IKDiet ® Diet & Workout Plan

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This revolutionary IKDiet ® has been in development for the past 5 years. It is the culmination of massive amounts of diet information that I have collected from several different protocols. This is a no-gimmick, effective plan that, when followed closely, will result in impressive weight loss. Most consumers have reported losing up to 2 pounds per day on this plan. The more diligently you follow it—and also incorporate the workout program outlined below—the greater your results will be.

Unlike other restrictive diets that are hard to follow, this one incorporates InstaKetones® which keeps you feeling good and satisfied while consuming fewer calories, carbs and fat. Unlike traditional Keto Diets, InstaKetones® replaces the fat in your diet allowing you to feel satiated and energized while consuming fewer calories. This allows your body to burn stored fat as fuel, yet preserves your muscles because of the high protein intake we recommend.

Our simple two phase plan consist of Phase 1 (8 Weeks) Protein, Vegetables and InstaKetones (That’s It) No Fruit, No Grains, No Starch, No Legumes just simple protein (from any source that is complete protein) and vegetables (broccoli) is best. Phase Two is a Paleo or Vegan, low carb, moderate fat diet that makes it easy to maintain your results. We are not going to sugar coat the truth by telling you that consuming fat will cause weight loss as it’s just simply not true. Too much fat gets stored as fat and even if you lose weight you will stall and eventually begin to lose muscle tone on other high fat diets. The plan below is the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight And keep it off for good.


Simply put to many on a keto diet lose weight initially but end up stalling or not reaching their ideal weight because they over consume fat which ends up being stored as fat. 

Using InstaKetones® for accelerated fat-loss.

Our diet isn’t meant to demonize the keto diet; it is, however, meant to offer a fat-loss plan that is more efficient and manageable. This is because you can use InstaKetones to replace fat in a traditional keto diet and preserve muscle with a high protein (1g protein per lbs you weigh a day), low fat (no more than 5g fat per meal), Low Sugar (no more than 2g naturally occurring per meal, Monk Fruit/Stevia ok no sugar alcohols), Low Carb (No More Than 7 Net Carbs Per Meal, Total Carbohydrates less fiber equal net carbs). This is not a traditional diet because we are allowing InstaKetones to do the work of emulating fat to curb appetite and satiate the body.

As discussed, the keto diet is designed to put the body into a state of ketosis, which then produces ketones and results in fat loss. One of the secrets that many overlook is the use of exogenous ketones to accelerate fat loss—and this can happen without carbohydrate restriction (xiii). Despite this, it’s important to note that carbohydrate, starch and sugar restriction (this means no fruit for 8 weeks) is necessary to see significant and fast-paced fat loss. We also restrict fat intake because we want the body to burn through fat stores instead of consumed fat. Finally, we want to take in a high amount of lean protein to help preserve muscle mass for a lean physique.

Elevated ketones through supplementation can also result in improved cognition and athletic performance (xiii, xiv) (Increased endurance), the opposite of which is often reported by people on the keto diet. Exogenous ketones, such as our InstaKetones, ease the difficulty of restrictive diets as they can aid with appetite suppression, removal of cravings and increased energy levels (xv). This is why you can follow this low calorie, low carb, low fat, high protein diet for up to 8 weeks.I can’t stress enough the importance of limiting fat, and making sure you are not having more than 2g of naturally occurring sugar, no fruit, no legumes, and no more than 7 net carbs per meal during the first 8 weeks if your goal is to lose fat fast. If you’re consuming fat, the body will utilize that first, thus temporarily shutting down the fat loss process. This also holds true when eating too many carbs and sugar, like fruit.

Using InstaKetones accelerates this process by placing the body into ketosis within 45 minutes while helping you to feel full, energized and mentally alert. At around the 45-minute mark, blood ketone levels can increase to 1.0mm/L to 3.0mm/L (measurable using an Abbott Ketone Meter) signaling the body’s transition into an optimal fat burning state. You may ask why it’s necessary to take the ketones 3 times a day and that’s simply because your blood ketones fluctuate each time you have protein so we want to constantly put you in the ideal blood ketone fat burning range throughout the day.

I have personally had success with the IKDiet and am so happy to share my plan with you as I feel it’s the best way to reach and maintain your ideal weight year-round. Please note you do not need to work out to get amazing results however we do recommend it as it may double your results. Many who implemented only the diet plan have reported losing up to a pound a day, whereas the diet-plus-exercise followers report at least a loss of up to as much as two pounds per day.

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The IKDiet

Each of the drawbacks of the keto diet—decreased energy, muscle loss, appetite fluctuations, delayed ketosis/fat burning—is addressed with the IKDiet.

Important Note: If you have any health issues, have diabetes or are pregnant, please consult your physician before attempting this diet. Our ketones do mimic your body’s ketones, but if you have any medical-related questions, please consult your physician.

Maintain muscle mass. As stated, the keto diet includes lots of fat and moderate to little protein intake. Plain and simple, the body needs protein to maintain and build muscle mass. Without adequate protein, muscle also becomes a target for fuel. What happens is that you do lose weight, but also sacrifice hard muscle, which results in a less defined body. The IKDiet fixes this problem by emphasizing high protein intake to preserve muscle mass so that when you burn fat, muscle is revealed giving you a strong, toned look. We recommend consuming 1g to 1.5g of protein per pound you weigh. So, if you weigh 200lbs, then you’ll eat 200 to 250 grams per day.

Fat-burning mode. Increased protein intake is essential for muscle preservation; however, this can upset the body’s ability to produce the maximum amount of ketones. As we know, ketones are necessary to help you become a fat-burning machine. Exogenous ketones (BHB) are the solution to this problem because they cause the body to turn to fat for fuel. Research has shown that this will happen even in the presence of muscle glycogen, ingested carbohydrate and elevated insulin (xiii). For maximum benefit, it’s recommended to avoid carbohydrates while taking ketones, however this study exemplifies how effective the supplements are at directing the body to use fat for fuel.

Extended fat loss. Taking exogenous ketones, like InstaKetones, allows the body to switch to fat-burning mode for 4 hours or longer depending on your diet. This process is made more effective by either fasting or eliminating all carbs, sugar and starches (no fruit), which forces your body to burn stored fat during workouts and throughout your day. Remember, InstaKetones will be rendered less effective at curbing appetite, increasing energy levels, improving endurance and mental clarity and fat loss if you do not change your diet. The body will always naturally utilize fuel sources that are easily metabolized such as carbs, sugar and starch. Fat loss is hindered when these nutrients are present in the body. 

Sustained Energy boost. When your body is accustomed to using carbohydrates/glucose for energy, it can experience energy deficits as it transitions to burning fat as fuel. Keto dieters have reported feelings of fatigue or even flu-like symptoms during the transition phase. InstaKetones eliminates these troublesome side effects as they offer boosts in energy, endurance and mental clarity by emulating fat intake and curbing your appetite and cravings. Novel research shows that ketone supplementation has the opposite effect and offers users a boost in performance and endurance (xiii).  We actually say that InstaKetones mimic dietary fat in your diet allowing your body to burn stored fat instead of consumed fat which is why we limit fat intake in phase 1.

This is especially useful so that you can make the most of your workout (outlined below) because, as research has stated, exogenous ketone supplementation has resulted in significant improvements in physical capacity, endurance and energy levels. Simply changing your diet will result in fat loss. However, maximum fat loss is achieved by following the IKDiet and working out.

These concepts are at the heart of a superior IKDiet plan we have developed to help you burn fat, preserve and build lean defined muscle mass and see swift results without feeling deprived or depleted of energy.

The plan is separated into two phases: Slim Down and Maintenance. 

During the Phase 1 (lasting up to 8 weeks) “Slim-Down” phase, which can result in a loss of up to two pounds per day, the body’s metabolism will be reset and will also go through a period of healing due to the elimination of gluten and other harmful ingredients. The result is a body and mind that functions at its most optimal level. Once completed, you will then transition to the Phase 2 “Maintenance” plan, which is easily implemented year-round. And if you happen to regress a bit, simply reset the body again with the Slim Down plan. As an added bonus, I’ve also put together a workout program for you to follow that will help expedite the fat-loss process.

But before we begin . . . a note on InstaKetones:

If you are super techy and like knowing your exact ketone level during your slim-down phase it is important to achieve a blood ketone level of 1.0 mmo/L to 3.0 mmo/L for optimal fat metabolism. A combination of InstaKetones, restricted calories, increased protein, and avoidance of carbs/sugar and starch can quickly help you achieve these levels. Typically, this means you will consume InstaKetones up to three times per day (two per day at the very least) spaced out by 4-hour increments. You can also take the non-caffeine version as a third serving (optional) to aid your body to burn stored fat overnight. Many have reported improved sleep and additional weight loss when taking InstaKetones before bed.

The tricky part about this is that everyone is different, so monitoring

blood ketone levels tells you where you are at all times and allows you to adjust InstaKetone intake accordingly. Your body will naturally fall within optimal ranges when following the diet; monitoring your levels simply gives you the chance to understand what’s happening with your body in more detail. You won’t need to test yourself often once you’ve got a good grasp of how to properly consume InstaKetones to achieve your ideal fat-burning range.

Recommended Ketone Monitor: The current best way to do this is with the Abbot/Ketone Glucose Monitor & Blood Ketone Strips

Finally, I highly recommend avoiding eating anything up to 4 to 6 hours after taking InstaKetones to maximize weight loss. Studies show that short bouts of intermittent fasting accelerate the weight loss process (xvi, xvii). What’s great about ingesting ketones is that it offers the benefits of long-term fasting without actually having to spend days in starvation mode (xviii). Avoiding food after supplementation makes it all the more likely that the body will target fat stores for fuel.  

Are you ready to get started? Here is the breakdown of both phases:

Phase 1:  (SLIM DOWN)

Note: InstaKetones are taken up to 3 times a day spaced out 4 to 6 hrs with 1 serving 30 min before workout. They are to be take on an empty stomach or 15 to 30 min after food for best results. If you have a sensitive stomach we suggest starting with 1/2 scoop per serving for the first three days and work your way up. If you feel bloated or any stomach discomfort that means you simply had to much or that your body is adjusting still. More isn’t necessarily better in this circumstance and you can get equally good results with 1/2 scoop to 3/4 scoop. As your body adjust you can slowly increase your dosage which will further boost your blood ketones into ideal weight loss blood ketone range of 1.0 to 3.0 mmo/L.

