Lobster Salad Paleo Wrap w/ Coconut Ghee

Have you ever heard of a coconut ghee?  Well you have now!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Lobster Salad Paleo Wrap with Coconut Ghee”.  Pure Indian Foods Coconut Ghee landed on my doorstep, must’ve been the Paleo stork or one of those Primal fairies or something…  But as interesting as it sounds, it tastes equally as good!  Immediately I knew what I wanted to do with it, melt it and enjoy it with some fresh lobster!

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Once I read the label for the Coconut Ghee, I knew it would be a winner… With no GMO’s, no gluten, and from grass-fed cows, I was so into it.  All kidding aside, they had me at “coconut”.  And teamed up with some also non-GMO Paleo Wraps, I got right to my slicing and dicing.  I am busting out some powerful items to make this lobster salad sing with joy!





1)      Boil, steam, or grill lobster, it’s your choice!  I boiled mine for 20 minutes.

2)      Remove meat from lobster and shred in a bowl by hand.

3)      Add shallots, jalapeno, cilantro, mayo, salt, lime juice, avocado, and mix well.

4)      Lay out your Paleo Wraps, add some greens, then top with Lobster Salad mixture.

5)      Warm Pure Indian Foods Coconut Ghee in a dipping bowl, and serve with meal.

6)      Roll your Paleo Wrap, slice it in half if you wish, and dip into that lovely coconut ghee!

Prep Time:  5 min

Cook Time:  20 min

Serves: 1-2

Was I in love?  Yes… Absolutely.  This was a dish, or umm wrap, sorry, that I will not forgot for some time.  It was rich and creamy, with a nice light kick from that jalapeno, and the coconut from the Paleo Wraps along with the Pure Indian Foods Coconut Ghee was just delightful !!!!  I not only highly suggest you try this meal out as I just laid it out for you, I am also highly recommending the Pure Indian Foods Coconut Ghee!!  It brings butter to another level, and I cannot wait to start experimenting with more Paleo food combinations!



So make sure you check out Julian Bakery, either online or in person at their La Jolla or Oceanside, California locations.  Whichever you decide, know that you are getting some top notch Paleo products to keep inflammation low, your taste buds wowed, and your body fueled with real food!!! 




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