.  You can add some bacon to this, maybe some shredded coconut, or go add in antioxidants with some Goji Berries or Golden Berries!   However you want to modify this one, I don’t mind… just keep it healthy, Paleo and nutritious!  

I hope you enjoyed seeing this easy, yet scrumptious meal come together, using a lovely Paleo Wrap and other healthy products from !!!   Thanks for stopping by, and please come again!



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