The first phase of this plan follows a low-carb, low- to no-fat, high-protein, low-calorie approach. Simply put high protein (1g protein per lbs you weigh a day), low fat (no more than 5g fat per meal), Low Sugar (no more than 2g naturally occurring per meal, Monk Fruit / Organic Stevia (no sugar alcohols, inulin, fillers pure sources only), Low Carb (No More Than 7 Net Carbs Per Meal, Total Carbohydrates less fiber equal net carbs). This approach combined with daily InstaKetones supplementation, you will shed fat easily without sacrificing mental and physical performance or energy levels. The macronutrient breakdown is 80% protein (examples are tofu/fish/lean beef/chicken/seed or plant protein/egg whites—any lean protein will work) (It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Vegan : Vegetarian Or Paleo As Protein Is Protein), 20% carbohydrates from vegetables (prefer broccoli) and 0% added fat (no more than 5g per meal if possible).

Eliminate all sugar, starch (no legumes), fruit—no more than 2grams, and aim to eat less than 7 grams of net carbs per meal. Women should aim to keep calories to 1,000-1,200 per day from lean proteins and vegetables only. Men will want to consume no more than 1,200-1,400 calories per day from lean proteins and vegetables only.

**Note: Remember that, when reading labels, every gram of fiber adds one gram of carbohydrate so carbohydrates from fiber can be deducted from the total carbohydrate count when factoring your net carbs per meal. Also Men try and eliminate all soy from your diet as this will only hinder your results.

The Plan in Action

The following is a step-by-step plan for you to follow for up to 8 weeks. The length of time depends on how much weight you want to lose. But before I explain this, here are some helpful hints that can enhance your overall experience: * Aim to consume 2 ounces of wheatgrass per day (found at most health food stores or juice bars). Wheatgrass (always get freshly pressed) is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and is often considered by many to improve digestion. It also contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and muscle. Wheatgrass also helps stimulate the thyroid gland which in turn helps you shed unwanted weight. Not to mention it significantly improves oxygenation of the blood.

* Daily ginger shots with lemon can flood the body with beneficial nutrients; help with digestion; and reduce nausea, pain and inflammation; and best of all, act as a natural anti-estrogen. Looks for ginger & apple cider vinegar drink in your local stores sweetened with stevia (og sugar & og carbs)

* Curb your sweet tooth by consuming or making items with monk fruit or stevia.

* Preserve and grow muscle with BCAA supplements. 

* Vegans can take advantage of vegan protein powders and foods like organic sprouted tofu patties to boost protein intake.

* Choose from our vast array of Protein Powders & Protein Bars Here (Organic Plant Proteins, Egg White, Grass-Fed Beef & More)

Ok, here is your daily meal and supplementation protocol. Remember that this plan should last no longer than 8 weeks. If you do not achieve your desired weight during this timeframe, switch to Phase 2 for 4 weeks and then return to Phase 1 for up to another 8 weeks (this is almost never necessary unless you have a significant amount of weight to lose). Remember to focus on getting at least 1g to 1.5g of protein per lbs you weigh to ensure your body preserves your muscle and burns stored fat.

Monday through Sunday

**Note If using InstaKetones Bar this would replace a meal+serving of InstaKetones**Also this is just a template your day and plan will differ so just remember consume InstaKetones 1 to 3 days a day depending on your hunger & cravings spaced out 4 to 6 hrs with one serving 15 to preferably 30 min before workout****All vitamins are optional but are recommended as they do work** One crucial vitamin I do recommend taking is 10,000mcg of B-12 at least once to twice a day in the morning and at lunch. For those with slower metabolisms this will help in resetting your metabolism.Out of all the tips I can provide you I would focus on eating steamed broccoli as much throughout the day as possible. Get at least 1g protein per lbs you weigh, and get your calories as low as possible by consuming as much protein and vegetables as you can.
Morning Protocol

Consume 16 ounces of water immediately upon waking. 
Consume protein powder (1 scoop for women, 2 scoops for men) or egg whites with salsa (100-200 calories) (25g to 50g Protein) (uptake your protein better with bromelain)
Consume a probiotic (helps with digestion and gut health) For severe issued with digestion we recommend: 1 Cap of each of these with each meal Digest : HCL Activator : HCL Betaine (If you get that trio of digestives you literally feel like your digesting like a teenager again)
Caffeine lovers can get their fix with our espresso (egg white protein) or consume organic coffee, green coffee extract pills, or InstaKetones w/Organic Caffeine or yerba mate. (Caffeine Isn’t Necessary But Manner Report Ketones & Caffeine Are An Amazing Experience Together…..And I Agree) (If you bought non-caffeine ketones not to worry we do offer green coffee extract here)
45 Minutes Before Workout
Consume 1/2 tablespoon KetoThin C8Fuel : Caprylic Acid (C8) Oil (This is optional). Caprylic Acid (C8), filtered from MCT Oil which comes from coconut. (Caprylic Acid) (Also Note If You Have  Sensitive Stomach Consume ½ Scoop Of Ketones Per Serving & Work Your Way Up To A Full Scoop Over 3 Days Diluting with 16oz water)  Next, take 1 scoop InstaKetones, mixed with 16 ounces of water (45 cal)
Note: Do not consume any carbs, starch or sugar at this point as we want your body to burn stored fat as fuel from here on out. For maximum benefit, it’s best to avoid carbs, starch and sugar for the duration of phase 1. Also, you may experience slight hunger and cravings with the initial dose. This will subside after you’ve taken your second serving of InstaKetones. Your initial thought may be how am I going to avoid this and feel good. Don’t worry, InstaKetones help to curb hunger and cravings and make you feel amazing as they emulate fat and satiate you among many other benefits. This is why we recommend them every 4 to 6 hrs (up to 3 times a day), but most people seem to curb hunger and cravings with just 1 to 2 servings. If you are strict with your food plan, one serving a day will also work after the first couple of weeks.

Workout (Min 30 to 60 minutes: Aim to burn 600 to 1000 calories). See “Lean Body Workout Plan” section below for program details.

Lunch (300 to 500 Calories Max)
Steak, Fish, Chicken, Egg White on Salad (with red wine vinegar/Braggs Amino Acids as dressing) or with veggies.

Note: Protein and vegetable options are flexible, however you should choose very lean proteins and low-carb vegetables. This is what each lunch and dinner option will look like during the slim-down phase.

Drink More Water.
After lunch, consume a second serving Of InstaKetones (45 Cal).
Note: After your second serving of InstaKetones, you will notice a significant reduction in hunger and cravings. 

Drink more water with organic lemon.

Dinner (Limit 400 to 600 Calories)  (Remember No More Than 5g Fat, 7 Net Carbs, & 2g Of Naturally Occurring Sugar Per Meal)
Organic Chicken, steak or fish & Broccoli. (Tip: Having Steamed Broccoli 3 Times A Day For 8 Weeks Accelerates Results)
Note: The Organic Broccoli Pack at Costco is easy to make.

Dessert (Optional)

8oz Organic Fat Free Greek Yogurt w/Monk Fruit or Organic Stevia Leaf (No Additives) added to taste
Egg White/Grass-Fed Beef or Organic Seed Protein (Primal Protein)
Paleo Protein Bar®  of your choice

Note: Try warming it up for up to 10 seconds to make it soft, gooey and even more flavorful.

Before Bed

Optional: (InstaKetones Caffeine Free) Yes, they also help improve sleep! but they also aid in fat loss overnight. 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon Of Glucomannan Powder (Click Here) (OR) for those with extreme fat in your midsection we recommend Sculpt & Cleanse (1 Cap) Before Bed (Up To 4 Weeks) It’s important to cleanse and some have way more toxins than others (If You Select This Options It’s Imperative To Have You Probiotic In The Morning). Note: This will help you continue to burn fat throughout the night. Some people report loose bowels when using the powder. If this occurs consume every other day.Sleep is critical to this process. If you have difficulty falling asleep, we recommend up  to 2 mg of melatonin before bed. If you wake up groggy go down to 1mg. If 2mg wasn’t enough, take a hot shower or bath before you go to bed to relax your body.

Once the 4-6-week Slim-Down plan has been completed, it’s time to shift to the Maintenance phase, which is essentially your go-to, year-round plan.

A complete diet overhaul can be challenging, especially if you’re used to eating a lot of carbs and fat. Here are some diet plan hacks and foods/supplement recommendations to make the entire process easier and keep you from feeling deprived of your favorite foods.

Cereal / Granola:                                                                                                                                                                         Progranola® Vanilla Cinn (97 Cal, 2 Net Carbs, 12g Egg White Protein)        

Salad Dressings:
Red Wine Vinegar
Braggs Amino Acids                                                                                                                                                                                         (Basically Any Dressing That Is Fat Free, Low Calorie, No Sugar) 

Paleo Bread (Coconut)

Paleo Bread (Almond)


Paleo Thin Crackers (No More Than 6 A Day)

Primal Thin Crackers (No More Than 6 A Day)


Paleo Wraps (Limit 1 Per Meal)

Paleo Thin:  Zero Carb, Gluten Free  Angel Hair Pasta,  Rice and Fettuccini

Bars: (Any of our bars work but the following are the lowest in calories)
Primal Thin Bar : Sweet Cream
Paleo Protein Bar:  All Paleo Protein bars
Pegan Protein Bar : Ginger Snap Cookie or Vanilla Cinnamon Roll
InstaKetones Bar : Orange Tart  (11.7g BHB Per Bar Replaces Meal & Serving)

Protein Powders: 
Unflavored Egg White Paleo Protein Powder
Unflavored USDA Organic Grass-fed Whey Protein (Primal Protein Powder)
Unflavored Pegan Protein Powder Sachi Inchi or Pegan Vanilla Cinnamon Powder                                                                         (21 Different Protein Powders Avail) (Vegan/Paleo/Vegetarian)

Pure Monk (Monk Fruit Extract Pure) (1 Ingredient)
Organic Stevia Leaf Powder

Vitamins: (Optional)
These will be extremely helpful for those coming from a high carb, high sugar diet.

Now Foods: Glucose Metabolic Support                                                                                                                                  B-12 10,000mcg (Chewables)                                                                                                                                                     Multi-Vitamins That Work (For Men : Adam) (For Women : Eve)

Note: This will immediately help balance your blood sugar while you transition which is imperative for max fat loss. Glucose Metabolic Support is optional but highly recommended.
Caprylic Triglcerides (No More Than 1 Cap Taken w/InstaKetone)

Phase 2: (Maintenance Plan)

The Maintenance Plan offers significantly more flexibility and is designed to help you maintain the ideal weight you achieved as a result of the Slim-Down Plan. It’s important to consider that you still want to burn more calories than you consume to avoid gaining the weight you lost. This is basically a low carb, moderate fat style of eating that can be customized for Vegan, Paleo, or Vegetarian styles of eating. The point is to keep the fat off limit carbs, sugar and focus on protein, moderate health fat consumption, and less processed foods.

