Low Carb Gluten Free Meatball Greens On Paleo Bread™

I’m bringing an Italian favorite your way, except with an emphasis on making it more nutritious and low carb.  How so?  Well, we take some delicious home-made meatballs, and then remove the typical gluten that helps it stick together.  We add in some greens, and replace the grains in the bread with healthier ingredients.  Let’s start with the meatballs…. Now, I can’t give away my mother’s meatball recipe.  She would disown me.  But what I can do is tell you one simple ingredient that she has replaced over the years to make them healthier.  She has ditched the wheat and breadcrumbs, and substituted ground flax-seeds in their place.  That alone is a huge change that will go unnoticed!  Well, except for how you feel, which may be noticeably better!  Next, we are adding in some super nutritious mustard-greens.  I love love love mustard greens, as they have a lot of flavor and nutrients to make this meal packed with all the good stuff!   And finally, we have tossed the wheat, tossed the grains, and have made a very smart move.  This positive change includes two nutritious slices of grain-free and gluten-free almond Julian Bakery Paleo Bread™.  Some of you hard-core Italians may scoff at the idea of what I have just laid out in front of you.  But for those of you who have stepped up your game, have become informed on the dangers of wheat, and want to improve your health; this sub’s for you!


• 2-3 meatballs, made with grass-fed beef and ground flax-seeds

• 2 slices of almond Paleo Bread™

• mustard greens

• olive oil

• garlic – minced


1)      Make meatballs, with ground flax-seeds

2)      Boil mustard greens for 2 minutes

3)      Sauté  mustard greens in olive oil and minced garlic

4)      Toast Paleo Bread

5)      When toast is complete, place mustard greens on toast

6)      Cut meatballs in ½, then spread on sandwich

7)      Complete sandwich by cutting in ½ (if you prefer)

Prep Time:

• 15 minutes

Cook Time:

• 30 minutes


• 1

This was one meal that really made me smile.  I missed my meatball subs, but with a few healthy changes, I was able to enjoy it once again.  I actually shared this with my parents, and both were delighted.  Delighted with the overall taste of the sandwich, but also with the almond Paleo Bread.  They now realize that substituting traditional ingredients for healthier options is simple to do, and can make a positive change on your health.   In this case, we turned a somewhat unhealthy meal, into a meal that boosts your immune system with healthy greens and garlic.  We are taking in good fats from the almond in the Julian Bakery Paleo Bread.  And we are getting tasty omega-3’s from the grass fed beef.  Wheat/Grain free, soy free, non GMO, and tasty for the whole family!

I can’t wait to bring more old-school meals your way, except transformed with ultra-ingredients!  For more ultra-ingredient equipped meal choices, please visit www.JulianBakery.com

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