Julian Bakery Helps Restart Your Metabolism In 8 Easy Steps

8 Steps to Restarting Your Metabolism / Written By PJ Glassey

(Author Of Cracking Your Calorie Code)

Do you feel like you have a slow metabolism? Does it seem like you gain weight just by looking at a Twinkie, while others seem to eat whatever they wish and stay as slim as they want?  Well, you’re not alone. More people now have broken metabolisms than any other time in the history of the planet.

How do you fix a broken metabolism? It’s actually pretty easy, but it does take some patience and perseverance. In an age of instant gratification and short attention spans, that’s easier said than done, but it is possible if you follow the right steps in the right order.

1.)  Find your leverage. Most people start by changing their habits, but without the right mindset, success is very rare. In fact, that is why 94% of dieters gain all their weight back (or more) after the diet is over. If you find a good reason to change, you will follow through. Some people decide to change because of present pain (discomfort, bad back, sore knees, etc.). Others decide because of the potential for future pleasure (great body, active lifestyle, etc).

Pain can be great leverage to get started, but everyone can learn to live with pain, and as you make progress and get further away from the pain, the motivation wanes. This is why you need to have a future pleasure leverage to keep you going. Pleasure is the best long term motivator, so both is great, but fixating on the pleasure goal is vital.

2.)  Commit to the lifestyle. It’s not a crash diet this time. You have to be ready for permanent change if you really want to fix your metabolism. Sure, you are human so you will screw up and get off track from time to time, but when you do, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, forgive yourself, and hop back on the track. The longer you stay on the track, the easier it will become, until the track is the norm.

When the ancient Greeks set sail to conquer distant lands, they burned their boats when they landed so there would be no retreat. They knew that they must conquer or die trying. If you really want to succeed once and for all, burn your boat. This means throwing out all the crappy food you know you shouldn’t be eating. Take it all to a food bank or give it to the homeless. And do it now. Don’t even wait until tomorrow. If you aren’t ready to burn your boat, then don’t bother trying to restart your metabolism yet. It won’t work. Wait until you are ready to burn your boat and then come back to this so you can really the change once and for all.

3.)  Hydrate. Now that you have taken the first two steps with your brain, you can move to the steps that have to do with your body, starting with drinking more water.  When you are dehydrated, like most Americans are, your kidneys aren’t working right and your liver has to kick in and help them out. One of the main jobs of the liver is to pull fat out of your fat cells, so guess what it’s not doing when it’s busy helping out your kidneys? Another reason water is so important is because it will detox your cells. The toxins you ate with your previous food choices built up in your fat cells. As you lose fat, the whole process is much easier when those cells are cleaned out. 

How much water should you drink? For people who weigh100-250 pounds, just take your body weight, divide it in half, and that’s about how much water your should be drinking in ounces per day, spread throughout the day. You’ll know it’s enough because you’ll be beating a path to the bathroom. That gets better after a couple weeks, but it will always be more than you are used to. Yes, it’s a little inconvenient, but you’ll have to pick what’s more inconvenient between being overweight the rest of your life or going the bathroom a little more often for the rest of your life. It’s your choice. 

4.)  Cut your carbs. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs make you fat. Sugar, starches, flour, and other fast (aka high glycemic) carbs spike your blood sugar and then in turn, spike your insulin, which in turn puts you in fat storing mode and also keeps you from burning fat as energy. This makes your body crave carbs for energy, which in turn makes you hungry, causing you to eat more carbs and as you can see, this nasty cycle continues causing you to get fatter and fatter.

Cutting carbs can be tough, and most people can’t do it cold turkey. Luckily, there is a handy little term called “net carbs” that changes the whole game. Each fiber gram is a carb gram, but because fiber is a zero glycemic carb, it won’t spike your insulin. In fact, for every gram of fiber you eat, you can subtract a gram off your carb count.

For most people, 50 grams of carbs per day is necessary to restart their metabolism and convert themselves into a fat burning machine from of a carb burning machine. When you can eat fiber carbs, 50 grams per day is pretty easy to hit or even stay under for more rapid fat loss.

The awesome folks at JulianBakery.com have developed some amazing products that fit perfectly into this plan. With their high fiber breads, their net carbs are extremely low or even ZERO! This allows people to feel like they aren’t giving up nearly as much as others who think they have to cut out all breads. JulianBakery.com also has other products like cookies, brownies, protein bars and even chocolate bars to name just a few, that are all low enough in net carbs and glycemic impact, that fat burning is a cinch. It really takes the deprivation part out of the whole process. Learn More About Carb Zero Bread Here

5.)  Increase your protein and green vegetables. Protein is a high metabolic food and is almost impossible for your body to convert into fat. In fact, you can even overeat protein (to a certain extent) and your body will just prefer to raise your metabolism to burn it off over converting it to fat, because burning it off is much less trouble than converting.

Again, the folks at JulianBakery.com have come up with a shortcut to help you with this step too. They have infused high quality protein into many of their low to no carb products, making them not only a low glycemic food, but also a high protein food. What this does is keep your body in a fat burning mode and a high metabolic rate at the same time, which combines together to create the perfect fat burning storm inside your body.

6.)  Exercise smart. Did you know that traditional weight lifting was invented in 1891? Yep, that’s how outdated it is. Did you also know that this style of exercise was also created to bulk you up? That’s why most women are scared of it. Heck, even 90% of the men now days don’t want to bulk up either. They would rather look like the cover model for “Men’s Fitness” Magazine than the cover for “Flex” Magazine any day.

This is where high intensity exercise can help. Exercising with controlled, slow movements with lighter weights and longer sets to complete muscle failure is the fast track to lean, defined and strong muscles without the bulk. It’s also the fast track to fat burning. In fact, a 20 minute high intensity workout like the style of X Gym will elevate your fat burning metabolism for more than 4 hours (you can learn more about this style in the book,  “Cracking Your Calorie Code” by PJ Glassey). Traditional training has a 1 to 1 ratio at best. This means you will have to train for a whole hour to get an extra hour of fat burning in the best-case scenario.

7.)  Get your sleep. If you sleep less than 7 hours per night, or have erratic sleeping patterns, you will find it harder to lose fat and restart your metabolism. Quality sleep is key to reducing a fat storing hormone named cortisol. Sleep is your time to “defragment your hard drive” and clear out space in your brain for the events of the next day. Without proper sleep, stress builds up and so does your cortisol levels, which makes you store fat, especially around your middle.

8.) Integrate Carb Zero Bread. There is no other way to describe Carb Zero Bread other than awesome! I use it for sandwiches because it holds together nicely. I also use it for toast and to make french toast. Carb zero bread is pretty much like eating green vegetables. With no glycemic impact on the system, it keeps you in fat burning mode. Plus, since it is so high in protein, that makes it a high metabolic food, which raises your metabolism. This makes for a perfect fat burning storm because this bread keeps you in your fat burning zone and raises that zone even higher than normal with the protein boost. It also digests slowly because of all the fiber, so that has a satisfying effect on the hunger mechanism, helping you to eat less. Learn more about Carb Zero Bread in this great article.

If you are ready to burn your boat and follow these 8 steps, then you can restart your metabolism, no matter how messed up it might be now. It might take a little while and plateaus are inevitable, but with enough patience and perseverance, it will happen.

Learn all about PJ Glassey here:

My book link is crackingyourcode.com
X Gym website: xgym.com
My site: pjfit.com.
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