The Maintenance plan allows for an increase in healthy fats, which tend to improve satiety. Starch, carbohydrate and sugar intake should remain low. You will also ingest one scoop of InstaKetones daily at least 5 days per week.

The first 2 weeks of the maintenance plan should be considered a transition phase in which you gradually move to the year-round diet. The macronutrient breakdown during this time is 70% protein, 15% fats and 15% carbs (from vegetables and fiber). Once the 2 weeks are finished, then shift to 60% protein, 20% fat and 20% carbs (from vegetables and fiber only). The meal plan is flexible and should be adjusted based on your own likes as long as it fits within the macro breakdown. It has been my experience that telling people exactly what to eat rarely works for the long-term. Spend a bit of time researching meal options before heading to the grocery store so you know exactly how much of everything you will eat and how to organize your meals throughout the day.

Make sure to read the labels of the foods you plan to eat to ensure they have no more than 2g of naturally occurring sugar and 7 net carbs per meal (Subtract grams of fiber from grams of carbohydrates to determine net carbs). On labels every gram of fiber adds one gram of carbohydrate. These carbs from fiber can be deducted from carbohydrates as fiber will not affect your ability to burn fat. In fact it helps push the fat and toxins from the body.

During this phase, you will also add in healthy, moderate fats that will help you meet your target calorie intake. As I’ve stated many times, it’s important to closely monitor your calories here because it’s very easy to overdo it because fat is much more calorie dense than carbs and protein.

Women: should aim to take in 1,200 to 1,800 calories per day during Phase 2. Fat consumption in phase 2 can be adjusted based on your ideal weight.

Men: can take in 1,400 to 2,000 calories per day, adjusting fat consumption based on ideal weight. Focus on the macro ratios above to tailor your food intake accordingly.

Athletes:  If you are in an endurance sport or an athlete that expends high amounts of calories adjust the this plan to consume 1g to 1.5g protein but also switch to a high fat consumption increasing your calories from fat to match your output. This will enable your body to operate at peak performance but still allow you to achieve that lean defined muscle look. Your body will be deriving it’s energy from fat and repairing, preserving and building muscle with the protein your feeding it.

Note: These calorie ranges are basic recommendations. The best way to understand how many calories you should eat is to calculate your daily average calorie expenditure by using a fitness tracker or online calculator. In a weight maintenance phase, you’ll want to keep ingested calories still slightly less than daily calories burned. To drop weight, you’ll want to reduce calorie intake so that you are in a significant deficit.

Here is a sample protocol to follow for  Upon waking:

Morning Vitamins: (Optional But Recommended)
Methyl B-12 (highly recommended)**
Omega Fish Oils (Anti-Inflammatory)
Alpha GPC
Vitamin A&D
BCAA (Aids In Building Lean Defined Muscle)
MSM (Joint Health)
Tong Kat Ali (Source Naturals) (Male & Female Libido & Lean Muscle)

First Meal
Protein: Daily protein intake should be 1g per lbs you weigh 
Paleo/Primal/Pegan Protein: (Egg/Beef/Whey/Seed Protein) (1 to 2
Scoops) (Protein: 25g to 50g)
Espresso / Organic Coffee / or Yerba Mate (Unflavored)
Sweetening (Pure Monk) monk fruit

45 minutes Before Workout (Note You Can Workout Anytime During The Day)

Consume InstaKetones
Important note: Do NOT consume any sugar or protein otherwise this will ruin your Slim Down phase, which will prevent your body from using fat stores for energy.

Salad: (Topped w/Steak/Chicken/Fish)
Don’t overdo your preferred dressing. Use red wine vinegar/Braggs Amino Acids


Pumpkin seeds (Organic). Go Raw brand is great
Serving size: No more than one handful

Chicken / Steak / Fish. Always buy organic and low-fat steak such as
filet mignon or ground top sirloin.
Steamed Vegetables (Preferably broccoli, which acts as a great anti-estrogen)
Dessert: Sugar-free dark chocolate. Serving size: No more than half a bar


Paleo Protein Bar®  (Warm for up to 10 seconds for a soft, gooey treat!)

Paleo Protein Powders (All Flavors) 

PM Vitamins and supplements
ZMA (Now Foods)
Glucomannan Fiber Powder (Use One Tablespoon) (**Only use if you’re not
having at least two BM’s a day As This Is Critical To Flush The Fat/Waste)
You can also add Paleo Noodles / Rice / Fettuccini as it’s made from
Glucomannan if you don’t want to take this the powder form. This is a great way to increase fiber and curb appetite.
Now Foods Men’s Virility Capsules (Men only)
Ginger capsules for improved digestion and anti-estrogen
Digest (Vitamins)

Other Pointers: 

This food plan is meant to be a general template for you to follow. As long as you’re consuming between 1,000 to 1,400 calories a day from healthy, complete proteins, low to no-fats and low carbs, you will reach your ideal weight. Also, don’t worry about being overly hungry as InstaKetones™ curbs appetite by burning your body’s own stored fat as fuel. These stored fat reserves in the body are plentiful, and by focusing on consuming protein and low to no fats during this phase you will lose weight.

If you have any sort of issues with stomach irritability cut your dose of ketones to ½ scoop per serving and work your way up to a full serving over three days. Also make sure to dilute with 16oz of water. Note any stomach issues will pass so not consuming to much at first is key. Listen to your body if you are not hungry and your appetite and cravings are curbed with 1 or 2 servings a day and your losing weight on a consistent basis then that is fine also. This diet is meant as a template for you to use and can be modified and adjust to suit you as everyone is different.

If you combine our exercise program with the diet you will accelerate fat loss and build a lean, hardened physique, if that is your goal. Part of the reason why other diets fail to give you a lean defined look is the lack of consumption of protein which contain the vital amino acids for building muscle. Make sure to consume 1g to 1.5g protein per lbs you weigh to achieve this look. Remember, InstaKetones™ are designed to help you feel great while cutting out all the junk in your diet.

Finally, remember to drink lots of water through the day as your body will pass the stored fat from your body primarily through your urine. (Tip Lemon Water Is Ideal)
Before Bed

Melatonin (1.5 to 2mg Is Ideal). Helps your body reach a deeper sleep. (Combine with a hot shower or bath before bed to really help the body relax)
**Take only if you’re not feeling refreshed and energized when you wake up**

Notes: The plans above are only guidelines.

The focus of Phase 1 is to reset your metabolism by ridding your diet of grains, gluten, soy and highly processed foods so that your body can thrive. The plan above will keep you feeling good while burning your stored fat for fuel enabling you to reach or maintain your ideal weight.

Don’t feel bad if you have a cheat meal every now and then as InstaKetones will put you back in fat burning mode within 60 minutes. Limit alcohol consumption to one night a week during the first 8 weeks. If you are going to drink, focus on no more than one 6oz glass of organic, sulfite-free red wine or grain-free vodka (with soda & lemon). 

Making the plan work for you

The best diets are those that can be easily implemented into your lifestyle for the long-term. One way to ensure this is to adjust it to meet your specific needs, which means that some experimentation might be necessary to find your unique formula. Here are some helpful tips on how to do that:

* InstaKetones curb appetite naturally and you should not feel hungry as your body is burning stored fat as energy. You will find by the second serving of InstaKetones, taken 4 hours after the first serving, that you will be extremely satiated, and clear minded. This feeling can continue if you avoid carbs/sugar/starches and emphasize lean proteins, healthy fats in moderation and carbohydrates from vegetables. If you do feel hungry, increase your protein and healthy fat intake. However, you need to be careful; as we’ve discussed, fats are calorie dense, which means that it can be easy to overdo it and create a caloric excess. Excess, unused calories will be stored as fat. Consuming the C8 Caprylic Triglycerides Oil Caps can also help you feel full and can boost your ketone level even further and curb hunger even more.

* It’s common to put on a pound or two once you’ve finished Phase 1 so don’t worry if the scale sees a slight uptick. This is why we sometimes suggest losing a pound or two more than you originally were set on losing to ensure you hit your ideal weight after you head into maintenance Phase 2. One thing to note is if you begin gaining too much weight cut back on your fat level to ensure you are consuming fewer calories than you burn each day.

* Look for the best quality, organic, grass-fed sources of animal proteins. If you have difficulty fulfilling protein requirements, look to alternative sources like protein bars or powders. Powders are especially helpful because they can be easily ingested and absorbed without making you feel heavy or overly full. Avoid soy at all costs unless your lifestyle choices require it. Soy in general can trigger excess estrogen especially in men.

* Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Fat and excess ketones will exit your body through urine

* Focus on consuming 1g to 1.5g protein per lbs you weigh and .15 grams of fat per lbs you weigh. Consume no more than 28 net carbs a day. 

* Consume InstaKetones on an empty stomach for best results (Amazing Fasted Cardio/Workouts).

* Add coconut cream (unsweetened) to your InstaKetones mixture to change taste to an orange dreamsicle flavor!

* The reason why the sodium level is so high in InstaKetones is because ketones drain fluid, sodium and calcium from the body. We have added sodium to our formula to help maintain an optimal electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are necessary for muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, optimal fluid levels and kidney function. Meats and dark green vegetables like broccoli and wheatgrass are good electrolyte sources, which is why they are included in the diet.

* Once you have determined your daily calorie needs, you may feel as though you need to eat a lot of them to achieve success. That’s not necessary. Don’t force yourself to eat if you are not hungry.

LEAN BODY WORKOUT PROGRAM  (Before Starting Any Diet Or Exercise Program Always Consult Your Doctor)

The following workout program should be followed weekly. The minimum requirement is to work out 3 days per week (Note You Can Still Lose Weight By Just Following The Diet) . Aim to work out 4 to 5 days each week to maximize results. Your goal is to burn 600 to 1000 calories per sessions. Use a FitBit® or Apple Watch® or other fitness tracker to track calorie expenditure.

Pre workout. About 45 minutes before the workout, take one serving on InstaKetones and do not eat any carbs, starch or sugar to make sure that your body uses fat for fuel and energy.

Post workout. Immediately post-workout, consume protein powder or a Paleo Protein Bar as well as a serving of BCAA.

Stretching/Mobility. Prior to each cardio workout, stretch the legs and/or perform some sort of foam rolling to increase circulation, blood flow and mobility. Once the cardio component is finished, stretch/foam roll the area of the body that will be the focus of the strength segment.

Finisher. Each workout will end with some sort of “finisher,” which is designed to enhance muscle burn, elevate the heart rate and strengthen the core/abs. Finishers enhance the fat-loss process.


Cardio. Complete the following 30-minute sequence:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Note: If cardio machine options are limited, use those that are available to you.

