Julian Bakery’s Meatball Recipe In Paleo Wraps

I still remember when I enjoyed meatballs with some Julian Bakery Paleo Bread, which makes me crave a wrap this time around!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Primal Meatball Wrap”.  Meatballs make the world go ‘round, especially in an Italian household.  But anyone can make a great meatball, and even one that complies with the Paleo and Primal community.  Looking back to March, I blogged a recipe called “Paleo Spaghetti & Meatballs with Paleo Bread”, it was so delicious and I’m going to share that recipe with you once again…. Except this time we’ll wrap it up with a few additions.

Julian Bakery now offers their Paleo Wrap, which is simply amazing.  Low in calories, only 4 net carbs, made with organic coconut, and no GMO’s, no grains, no gluten, no salt… It has a nice light coconut flavor to it, and it holds quite a bit of food!!!  We start this recipe off with the meatballs, and then once they are ready to rock we take a Paleo Wrap or two and lay it out…. Sometimes I’ll enjoy two wraps, especially when there’s some heat involved.  Then, I start adding in some fresh arugula,


• 2 Paleo Wraps

• 4 meatballs – for recipe click here: Paleo Meatballs

• Handful of fresh arugula

Quantum Nutrition Labs Quantum Pink Salt, black pepper and Herbs De Provance to taste

• 1 oz Goat cheese


1)      Make meatballs

2)      When done, add to wrap, along with arugula, Quantum Salt, black pepper and Herbs De Provance to taste. 

3)      Add goat cheese if you prefer.

4)      Enjoy!

Prep Time:

• 15 minutes

Cook Time:

• 40 minutes

Serves: 1

[youtube id=CgmnTs-h_Lk]

Amazing, delicious, and it couldn’t be possible without the latest Paleo Wraps from Julian Bakery!  I absolutely am in love with these amazing squares of heavenly coconut that embrace my proteins and veggies.  And they also work quite well with other deliciousness, like Paleo MeeNut Butter and Coconut Manna as well!  What I also liked was this new salt that I’m trying out from Julian Bakery, it’s the Quantum Nutrition Labs Quantum Pink Salt.  It comes in 12 ounce containers, it’s a blend of two salts (Mediterranean Sea Salt, and Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt), has no anti-clumping agents, and supplies critical trace elements.  Look for a complete review on this product soon, but so far I am impressed with its clean taste, which worked quite well with my “Primal Meatball Wrap.” 


Now I know you are drooling, just looking at this wrap…. You know you want it, so make sure you go to www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo for the Paleo Wrap, the Quantum Salt, and you might as well stock up on some Coconut Manna and Paleo MeeNut Butter so you can make some other delicious wraps.  And of course while you are at it, get your fresh Paleo Bread, which comes in almond and coconut.  And like the wraps, the Paleo Bread is also low in carbs, low in calories, has protein and fiber to keep you fuller longer, and lacks GMO’s, grains, gluten, and soy too.  Both the Paleo Wrap and Paleo Bread are the only wraps and breads that I will enjoy, and I refuse to stray from what works for me.  With a serious auto-immune and gut issue, I can only consume the best, highest quality foods around……  Don’t you want the best as well?  Thanks for stopping by to check out my “Primal Meatball Wrap,” I hope you enjoyed it and please come again!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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