Julian Bakery’s Paleo Cereal Review

I love being the bearer of good news, and today I am here to share some wonderful news that will make a lot of us Paleo and Primal folks super delighted.  This is Dan from Primal4Life and I’m glad to announce Julian Bakery’s latest creation: “Paleo Cereal!”  After a couple years of being cereal-free, and trying to come up with cereal replacements that just quite aren’t the same, Julian Bakery has sent me a sample of their new Paleo Cereal to try out.  And quite honestly, I am blown away!  It’s their take on Raisin Bran, but in a much healthier and organic form.  You can count on it having no GMO’s, no gluten or grains, no soy…. And knowing Julian Bakery, it’ll be low in sugar, carbohydrates, and calories too!  Plus, no “fortified” cereal here, it will have real nutrients in it, and no need to add some processed stuff and bits of iron shavings to it. 

Paleo Cereal is made with organic coconut and organic raisins, that’s all folks.  The raisins will come in a separate pouch, so you have the option of enjoying the cereal on its own, or mix ‘em up with the organic raisins and enjoy that “Paleo Raisin Bran” taste.  As soon as my samples were delivered last night, the first thing I did was give Paleo Cereal a quick bite, and I instantly was wow’ed.  Later on, after I finished my dinner of course, I had a small bowl of the Paleo Cereal with the raisins and coconut milk….. And I was in heaven.  I felt like a kid again, sitting there, chompin’ on my bowl of cereal, without a care in the world.  It honestly made me think of how things have changed, how important our food has become.  This is a milestone, to be straightforward.


• Organic Coconut

• Organic Raisins


1)      Put Paleo Cereal in bowl

2)      Add organic raisins (included) to bowl if you wish

3)      Add coconut milk or almond milk, or whatever milk you prefer

4)      Enjoy!!

This morning I went in full force, a huge bowl of the Paleo Cereal again, raisins, coconut milk, and my silver spoon…..  The experience was just as amazing as last nights’, and I cannot wait for this wonderful product to come out in a few months.  My daughter gave it a taste and loved it as well.  I can see these being a great addition to trail mixes, or just a quick snack out of the box.  They have a nice crunch to them, with a nice coconutty taste.  Somehow with the raisins, it truly resembles Raisin-Bran.   And since they are Paleo-healthy, there are no worries, no guilt, just nutrition and a smile.

So make sure you check out www.PaleoCereal.com for the latest info, launch date, nutrition facts, and more.  Until then, please feel free to admire the photos that I have taken, and try not to drool on your keyboard too much!  And remember, www.JulianBakery.com is where this wonderful cereal will be offered, the same place where that incredible gluten-free and low carb Paleo Bread comes from!  Same with the incredible Paleo Macaroons, the Paleo Chocolate, and a ton of other awesome items like the four “S’s”; snacks, superfruits, seasonings, spreads, Paleo granola, Bars and supplements

Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic day to review my Paleo food blog.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my review of the Paleo Cereal, and please stop by again!


By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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  1. Riley

    I am a faithful buyer of Julian’s Paleo bread (my favorite is the blue), and I am super excited to hear about the prospect of a paleo cereal! Keep up the great work & great products!

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