Strength: Pull (back/biceps). Perform three sets of 10 repetitions (choose a weight that is heavy, but does not cause you to strain at any point) unless otherwise stated, resting after each set, of each of the following:
Front pull-downs using the lat pull-down machine

  • Horizontal pulls using the seated row machine
  • One-arm dumbbell bent-over rows using dumbbell (right and left arm)
  • Low-back hyper extensions using hyperextension machine. Start with no weight and increase resistance as tolerated
  • Finisher. This is a muscle burn/cardio/abdominal focus. Complete as follows:
  • Elliptical machine for 10 minutes at a high enough level to cause muscle burn, followed by a few minutes of rest
  • Three sets of 15 repetitions suspended crunches/knee tucks using the TRX (if available). Substitute with a medicine ball, gliding disks or other similar tool. If possible, perform five push-ups prior to each set of crunches/tucks.
  • Three sets of 15 repetitions of rollouts using the ab wheel or other similar movement


Cardio. Complete the following 30-minute sequence:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Note: If cardio machine options are limited, use those that are available to you.

Strength: Push, Press (chest/triceps). Perform three sets of 10 repetitions of the following unless otherwise stated:

  • Chest dips using the dip bar
  • three sets of 20 push-ups
  • Cable flyes using cable crossover machine. Substitute with a bench flye if a cable machine is not available

Finisher. Complete each of the following as directed:

  • Treadmill. Set to level two incline. Walk for 2 minutes, jog/run for 6-7 minutes and then walk again for the remaining time.
  • TRX. Three sets of 15 repetitions suspended crunches/knee tucks. If possible, complete five push-ups prior to the crunches/tucks. Substitute a stability ball, gliding disks or other similar tool when necessary.

Wednesdays. No training—Day off


Cardio. Complete the following 30-minute sequence:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Strength: Lower-Body. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions of the following unless otherwise stated:

  • Leg extensions, leg extension machine
  • Leg press, leg press machine
  • Calf raises, calf raise machine

Finisher. Complete each of the following as directed:

  • Treadmill. Set to level two incline. Walk for 2 minutes, jog/run for 6-7 minutes and then walk again for the remaining time.


Conditioning. Complete each of the following as directed:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical
  • Rest a few minutes
  • Elliptical machine for 10 minutes at a high enough level to cause muscle burn
  • Treadmill. Set to level two incline. Walk for 2 minutes, jog/run for 6-7 minutes and then walk again for the remaining time
  • TRX. Three sets of 15 repetitions suspended crunches/knee tucks. If possible, complete five push-ups prior to the crunches/tucks. Substitute a stability ball, gliding disks or other similar tool when necessary
  • Rest a few minutes
  • Using a pull-up bar or similar tool, three sets of 10 reps hanging leg raises, attempting to bring toes to the bar
    Upon arriving at the gym – Stretch legs for cardio
  • Three sets of 15 repetitions of rollouts using the ab wheel or other similar movement

Saturdays and Sundays. No Training—Days off (Note Your Schedule May Differ So Focus On Working Out If you Can 5 Days A Week)


  1. Anne Avery

    Questions concerning the InstaKetone diet. I noticed the Paleo Protein bars are high in Carbs. how can those be consumed on this diet when it calls for little or no carbs?
    Are fruits allowed on this diet?
    What about cauliflower?
    On the days i don’t workout, do i just consume 1 serving of the InstaKetones?
    thank you

  2. Julian Bakery

    Great question and when reading a label every gram of fiber adds one gram of carbohydrates to the label. Carbs from fiber our not digested within the body
    thus they do not interfere with ketogenic state. Our bars are designed to be low in net carbs with no added sugar and between 1g to 2g of naturally occurring sugar.
    Our bars also are especially great for your stomach as many of them provide organic prebiotic fiber + probiotics aiding in improving digestion and curbing appetite without bloating!

  3. Suzi

    A few more Instaketone diet questions:
    1- can you provide an exact list of healthy fats and quantities allowed per day/meal?
    2- is there a list of allowed veggies besides broccoli? And serving size for veggies?
    3- proteins – what serving size for each meal?
    4- 1 scoop of protein powder for first meal. Any other options besides mixing it with water?
    Are there any other options for breakfast protein?
    5- could we eat a paleo protein bar for breakfast instead of protein powder or egg whites?
    6- what is the carb limit per day/ meal?

  4. Anne

    Thank you for the info. I also had 3 other questions in my first posting.
    Are fruits allowed on this diet?
    Is cauliflower allowed?
    and finally
    on the days i don’t workout, do i just consume 1 serving of the instaketones?

  5. Anne

    I totaled up the number of calories within this diet. For women, most diets recommend no more than 1200 calories per day to lose 1 lb of weight per week. This diet goes beyond 1400 calories per day. what is your recommendation and do you have any women that have successfully lost weight?
    thank you again..

  6. I start my day very early and drive to the gym near where I work so I can beat traffic and therefore, don’t typically eat breakfast until after working out. Can I take InstaKetones 45 minutes prior to my workout and have a paleo (or pegan) bar about 2.5-3 hours after taking InstaKetones or do I need to wait until 4 hours after? Also, will not eating breakfast prior to taking InstaKetones and working out have a negative affect on weight loss? Thank you! Any guidance is greatly appreciated. I recommend the Paleo and Pegan bars by the way, they are awesome!

  7. Julian Bakery

    The way you are taking it is completely fine and should yield excellent results. Just so long as you are not consuming more calories than you burn and no carbs (except from veggies) (Carbs From Fiber Is Great) /sugar (No Fruit Or Added Sugar : Monk Fruit/Stevia OK) / starch (No Grains/Legumes/Pasta Etc)
    you will have amazing results in no time!

  8. Jessica

    I purchased these and would like an answer too. The “meal plan” is a little vague with no options.

  9. Julian Bakery

    What would you like to know? The Diet above is just a template and anything. Focus on consuming around 1000 to 1400 calories a day
    from protein & healthy fats in moderation only. Avoid carbs / sugar / starches (Focus On Greens/Veggies) No Fruit. Use meal tracker
    and Fit Bit or Apple watch to track your daily caloric burn and then track your calories.

    You will lose weight quickly and effortlessly if you avoid carbs/sugar/starches and normally you would feel horrible but on InstaKetones
    you feel amazing. Cravings and hunger significantly diminished! There are so many foods you can eat so don’t think of all the things you can’t.

  10. Julian Bakery

    Yes, most women report up to 2 lbs a day loss especially when both the diet and exercise plan are followed in conjunction with consuming our InstaKetones!

  11. Julian Bakery

    No fruit as it contains sugar. Yes, to cauliflower!

    If your diet is on point you can go down to once a day.

    If you want to stay in optimal fat burning mode track you Ketone level using an Abott
    Blood Glucose/Ketone Meter. Focus on your ketone level being between 1.2 to 3.2 mmol.

  12. Jessica

    Thank you! Are you referring to the MCT oil as the source of healthy fat? I am familiar with the Keto diet. I took my first dose of the Instaketones and went on a power walk. I did have a ton of energy! Especially compared to the sluggishness I’ve felt from eating high carb over the holidays!

  13. Christy

    Thank you for posting this! I like to consume my chlorella powder or green powder in the morning before my coffee, and also before sleeping. They are pure powders without sugar (I’ve checked thoroughly!), although the green powder contains some mixed berries (blueberries, etc). This is basically my main green source. Will it be ok to incorporate this in IKdiet?

    The only fruit I consume is small amounts of avocado some days.

    Do you also ship to Europe?

  14. Julian Bakery

    Yes, chlorella is great and anything green is ideal on this diet! Avocado is perfectly fine in moderation just keep it to a quarter or no more than
    one 1/2 of an avocado per day in the first phase. Phase 2 you can consume up to 1 full avocado per day if you find you maintain your ideal weight.
    If you are not able to maintain you ideal weight lost then you would lower you total daily fat consumption until you find the right amount of
    fat that keeps you on track.

  15. Olivia

    should BCAA’s be taken in the slimdown phase?
    should they be taken before or after a workout?

  16. Julian Bakery

    BCAA are a great addition to the plan and are listed under optional supplements. Yes, after and before BCAA are great!

  17. Carol M

    A couple of questions. How often do you need to check your ketone levels and when should you do it ?(morning, after exercise, night?). Can this be combined with South Beach diet which should meet your guidelines of low carb, low-moderate fat, high protein? Is the exercise to be done in the morning? What if I perforate exercise in the afternoon? How would change the schedule for taking the insta-ketones? Thanks!

  18. Jessica

    I am a bit confused on when I take this in relation to eating. Lets say I have coffee with 1 tsp coconut oil and collagen as breakfast. Should I wait a couple hours to take this? Does there need to be a window of time between this and food? Thanks.

  19. Julian Bakery

    We suggest eating before consuming the Ketones. After consuming do not eat any carbs/sugar/starch for four hrs after to ensure
    you get the maximum benefit of the ketones. I would suggest to move to a complete protein as collagen doesn’t contain all
    the amino acids your body needs. We have many complete proteins in our online store. If you haven’t already please review
    our complete and free exercise and diet here: http://www.ikdiet.com

  20. Jessica

    Thanks, I guess that means I can consume protein within 4 hours though, right? I’m already not eating carbs/sugar/starch as is a ketogenic diet.

  21. Olivia

    I work out when I get home in the morning.
    should I have my protein shake, probiotic, and coffee with my first serving of ketones and mct capsules,
    then wait 45 min to work out?
    or should I spread the morning protocol and first dose of ketones out so that the ketone dose is on an empty stomach?

    I am a overnight shift worker, so I have to workout at 7. am when I get home, as I don’t have time in the later afternoon and evening because this is when I sleep.

  22. Olivia

    lol , just realized Jessica’s last question answered mine

  23. Julian Bakery

    We recommend purchasing an Abbott Blood Glucose/Ketone meter and test yourself upon waking in a fasted state and then again 45 min after consuming
    InstaKetones. If you are following the http://www.IKDiet.com you will go further and further into ketosis naturally as time progressing but will be in ketogenic
    fat burning mode within 45 Min after consuming InstaKetones. Optimal Fat Burning mode takes place at 1.2 mmol and 3.2 mmol

  24. Reis


    So the 1200 calories in the slim down phase is appropriate for someone who is 175# looking to drop 10#, as well as someone who is 300# looking to drop 85#?

  25. Julian Bakery

    Yes, you would just reach your ideal weight faster than someone that was heavier. Once you reach your ideal weight you can go to phase 2 and begin increasing your healthy
    fat consumption.

  26. Paula

    I work out more at night than in the am. When to eat the insta ketones? Still in the morning? This plan seems to be the paleo version of Medifast which I was very successful using. The setback was after shoulder injury and high carb comfort food eating. Can I use conjunction as I have excess with Medifast products which are high protein, low carb. I was looking for just this diet after finishing the weight loss phase. Thanks!

