Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe Made w/Paleo Bread™

Ciao! This is Dan from Primal4Life, today I’ll be sharing one of my most favorite desserts with you. Now this dessert may not be completely Paleo or Primal, but I am putting my best effort to keep it as close to it as possible. My mother has been making “Tiramisu” since I was a child, and because of my switch to the Paleo lifestyle, I haven’t been able to enjoy this dish for years. Well, using Julian Bakery’s Coconut Paleo Bread , we were able to replace the traditional “lady finger cookies” for a much healthier option, which made this gluten free, low carb treat possible.
• 6 slices of Paleo Bread™ – Coconut
 • 4 egg yolks
• 2 egg whites
• 5 oz sugar (real sugar shown in video) or (Make It Low Carb w/ Stevia/Erythritol Or Coconut Nectar)
• 1 lb Mascarpone cheese
• 1 cup organic coffee (we used decaf)
• 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
• ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1) Toast Paleo Bread, then cut into rectangular pieces (3 per slice).
2) Make coffee and set aside to cool.
3) Separate egg yolks from whites, pour whites into a bowl and yolks into a another bowl.
4) Beat yolks with sugar for a couple minutes with whisk until frothy.
5) Fold in mascarpone cheese and mix until you have a soft cream.
6) Whip 2 egg whites until soft peaks have formed.
7) Gently fold the whipped egg whites into the mascarpone and egg cream.
8) Mix everything together with a spoon, stirring from the bottom up.
9) Once mascarpone cream is ready, begin to assemble tiramisu.
10) Line dish or small cake pan with slices of Paleo Bread after dipping in coffee until well drenched.
11) When pan is filled with “cookies”, sprinkle coconut flakes and then add half the mascarpone cream.
12) Level the cream with spatula, then dust with cocoa powder.
13) Add another layer of coffee soaked “cookies”, repeating step 11 & 12.
14) Place pan in fridge for at least three hours before serving cold.
15) The more you allow this to sit, even after the three hour chill time, the softer the “cookies” will get.
Prep Time:
• 20 minutes
Chill Time:
• 3 hours
• 8

Tiramisu translates into “pick me up”….. And this was exactly the pick me up that I needed!! I rarely have dessert, and this made up for it. As I took a bite of this creamy treat, I realized how far we have come. I had flashbacks of being a child and can recall the same flavors in my mouth, but this time I was enjoying it without all the bad ingredients. Since Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread is made with natural ingredients that are gluten-free and grain-free, we are talking about a dessert that can satisfy not just the taste buds, but also keep auto-immune issues away.
I hope you try this recipe in moderation, and if you do – please don’t feel guilty…. Just make sure you don’t eat the whole thing! Sharing is caring! And please share the love for Julian Bakery by visiting www.JulianBakery.com to order up lots of delicious breads, rice, cookies, and other items that help you enjoy traditional meals without the bad ingredients!

Dan @ Primal4Life

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  1. One can use Stevia powder, or use coconut syrup (low carb), palm sugar, or Nectresse, which is lo han (Monk fruit). Hubby is diagnosed with diabetes, and I have to do low or no carb sweeteners. FYI for the diabetics in the house.

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