Low Carb Primal Goat Cheese Egg And Paleo Bread™

Welcome to another low carb Primal breakfast with yours truly, Dan from Primal4Life.  As I peruse the fruit basket in my kitchen, I see many colors…. Colors that scream out nutrition and taste at the same time.  My eyes see red and green from the fresh tomatoes and avocados that were just purchased yesterday.  Opening the refrigerator, I see fresh local eggs, yummy olives, and I start to imagine the smooth texture of the crumbled goat cheese on my tongue.  Thoughts are going wild, my mind is racing… Then I remember I just got a fresh loaf of coconut Julian Bakery Paleo Bread and I lock my meal down.  I envision a healthy grilled-goat-cheese with tomato, and the egg yoke oozing from it… and I have to have more Paleo Rice Aka Miracle Rice!  I just tried it yesterday, and it was delicious.  Nor could I believe that it was zero calories, soy and gluten free.  Are you kidding me?!??!  No, not a hoax, it’s all true…

My newly favorite pan, the skillet, goes live….  And my coconut Paleo Bread starts to defrost.  Then, the other ingredients come together.  The avocado gets split in two, a couple green olives get sliced and diced, and water starts to boil for the rice.  It may sound like a feat, but it isn’t.  You can do this!  You can get delicious meals that are focused on improving your health in your own kitchen.  If I can do it, so can you!  Let’s keep chuggin’ along here, you with me?  Next up, a little olive oil on that awesome coconut Paleo Bread, it helps to get a nice dark coating and more nutrients is a plus.  We are all about nutrients here; otherwise we wouldn’t be using top notch ingredients, like what you can order with ease at www.JulianBakery.com.  Now, I crack the egg, laying the tracks for a beautiful sunny-side-up egg.  As I start adding my crumbled goat cheese to the bread, some falls onto the pan.  Oh well, I better pick that up and eat it quick!  Yum….  Now my taste buds are starting to act up and I need to finish this bad-boy up with a hurry!!!  Sliced tomatoes go on the pan to warm, and the freshly rinsed Miracle Rice goes into the boiling water for just sixty-seconds.  Timing is everything, but today I left it in for more than sixty seconds, and they still came out great!  Don’t fret if you aren’t a Top Chef….  We all can do this.  Finally, I strain and rinse my rice, combine with the chopped green olives, and fill the avocados, making a vitamin packed appetizer.  The burner gets shut down, and I assemble my sandwich, and oh what a sandwich it is!!! 


• 2 slices of coconut Paleo Bread

• 1 egg

• 2 green olives – chopped

• 2 slices red tomato

• 2 tablespoons crumbled goat cheese

• 1 serving Miracle Rice

• 1 Avocado (cut in ½ and pit removed)

• Salt & Pepper to taste

• Olive oil to coat bread


1)      Toast/Cook bread

2)      Cut avocado in ½, remove pit

3)      Wash Miracle Rice

4)      Chop 2 green olives

5)      Boil water for Miracle Rice

6)      Slice tomato and lay on skillet

7)      Crack egg and start cooking to your liking

8)      When toast is defrosted, add olive oil to both sides

9)      Add Miracle Rice to boiling water for 1 minute, then rinse

10)   Add chopped green olives to Miracle Rice and spoon into pitted areas in avocado

11)   Add goat cheese to one slice of bread, allow to warm

12)   Move tomato onto goat cheese

13)   Move egg on top of tomato

14)   Salt & pepper to taste

Prep Time:

• 5 minutes

Cook Time:

• 12 minutes


• 1

Multitasking was definitely required here, but if you aren’t ready to take it to that level yet, then you can make the avocado side ahead of time.  Go ahead, it’s okay…..  The coconut Paleo Bread with tomato, egg and goat cheese lived up to its claim.  It was filled with good fats from the coconut, the egg, and the goat cheese, not to mention the avocado and olives in the side dish.  The entire meal was low in carbs, high in fiber, gluten and grain free, soy free, and loaded with micro nutrients that will keep you going all day long. 

I’m looking forward to another scrumptious meal using Julian Bakery Paleo Bread.  But until then, stay positive, stay healthy, stay Paleo. Visit our New! Paleo Store



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