  27. Julian Bakery

    As you workout at nigh consume the InstaKetones (Non-Caffeine version) 45 min before you workout. Do not consume any Carbs/Sugar/Starch for
    4 hrs after consuming.

  28. Madilyn

    Why only egg whites and no yolk?

    Also are there other foods you can eat on phase 1? What are the reasons you can eat what you can?

  29. The Slim Down phase sample meal plan specifies Monday thru Friday. Do you suggest normal caloric intake on the weekend? Sat/Sun is not addressed.

  30. Suzi

    If I am using ketone sticks… what is the mg level my ketones should be? (Ketone ml measured in urine)?

  31. Julian Bakery

    Do NOT use ketone strips as InstaKetones in measurable blood ketones. Use an Abott Precision Extra Blood Ketone Monitor. Ketones in your urine are
    excess ketones and not an accurate example of your ketone level. Optimal Fat Burning level is 1.2 to 3.2

  32. Julian Bakery

    As mentioned above you want to keep your consumed fat to a minimum so your burn stored fat instead. You can eat any foods that are low carb, and low fat.
    (Focus On Healthy Fats In Moderation & Protein).

  33. Kaila

    I workout first thing in the morning should I still consume the instaKetones before my workout even if it isnt 45 mintues before? Or should I workout drink my protein/eat and than have the instaKetones?

  34. Julian Bakery

    I would also suggest to consume before your workout as they start working in 15 to 30 min window.

  35. Barbara

    You describe the slim down phase as lasting 4-6 weeks, but then also emphasize that 4 weeks is the maximum duration, and if more weight loss is needed, to use the slim phase “another time.” Can I use the slim phase safely for 6 weeks? How long should I wait after the initial 4-6 weeks slim down phase to resume slim down if more weight loss is needed to reach goal weight? Thanks!

  36. Julian Bakery

    Some people only need to do the slim down phase for 1 week and others can extent it to 6 weeks then goto phase 2 for four weeks and then repeat phase 1 again if you have more weight to lose for another 6 weeks until desired goal weight is reached.

  37. Helene

    I am diabetic, take metformin 500mg twice a day and also blood pressure meds. I had a gastric sleeve but still need to lose more weight, about 20lbs. Can I take this product?

  38. ROBERT

    I purchased: Insta ketones, chocolate whey, MCT, Konjac flour, from you. What is the proper protocol for consuming these items if I do NOT exercise or only swim??? I have been on the carb nite solution for one year. Thanks

  39. Julian Bakery

    Definitely contact your doctor before starting any new programs.

  40. Lori

    Tha 1st phase only recommends Monday- Friday meal plans. Are we not suppose to eat on Saturday and Sunday?

  41. Julian Bakery

    The food plan is carried out Mon-Sun the Exercise Plan Is Mon-Fri to be specific.

  42. Julian Bakery

    No the program is carried Mon-Sunday during phase 1.

  43. aimeyD

    I am on my first day of taking InstaKetones and am very excited to see what results I can muster. I have a couple questions:

    Do you have any recommendations for what I can put in my coffee as a creamer substitute (during Phase 1).

    Are the use of seasonings in meat and on veggies ok? Such as salt, pepper, garlic, herbs, etc…

    Thank you!

  44. Chris

    When you say take a full scoop of Instaketones in 8oz of water do you mean filling it up to the absolute top or just to the line which is about 3/4 of the way full ? Also if I’m going to be taking it in the morning before working out & then again before bedtime in the slim-down phase should i be taking a full scoop each time ? I’m just trying not to waste the excess ketones by excreting them.


  45. Tyler

    I like to workout in the morning. So, upon waking I take one serving of Instaketones without any other food–about 30 minute prior to working out. Typically, I like to have a whey protein shake immediately after my workout. Does this sound right? Or, will the whey protein shake not allow the ketones to do their thing?

  46. Julian Bakery

    Yes, InstaKetones is great on an empty stomach and excellent to do fasted workouts on. This really aids in burning stored fat as fuel when doing this. Have your shake directly after your workout as this will provide excellent amino acids to build lean defined muscle. Make sure to checkout our new USDA Organic Whey Protein Powder https://julianbakery.com/product/primal-protein-powder-unflavored-organic-whey-protein/(Easily Mixes) and excellent when combined with our Monk Fruit https://julianbakery.com/product/pure-monk-monk-fruit/

  47. Julian Bakery

    We recommend for the first three days take 1/2 to 3/4 scoop per serving. This will allow your stomach/body to adjust and gradually work your way up over three days to a full scoop. We also suggest 16oz of water to dilute the InstaKetones with it seems to make them taste even better.

  48. Julian Bakery

    We suggest a non-fat or very low fat coconut creamer with no more than 1g sugar or fat. I believe SoDelicious makes a product like this that’s a vanilla creamer. We suggest Monk Fruit https://julianbakery.com/product/pure-monk-monk-fruit/ or Organic Stevia leaf to sweeten. Seasonings of all kinds are just fine while on our plan!

  49. James

    Can you use this for endurance training and races like Ironman where you swim bine and run for up to 17 hrs?

  50. Laurie

    If I follow a low to no carb diet, limited starches and add in this product will it help to lose weight or do I need to follow the diet too. I typically cook with olive oil or coconut oil. Is the fat content in these too high?

  51. Christine M McCormick

    Can the paleo bars be used as breakfast?

  52. Crystal

    I’m concerned with how I’m going to ingest 200+ grams of protein each day. The InstaKetone powder does not contain any protein, correct? How would I go about getting that much protein in?

  53. Emily

    Good Morning. I am starting the diet today, but have a few questions for you. I tend to have a weak stomach when it comes to taking vitamins without enough food in the morning. Can I wait to take the MCT Oil Softgels with lunch, instead of taking in the morning? You recommend taking 10,000 mcg of B-12 as well. I have this on hand in a smaller dosage; 250 mcg. Should I start with a minimal dosage of B-12 and work up to 10,000 mcg? Again, I am trying to avoid stomach upset.

  54. Barbara

    Supplements with caffeine, black tea and coffee have consistently made me very sick, but I do drink several glasses of green tea a day which keeps me feeling fine. Do you have any data of the effectiveness/comparison of your 2 products with and without caffeine?

  55. Raquel

    Something’s not right with this math. You said ‘We recommend consuming 1g to 1.5g of protein per pound you weigh. So, if you weigh 200lbs, then you’ll eat 200 to 250 grams per day.’ By my calculation, a 200lb person would get 200-300 grams of protein a day if the recommended range is 1-1.5g of protein per pound.

  56. Read

    If I don’t workout in the morning do I take my InstaKetones before or after I eat breakfast? Second question is you say not to eat for 4hrs after is that including protein as well. Trying to get 220+ gr protein in with that time restriction gets tough.

    Thank You – Read

  57. Julian Bakery

    Always consume InstaKetones after food at least 15 min or longer after food. You can take InstaKetones on an empty stomach and also do fasted workouts also. Space servings of ketones out by 4 to 6 hrs with one serving preferably 30 min before you workout for max endurance and sustained energy and fat loss.

  58. Julian Bakery

    Getting enough protein with protein supplements should be easy. We offer egg white, organic plant proteins, and grass-fed whey or beef protein powder options. Check them out at http://www.julianbakery.com/store

  59. Julian Bakery

    That’s exactly right so if your 200lbs you would focus on 200g protein x 4 = 800 Calories a day from protein. Then consume 200 to 400 calories from vegetables or another IKDiet approved snacks.

  60. Julian Bakery

    Our Organic Caffeine in our InstaKetones is just a matter of preference. It’s up to you to choose our non-caffeine or +Caffeine version. The effects are the same but many love caffeine!

  61. Julian Bakery

    You won’t have any issues with b-12 however MCT can be hard on the stomach so we suggest to start off with one capsule of MCT
    per serving. Also note that Ketones for the first three days can be a little hard on the stomach so start with 1/2 scoop diluted
    in 16 to 24 oz of water and work your way up over three days to 3/4 scoop then a full scoop for optimal results. If you experience
    any sort of bloated feeling or upset stomach you know you are taking to much. Our InstaKetones is potent so more isn’t necessarily
    better. The goal is to curb appetite and cravings and if 1/2 a scoop of 3/4 scoop works for you don’t try to add more. You should
    have excellent energy and endurance throughout the day so just listen to your body and remember these tips.

  62. Julian Bakery

    If you consume protein in the form of fish, tofu, egg whites, beef etc each meal should easily allow
    you to have 25g protein per meal so that’s 75g + of protein the rest of the protein would come from
    egg white powder or supplementation or just increase your protein serving sizes when you eat. We offer
    a huge array of protein powder in our online store here: https://julianbakery.com/shop/?fwp_product_categories=protein-powder

  63. Julian Bakery


  64. Julian Bakery

    We recommend not consuming more than 5g fat per meal if at all possible as you want your body burning stored fat
    instead of consumed fat. When cooking limit your oil when cooking wherever possible.

  65. Julian Bakery

    James, this food plan is geared for weight loss however if you’re looking for a performance based program
    you simply would follow Phase 2 of our plan and use ketones + protein + add an even higher fat intake as you would want
    to become a fat adapted athlete using stored fat and consumed fat as fuel so you can have prolonged endurance
    and energy for long periods of high caloric output activity. So instead of using a gel pack for energy you would
    use a protein/fat based snack to fuel your workouts. Google Fat Adapted performance athletes and you will find many

  66. James

    What will be a good protein/fat snack to use during endurance race like Ironman the replace GU gels?

  67. Julian Bakery

    Our Paleo Organic Sunflower Seed Butter is actually ideal: https://julianbakery.com/product/paleo-spread/
    Just place in tin foil or zip lock baggy….it’s delicious and provides the ideal fuel for your long runs
    and works ideally in conjunction with the InstaKetones.

  68. Jessica

    im following a keto diet now, however if i cheat with carbs one day coming up can i take the instaketones after and still remain in ketosis?

  69. Cheryl

    I am following the diet but I am only getting about 800 calories (female) and working out every day. What is the ideal amount of Ketones to take per day to maximize weight loss. What blood ketone level is ideal?

  70. Nicole

    I lost 80 pounds a few years ago using a low-cal & low-carb doctor-supervised diet where I stayed in ketosis for about 6 months. I have been working on losing (and keeping off!) the last 20 pounds ever since then. I ordered 1 of each InstaKetone powder packages (before they went on sale!) and am planning on starting phase 1 “slim down” in the next few days.
    I have read the IK Diet Plan & blog suggestions and am fine with the macronutrient profile since I eat 60% protein already and can adjust up to 80% fairly easily. What I need your help with please is when to dose with the IK since I train after work around 6pm and normally have protein & veggie dinner around 8pm.

