Kids Paleo Breakfast Recipe

I am always looking to give my kid the best of the best, and hopefully you are too!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Kid’s Paleo Breakfast.”  Now that Ali is in school, I really want her to eat well all of the time… But we know that just doesn’t happen.  Just listen to her telling us (in the associated video) about how the school hands out Soy-Nut Butter.  No thanks…. As soon as we found out, we put a kabosh to that.  And that’s why we use great soy-free products from Julian Bakery, like Paleo Bread and even Paleo MeeNut Butter.  But it doesn’t stop there.  We are looking to keep Ali’s food intake as grain and GMO free as well, but still Julian Bakery comes through!

So this morning, Ali wanted some eggs… I convinced her to have some peas with some Paleo Butter.  If you are saying “Wait, you want her to eat right but you are giving her butter??”  Well yes, I enjoy the fact that she wants butter, but it has to be grass-fed butter…   There’s a big difference between factory-farmed meats and even butter as well as dairy, compared to a quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised product.  A difference you can taste, but also see in the tests.  A difference in omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is one item in particular.  Grass-Fed means the animals in question ate a healthier, less-inflammatory diet, giving us more omega-3 compared to omega-6.  Sounds pretty Paleo, huh?

Ali’s eggs were cooked up in a cast-iron skillet, I try to use that as much as possible to stay away from those non-stick pans which have been linked to health issues, and even causing birds to die from the fumes.  In that cast-iron skillet, we have some Original flavor Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil… 

“Anyone have a question?  Yes, you Sir in the back-row…”

“Are you concerned about your child eating fat?  I hear coconut oil is fatty.” 

Not at all, in fact I encourage healthy fat intake for everyone, especially children.  Healthy fats promote brain-health and positive development.  Healthy fats allow vitamin-D to get absorbed.  Good fats allow testosterone to build up, and there’s a lot more benefit beyond what I just mentioned.



1)      Heat coconut oil in cast-iron pan

2)      Add in eggs, and cook to your liking.

3)      Season with Himalayan Salt to taste.

4)      Toast Paleo Bread in toaster oven.

5)      Steam/Microwave peas, add a touch of salt and top with Paleo Butter

6)      Add bar and cookie to plate, and serve with pride.


• 1 Kid’s Breakfast

So Ali destroyed this meal, literally…. She plowed through the peas and eggs, while chompin’ on that coconut Paleo Bread.  She really loves the creamy Paleo Butter with the peas, as it adds a nice touch, and a great taste.  Plus, with vitamins A, D, and K2, along with conjugated linoleic acid, it’s an added bonus!  And as a treat, or two, Ali is getting a Chocolate Cherry OU81 bar., and a Ginger Spice Zero Cookie.

Do I worry about Ali eating a cookie and a bar for breakfast?  To be quite honest, no.  They are a treat, but I know they aren’t your average treats.  The Zero Cookies are gluten free, starch free, sugar free, and all natural!  While the are made with grass-fed whey protein and all natural.  Both are super delicious!!!!  Ali was satiated all the way till 11:30am, giving her the energy she needed through her swim-lessons and beyond, without snacking!

So make sure you go to for some wonderful kid-healthy products that will promote positive and healthy growth for your child…. And for adults too!  Thanks for taking the time to check out this Paleo food blog, and please come again!



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