    It seems like I should try removing my 9am breakfast protein & fiber shake & using caffeinated IK to continue my overnight fast until lunch, normally around 2pm. However, I am confused about when to take my 2nd dose. Since it was recommended to wait 4-6 hours to eat after an IK dose, if I take IK before exercising & wait to eat, then dinner would be very late at 10pm.

    Would it be better to take the non-caffeine version at 11 pm bedtime with some BCAAs? Or should I take my 2nd dose around 4pm, after lunch and before exercising?

    I appreciate your guidance is using the InstaKetones most effectively to drop these stubborn last 20 pounds!

  71. tiffany Campbell

    You say 5g fat per meal. Im.lost on how much TOTAL fat per day to have?? I get everything else.

  72. April MacLean

    Hi there…you’ve recommended a specific monitor several times, however, I won’t be purchasing it for several weeks. I have ketosis strips and that’s all I have. Above you seemed really against these…are they not remotely accurate? I’m not sure I understand the danger in using them?

  73. Kristi Parrish

    Is it the same meal plan for kids?

  74. Johanna

    Waiting to hear back from you re: my questions.

  75. Laura

    I’m following a Paleo diet and have lost 25 lbs since January, however I’m unable to do any exercise because of my knees…I do ride a recumbent bike though. Can I use this program minus the exercise regimen you’ve listed.

  76. Julian Bakery

    Yes, you will still get amazing results by following our simple protein+vegetable+InstaKetone plan only!

  77. Julian Bakery

    Yes, but the InstaKetone servings would be 1/2 scoop.

  78. Julian Bakery

    There is no danger in using ketone strips it’s just they are not accurate. Urine measures the amount of ketones your body doesn’t need. A blood ketone meter measures amount of ketones readily available for your body to use. Ideal blood Ketone Level is between 1.0 to 3.0.

  79. Julian Bakery

    Please e-mail us at [email protected] so we can get you a replacement scoop. We do suggest starting with one MCT Cap per serving
    of ketones. MCT can cause a bit of stomach distress so we recommend starting off slow. Make sure you focus on your macros we gave you
    in the plan above and focus on 1000 to 1200 calories a day. Each meal should be no more than 7 net carbs, 5g fat, 2g naturally occurring
    sugar. Focus on consuming 1g of protein per pound you weight. If you are not working out some find going down to 700 to 1000 calories
    a day ideal as you are not burning as many calories. Focus on greens, broccoli especially should be your best friend.

  80. Julian Bakery

    Total fat intake should be between 15 to 20g max a day.

  81. Julian Bakery

    The ideal blood ketone range is 1.0 to 3.0 mmo/L we suggest consuming 1/2 to 3/4 a scoop to ensure no bloating occurs in women. Take less for 3 days and work your way up to 1 full scoop. InstaKetones is very potent so more isn’t better as ideally you only need 7g to 10g bhb to boost blood ketones into ideal range. Our InstaKetones contains the max amount of ketones per scoop the body can uptake. We do suggest a abbott precision extra to make sure your in this ideal range but it’s not necessary if you watch the scale and how you feel. If your level is to high or your taking to much some bloating can occur at which point you would simply take less.

  82. Julian Bakery

    Yes, you could take the ketones after carbs and be put back into ketogenic fat burning range if you alter
    your diet after and follow the IKDiet.com plan from that point forward.

  83. Julian Bakery

    Ideally you take one in the morning 15 min after food or if you work out in the morning do fasted cardio with just InstaKetones
    on your stomach and then eat after your workout. Next serving would be again after lunch and in your case time your last serving 30 to
    60 min before you workout at night.

  84. Frank LaGreca

    Hello, I currently weigh 250 and am going to start this new journey once my orders arrive. I have 50 lbs to loose and anyone offer any start up advice, Pre-planned meals, suggestions? Thanks

  85. KLeigh

    I workout in the evening; would the following plan work:

    bkfst- lean protein, veggies
    lunch- lean protein, veggies

    5:00 keytones and workout

    Dinner- lean protein, veggies

    b4 bed- keytones

  86. Julian Bakery

    The IKDiet plan above is ideal for you! Follow our Instagram.com/ikdiet feed and Instagram.com/instaketones feed for meal ideas!

  87. Julian Bakery

    Yes, it will try and time Ketones 30 to 45 min before workout. Make sure you take non-caffeine instaketones before bed 🙂

  88. Debbie Lewis

    I have left a previous comment but never heard. Can you use this with a low fat/carb diet or does it have to be the IDK diet? I want to know if it will work if I watch calories, etc. I work out 5 days a week so that is not a problem. Thanks

  89. Julian Bakery

    yes, you can but for max weight loss we recommend the plan above.

  90. Debbie Lewis

    I purchased it yesterday so can’t wait to try it.

  91. Catherine Licht

    Do you have a graphic organizer of the IKDiet phase 1 and 2?

  92. Dina B

    I am confused about protein intake while in the ikdiet. 1-1.5 g per pound. I’m 150 lbs, so 150 grams… only 5.3 oz of protein per day? Or per meal?

  93. Tracy

    Need clarification please. The plan says to take InstaKetones 45 minutes before exercise and not to eat 4-6 hours after taking InstaKeytones but it also says to have protein powder or a bar immediately after exercise. Are we to ingest protein after exercise and if so, will this reduce the effect of InstaKetones?

    Btw, I have ordered the products and looking forward to getting them. I’m in the process of reducing carb intake this week until I receive my order.

  94. Jodie Kilhefner

    Hello, i purchased this yesterday and I am reading up before i start. Which of the supplements on the plan are more important than others? Cleanse? Also, will i be able to get results taking just one scoop a day?

  95. sandra gomez

    I am currently using ****** **********, but I am not being good with my lean meal planning.
    My calorie intake is low but the one meal is high.
    I am in a depression due to life situation, I’ve been in sobriety for 18 years….struggling with the discipline fr my health. Can I stay on my ****** and use this?

  96. Julian Bakery

    Not yet but soon!

  97. Julian Bakery

    You would want to consume 150 grams of protein per day. If consuming fish, beef, tofu, chicken etc + some protein supplements
    consuming 150g + of protein a day is easy!!

  98. Julian Bakery

    You can consume the bar in place of a meal & serving of ketones. So their is much value in the bar as it curbs appetite and increases ketones.
    The customers that use a bar to skip a meal and serving of ketones still lose between 1 to 2 lbs a day and feel great!

  99. Julian Bakery

    I think the following are the essentials
    Branch Chain Amino Acids
    Paleo Fiber (Plant Fiber) or Sculpt n Cleanse
    MCT Caps (Start w/1 Cap per serving of InstaKetones)

  100. Julian Bakery

    Yes, you can if the meal plan stays in the Macro outlined in the plan above:

  101. April MacLean

    Thank you, so it’s safe to say my ketone level may be higher than what’s indicated on the strip?

    I am really struggling with this diet because of my lack of experience. I know several people have asked for more meal options and you’ve given great criteria, but it’s still very hard for me to wrap my mind around meal planning. Do you think you may create a post that has more examples of what to eat? I know I am failing in this department, especially with how much I travel.

  102. Lauren C

    Hi! You’ve said multiple times to NOT eat anything 4-6 hours after taking the instaketones. But you also have said to take the insta-ketones and then work out on an empty stomach in the AM and then have your protein AFTER workout.

    Can you clear this up because on one hand you say not to eat anything for 4 hours yet you also say to have protein within that time immediately following workout, which would only be about 1.5 hours after taking ketones according to your instructions.

    Is it better to take protein prior to ketones and prior to workout and then fast at least 4 hours? Or better to work out on empty stomach after ketones and then have protein only 1.5 hours after.


  103. Debbie Lewis

    Can I take this first thing in the morning and then another 45 minutes before workout at 12 noon? i purchased the instaketones with caffeine. Thanks.

  104. Dorsey Durgin

    What is the optimal time to take the keytones? I work out early in the morning. With getting in 5-6 meals a day and you mentioning not to eat for 4-6 hours after taking them, I’m a bit confused. Can you please let me know? Thank you!

  105. Lynn

    HI I have ordered the InstaKetones supplement to try it for 60 days, however I want to be sure I understand the IKDiet plan correctly. I’ve had gastric sleeve surgery 2 years ago but due to my PCOS my weightloss has been very slow and I have no hunger at all. Yet I still have 70lbs to lose. Due to a back injury I cannot exercise beyond walking 3 times weekly. Should I have IK supplement for breakfast at 7am then – again for lunch at 1pm, followed by dinner at 6pm then final IK supplement at 8pm? Again I have no hunger due to the gsleeve – so I normally don’t have breakfast, just coffee with stevia & soy milk creamer. Then lunch if I have anything at all it’s a cup of Oikos greek yogurt but that’s it. Dinner is usually a salad or half of a sandwich. But following the IK diet I’m not sure what I should eat or when – especially since I’m never hungry. Please help

  106. Melissa Wilkerson

    Yeah, I am really interested in this diet, as I have 150 pounds to lose and the only diet that works for me is ketosis, but this protocol reads like a physician’s book. I must be dumb or something because I have a Master’s degree in counseling, GPA of 4.0! Somehow I am missing something. Can you put this diet in laymen’s terms for the average person?

  107. Lori

    I workout at 5am, get up at 4:30. How would you suggest I eat (vegan protein shake) and consume “IK” 15 minutes before getting to the gym? Many days I drink half before and half after working out. Suggestions please. My “IK” should arrive next week.

  108. Tasha Vadnais

    I do crossfit 4-5 days a week. I am on a 75% paleo diet. I am not looking to lose more than 10-15 pounds as I already have decent muscle built but I am struggling to shed off excess fat cells. What’s your suggestions with use of this product?

  109. Beth gilbertson

    I am female, 54 years old and my doctor told me I am pre-diabetic. I have tried to lose weight on various diets, lose a few lbs and then gain it back. I need to lose about 30 (mostly around my middle). I ordered the Instaketones bars and powder and can’t wait to get started. My issue is my cravings for sweets, so I am hoping this plan will kick butt!!! :).

  110. Michelle McReynolds

    I can not have stimulants such as caffeine. Does the non caffeine version have any other stimulants?

  111. JOhn

    On the ikdiet you mention as a snack greek fat free yougurt 8oz. I purchased greek yougurt but in 8oz it has 4.5 grams of sugar which is double the per meal amount?

  112. Julian Bakery

    Unsweetened Greek Yogurt is the only options that would be allowed in Phase 1

  113. Julian Bakery

    No stimulants

  114. Julian Bakery

    Our InstaKetones curbs appetite and cravings and when paired with the IKDiet above allows you to reach your ideal weight.

  115. Jodie

    What about gum? Is there any type of gum we can chew after we drink our ketones? My mouth gets really dry and uncomfortable which I know is part of the ketosis but what can I do to counteract that and not get out of ketosis?

  116. Julian Bakery

    The Phase 1 plan above can be used for up to 8 weeks so if you hit your ideal weight before then transition to Phase 2 as outlined above.

  117. Julian Bakery

    Up to 3 times a day after food (min 15 minutes preferably 30/60 min) spaced out by 4 to 6 hrs with one serving times 40 min before workout. Start with 1/2 scoop and work you way up to a full scoop over 3 days if you have a sensitive stomach.

  118. Julian Bakery

    Sure protein + vegetables + Instaketones that’s it.

    Consume InstaKetones 15 min after food with one serving 30 min before workout.

    Macros: each meal should not contain more than 7 Net Carbs, 5g Fat, 2g Naturally occurring sugar

  119. Julian Bakery

    Each meal should consist of protein + vegetables then InstaKetones 15 min after. Focus on high protein lean meat or protein sources.
    Use a protein supplement if you have a hard time reaching 1g protein per lbs you weigh. Weight in each morning at the same time (First Thing When You Wake Up)

  120. Julian Bakery

    Simply consume you InstaKetones 15 min after meal spaced out by 4 to 6 hrs. You can take InstaKetones on an empty stomach workout and then
    eat afterward and still get the same result also.

  121. Julian Bakery


  122. Julian Bakery

    Both ways work but at the end of the day your daily weigh in will tell you which way may work better for you. Always weigh in the same time each day (First thing in the morning on an empty stomach)

  123. Julian Bakery

    Just so long as the gum is sugar free and if possible as natural as possible. Try and avoid sugar alcohols as it will cause you stomach distress. Most health food stores have a variety of option that should work. I have also seen stevia sweetened gum!

  124. Jodie

    Perfect thank you!

  125. Lynn

    Okay I know I will have to use a protein supplement because there’s no way I can eat 250 g. of lean meat & veggies daily.

    What if I can only get in 2 IKETONES in daily due to my extremely small stomach (gsleeve) ? Should I take it after breakfast then before bed or after lunch then b4 bed?

  126. Jodie

    bcaas? Since you said take a serving before a workout, are we able to drink our bcaas (xtend) during our workout? they are calorie, carb, and sugar free.

  127. Kay P.

    You seem to be dodging one important topic that you contradict yourself on. You say to take ketones 45 minutes before your workout. You also say not to eat anything for 4 hours after taking instaketones but then say have a protein shake right after your workout to help build muscle. What is it? And please don’t say either way gives you the same results.

  128. Julian Bakery

    InstaKetones should be take on an empty stomach (upon waking for fasted workout or apart of fast) or after food (At least 15 preferably 30 min). They can be consumed up to 3 times a day spaced out by 4 to 6 hrs. Time one of your servings 30 min before a workout. If your using a blood ketone meter your ideal fat burning blood ketone range is between 1 to 3 mmo/L.

  129. Kay P.

    So should I have a protein shake right after my workout even if it has been less than 2 hours since taking ketones?

  130. Julian Bakery

    Yes, you can but this will diminish slightly your blood ketone level. You will still get excellent results however at the end of the day you will have to adjust your intake based on your results. You should try it either way to see what yields better results for you as the scale may stay the same or one way may be better than the other for you. I have tried both ways and for me it didn’t make a difference.

  131. Abby Allen

    I am a strict vegan. Can you tell me what a typical days menu might look like for me on this diet?

  132. Julian Bakery

    Use sprouted organic tofu in place of animal meat. Use any of our Pegan Protein Powders & Bars to supplement your protein intake and reach the 1g protein per lbs you weigh. Still focusing on 1000 to 1200 calories a day and 7 Net Carbs / 5g Fat / per meal as stated above. Should be pretty easy and you will feel great while you lose the weight!

  133. Lori

    I’ve been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Will IK before workout (empty stomach) be a problem? Suggestions. Workout with a personal trainer at 5am two days a week and flexible the rest of the week. Can’t wait to get my shipment so I can get started. Just need a little direction. I’ve passed out in the morning because of low blood sugar. It is a very real problem.

  134. Julian Bakery

    I don’t know to be honest with you as we haven’t had any feedback with this issue one way or another.

  135. Hi! I started on IKdiet yesterday and doing great! I think I understand it pretty well except for one detail. I do crossfit 3-4 times a week. Is consuming protein after my workout essential for muscle recovery and building lean muscle? Or just optional with not much difference either way? I want to make sure I do what’s best to loose fat AND build muscle. Thanks

  136. Debbie

    Normally I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. 7 am I work out 4-5 days at 12:15. Should I take keystones before or after breakfast and then again at 11:45 before workout?

  137. Sarah

    I find it hard to reach 1,000-1,200 calories a day. Is it okay if I only make it to 800-900?

  138. Sarah

    In order to reach 150g of Protien per day, I am eating close 50g of Protien per meal if I eat 3 meals a day. Does the body digest this much Protien in one sitting? Is it okay to break this up into smaller meals. Like having a snack at the end of the work day as long as your taking the ketones 4-6 hours apart?

  139. John

    I have been on this diet for 13 days and have lost six lbs. I think my results are slower because of maybe my protein intake not at the reccommended pound for pound.I havent drank the wheagrass either. I have two questions for you. Can I take a 100 grams of protein from protein drinks? (i have paleo grass feed protein) Do you reccomend any suplements to boost my metabolism or reccomendations?

  140. Belinda gordon

    Is skinless salmon acceptable protein? i am taking the intaketones after I eat…it is controlling my sugar and carb carvings. I am not able to exercise at this time do to injury…but the scale has only budged 2lb after 1 week…??

  141. Don

    I intermittently fast daily from 8pm to 12pm the next day. I have my first dose of instaketones at 7am and then eat a low carb/fat lunch at 12pm. I do not take a mid day dose of instaketones. I have an afternoon low carb/fat snack, go home and eat a low carb/fat dinner and then take another dose of instaketones prior to going to bed. So each time I take the instaketones I am essentially fasting for at least 5 hours in the morning and 7-8 hours at night as I sleep. Does this sound like an effective plan to reap good results? I have about 20 lbs of fat I’d like to lose and am a avid crossfitter at least 4 days a week.

  142. Giuliana

    I have just started this and have a few questions…I don’t eat before working out..so intake tones 30 min before workout, and then what is the ideal time to eat? And then how long after that for the next dose? Also, where does wine fit into this? Is it allowed at all? Finally do you make this product in a capsule form? I am having a really hard time drinking it and then working out.

  143. Cindy

    This is too tricky for me; I eat last meal around 6-7 and I like to work out at night after I eat. I refuse to wait another 45 minutes prior to gym time….can I take keto after gym-time and still get results?

  144. MaryAnn Romayo

    I’m 147 lbs and trying to lose weight. I was doing the FMDT by Hallie Pomroy and lost weight and kept it off for 3 years until 10/31/16 and have been putting weight on since. Today’s my first day and need to know how you eat your body weight in grams. I only have 75 grams this first day not 147 grams have my veggies, fat and sugar in line, and walk/exercise 3 times a day.

  145. Julian Bakery

    If your 147 lbs you would consume 147g protein:

    Each meal should consist of 40g of protein = 120g Protein
    Example would be: Egg Whites or Fish or Filet (Steak) or Chicken Breast + Veggies (preferably broccoli.

    Supplement 1 to 2 times a day with any of our Protein Powders (Click Here)

    You can also supplement any missing protein with our Protein Bars (Click Here)

  146. Julian Bakery

    Yes, definitely you can use this printable simplified form of the diet (Click Here)

  147. Julian Bakery

    Please review the printable simplified form of the diet (Click Here)

  148. Julian Bakery

    Please review the printable simplified form of the diet (Click Here)

  149. Julian Bakery

    Salmon is high in fat but in moderation acceptable if you continue to lose each day. White fish is lower in fat and preferred
    as you want you body to burn stored fat instead of consumed fat during phase 1.

  150. Julian Bakery

    Yes, the body has no problem digesting that much protein. You can also break it apart and supplement with protein powder
    or bars.

  151. Julian Bakery

    800 to 900 calories is fine if you continue to lose weight each day. You can supplement with our protein powders or bars
    if you feel like you need more protein during the Phase 1 (8 week) period.

  152. Julian Bakery

    You should definitely be eating egg whites as outlines in the plan. Consume InstaKetones 15 to 30 min after food and time one serving 30 min before workout. Please review the printable simplified form of the diet (Click Here)

  153. Julian Bakery

    Yes, you can definitely consume protein after your workout and we do recommend that. It will however lower your
    blood ketone level but that’s why after your next full meal we have you consume more InstaKetones to bring level’s
    into ideal blood ketone range of 1.0 to 3.0 mmo/L.

  154. Giuliana

    Does this come in a capsule form at all? And where does wine fit in to the diet plan…is that what you mean by alcohol sugars>=?

  155. Julian Bakery

    Capsules are coming in June 2017. We suggest limiting alcohol to once per week and Red Wine or preferably Vodka & Soda is best to limit calories
    and sugar.

  156. Janine L

    Are there any vegetables NOT allowed? Dairy allowed or not?

    Basically, meat, veg, instaketone, vitamin supplements and working out, correct?

    Also, I currently do not workout so can I ease myself into a routine.

  157. Janine L

    Ok just ordered everything hubby and I need to start diet. I think I get everything. but when exactly do we take our first instaketones?
    is breakfast as follows
    protein powder OR egg whites/salsa

    then lunch eat and take instaketones

    and again take instaketones before bed?

  158. Julian Bakery

    As mentioned in the article above it’s protein + Vegetables + fiber + InstaKetones! Defintely recommend as much steamed broccoli as possible!

  159. Cathy

    I’m a 46 year old woman. I’ve been actively working on liver detox, hormone control, and gut infections for months now. Hopefully this will clear hurdles to weight loss. I’ve been on the diet for four full days now and am down 5.2lbs…but am also on my cycle which could effect the scale. If I am 190lbs to start….does it stand to reason that I could drop to my goal of 140lbs in 8 weeks? I am carefully following the diet and workout plan. I am excited at the thought this could be the case…but I don’t know what kind of results you’ve seen and with how many people. Thank you!

  160. Laura

    I have been taking InstaKetones since Monday, April 3rd and I am so happy that I have lost 5 pounds.

  161. Laura

    Another comment: Before I started InstaKetones, I drank a ton of diet soda. We have free fountain drinks at work, so I drank massive amounts at work. I stopped drinking diet soda cold turkey when I started InstaKetones and never had a caffeine headache. Other times when I quit caffeine cold turkey I would get a headache that wouldn’t go away even with a handful of ibuprofen, and I would have to go back on diet soda and slowly wean myself off.

  162. Julian Bakery

    I would suggest switching to Espresso/Coffee or buy the Caffeinated InstaKetones and immediately stop soda as it would defeat the purpose of the ketones.

  163. Julian Bakery

    Yes, it is possible but everyone is different. You will need to weight yourself upon waking each day. Adjust and modify
    your diet and intake to continue a consistent loss each day. Many of our customers report consistent losses of .5 up
    to 2 lbs a day and see daily fluctuations. Usually the last 10 to 20 lbs are the hardest and require you to drop calories
    to reach your end goal. The nice thing about InstaKetones is that you can drop calories and the weight and still feel great.

  164. Laura

    I wasn’t clear in my comment. What I meant was that I stopped drinking diet soda when I started taking InstaKetones and the caffeine in the InstaKetones was just enough that I didn’t get the caffeine headache I always got before when I quit diet soda cold turkey. Thank you for putting this product on the market!

  165. Christiane

    I have a question. I normally have 1 fountain drink diet coke a day. Can I still drink it and loose weight? I would have a really hard time giving that up.

  166. Scott

    When you suggest 1gr of protein per lb of weight, is that for the weight I should be (175-180) or the 200 lbs I weigh now?

  167. Margaret

    I am planning to go on the diet with the ketone bars and powder for 6 weeks and then go on vacation. I am concerned about drinking alcohol and going into ketoacidosis. Should I go off the diet while consuming alcohol? Any advice would be very much appreciated!! My products are coming in the mail today, very excited!!

  168. Julian Bakery

    Consuming InstaKetone + Alcohol would not through you into Ketoacidosis. If anything it would lower your ketone
    level as most drinks have some form of sugar in them. Keep in mind most wake up in the day with little to no ketones
    and our InstaKetones boost level by 1 to 2 mmo/L. Ketoacidosis occurs over 10 mmo/L so there is no way for our product
    to place you over 3 mmo/L.

  169. Julian Bakery

    The weight your at now so for examples 200g protein = 800 Calories remainder of calories from small naturally occurring amount of
    fat in food + vegetables.

  170. Julian Bakery

    Your diet coke would most likely stall you but at your daily weigh in first thing in the morning the scale will tell
    you if your losing weight daily or not. If you are not consistently losing weight each day then something your consuming
    is causing you to stall. There is a new type of soda on the market called Zevia (sweetened with stevia) which would be
    a much better choice and far less likely to stall your weight loss.

  171. Margaret

    Thanks so much for your help! Can I eat the IK bars as a replacement for breakfast? And then just take the IK powder before bed? Those are the 2 products I bought. I would eat a high protein lunch and dinner. Does this sound acceptable? Thank you again for responding.

  172. Gina

    Hi – I’m so excited to begin this journey. I have my products and I’m waiting for my Abbott’s meter to arrive tomorrow. I have downloaded your document.

    My plan is to workout first thing in the mornings. I have the following supplements:

    My questions are:
    When are the suggested times to take the supplements?

    When are the suggested times to test ketones?


  173. Emma

    Once you have achieved your goal weight loss, can you resume a high protein keto diet? i.e., about 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs?

  174. Cathy

    I gained weight as a result of foot pain and resulting decrease in physical activity. I had surgery on one foot and healed and back to work but I am still not able to do workouts yet. I would like to lose some weight before the next foot surgery, with this diet be appropriate for me. Thank you

  175. shelby

    Can the salt level lead to elevated blood pressure?

  176. Andy

    I know I’m late to the game on the IKDiet and IK program and advantages. But reading through all I did have a question or two I can’t seem to reconcile. I may be overthinking things or to “letter of the law” about programs suggestions, so thought I would ask.

    In part of the program out line you state “Finally, I highly recommend avoiding eating anything up to 4 to 6 hours after taking InstaKetones to maximize weight loss.” But it is also recommended that I space my intake of InstaKetones 4-6 hours apart. So no matter how I do the math – either these two Julian Bakery recommendations are conflicting or I never eat.

    I understand the 1 gm of protein per pound of body weight goal – but what if you are a really big guy/gal? I’m roughly 280 lbs – that’s a whole lotta fish, steak and protein powder.

    Do I understand correctly that a IK Protein Bar would replace both a meal one of the 2-3 IK supplements?

    Lastly I work out pretty early – so would a schedule like the following be acceptable???

    4:30 a.m wake – water – coffee

    5:00 a.m. Instaketone

    5:30 a.m. work out

    7:00 a.m. breakfast

    9:30 a.m. snack / 1/2-paleo protein bar & nuts

    11:30 a.m. lunch

    2:00 p.m. snack Paleo Protein Powder/shake

    3:00 p.m. InstaKetone

    6:00 p.m. Dinner

    Water throughout day (1 Gallon – not including morning coffee or decaff brewed tea)

    Sorry for asking so many questions – and hope they don’t seem to silly or OCD. Just that the Julian Products are great but also not cheap and don’t want to waste either the great products or money. Cheers!


  177. Andrea B

    What’s the recommended serving size of the “ginger shots” ?

  178. Amy

    I am considering getting your instaketones and following ikdiet. I have some questions. Everything I have read before states that it’s unhealthy to lose more than 2lbs per week. Your products states that it’s possible to lose up to 2lbs per day. Please address this. Also I’ve heard that people who lose a lot of weight very quickly often have sagging skin left over because the body doesn’t have enough time to adjust.

    I would dearly love to lose my extra 100lbs, but I don’t want saggy skin and I don’t want to do it in an unhealthy way.

  179. Julian Bakery


    Our diet is designed to infuse your body with protein & amino acids that preserve muscle while building lean muscle.
    The plan also says up to 2 lbs a day so some days may be .5 while other days 2lbs it just depends on your body and how
    strict you are. Lose skin is a possibility but after the 8 weeks we suggest adding fish oil which does help skin tighten.
    We also suggest lotion with CQ10 which aids in skin tightening also.

  180. Julian Bakery


  181. Julian Bakery

    Here is an example:

    Let’s say you wake at 7am eat then consume InstaKetone 15 min after next serving would be 15 min after lunch (4 to 5hrs later) etc.
    The bar could replace a serving and meal but you will need to supplement properly. Yes, you would start with 280g
    protein per day and as you lose weight adjust your protein intake downward. Regarding your macros you would want to ensure
    your not consuming more than 7 Net Carbs per meal, 5g of naturally occurring fat (Very Important), and no more than 2g
    of naturally occurring sugar for optimal results.

  182. Julian Bakery

    No, as ketones deplete the body of sodium so we bind our ketones to sodium & calcium to replenish.

  183. Julian Bakery


  184. Julian Bakery

    We recommend a low carb, moderate fat diet as outlined in phase 2 however a keto diet would also work going forward after
    you reach your ideal weight provides your not consuming more calories than you burn each day.

  185. Julian Bakery

    b-12 is recommended before 2pm. The other supplements can be anytime during the day.
    You can test yourself upon waking to establish a baseline blood ketone level each
    morning. Consume your ketones and test 30 min after to see what your range your in.
    If your following the IKDiet your body will begin to produce ketones on it’s own also
    so in the morning your waking number should be going up. If it’s not then you have
    been consuming to much sugar/fruit or something that is stalling your blood ketone level.
    Through the calorie reduced plan and by focusing on protein+vegetables your body will make
    ketones provided your not consuming to many calories or sugar.

    Note your ketones will fluctuate throughout the day after you consume
    protein so ideally ketones should be consuming 15 to 30 min after food to ensure
    your blood ketone level stays in the 0.5 to 3.0 mmo/L range. This is also why we recommend
    consuming 2 to 3 times per day.

  186. Court

    I have tons of RxBars from a friend can these be consumed on the first phase? Also are PGX fiber pills something helpful for this program

  187. Matt

    Would I still benefit some if I just continued my normal diet (190g Protein, 50g Fat, 100-200g Carbs) and took Instaketones?

    I intermittent fast (eat 12pm – 8pm), so my plan would be to take tones when I wake around 7am, eat lunch around 12pm, take more tones around 3pm and workout at 5:30, have protein shake after workout and then eat dinner at 8pm.

  188. Leigh Hess

    Just coming off of HGC protocol and should be in maintenance for that program; however, I am not at my goal weight and want to try this because…well….the science makes sense. The problem w/ Keto diet that I do not understand is how can you eat that much fat and still tap into stored fat sources??? Plus, I am not sure coconut oil, butter and full fat dairy is good for my cholesterol . I went from adding no fat source to Keto diet and gained! Arrrgg!

    Should I do IK maintenance for 3 weeks and then start IK Phase 1? Or do you think I could start IK slim down phase immediately? I also have another brand of Keto supplement that I have to finish, think that would be okay?

  189. barb

    I’m confused on when to take InstaKetone. Do I wake up drink my water, eat my egg whites then wait 15 min to take InstraKetone? it says to consume on empty stomach but then I read you can consume 15 min after you eat.
    Or can I consume InstaKetone first thing before eating then wait to eat breakfast?

  190. Joseph Lunstrum

    Have a question about the workout plan. I simply dont have the time to workout for an hour a day, 5 days a week. I barely have enough time to squeeze in quick HIIT runs and quick HIIT weight training. In your opinion, is any exercise beneficial on this program? Looking at all the caloric stats, it seems that any activity will increase the deficit. Or, is HIIT not recommended? Please advise. Thank you. On another note, I had purchased your product before, was not as rigid with the plan, and I still lost about 8 pounds. It took me a couple of weeks, but the weight came off. Thanks.

  191. Cindy

    Hello, I noticed that your labeling and directions say ‘no sugar alcohols.’ What is the concern about sugar alcohols? Are they dangerous?

  192. Ruth Mayes

    Question: I bought the Potassium Instaketones, and thought I would get a 90 day supply–only to find out it was the Sodium Instaketones. Is one better than the other?

  193. MGoetz

    Question on timing of taking instaketones. My workout schedules vary. If I work out 4:30am, when is the best time to take?

  194. I have had amazing success on this IKDiet, so has my husband and my sister. AMAZING! I have a question and the length of the diet. I did the 8 weeks and lost 30 pounds. I did the maintenance phase and last some more. Went off it with new tools using the protein bars and powders! Great! I feel fantastic! I occasionally will do an IK drink for a couple of days or even an IK bar, still having complete success and loosing more weight… all the while keeping in mind…calories in vs calories out. Yoga and walking are my mainstays.
    My question is this, can I continue to do this? Is there a time limit for your KeyTones? So far all my numbers from my blood work has been perfect and I have no complaints about anything. So grateful!!!

  195. John J.

    What are your thoughts on tomatoes or sweet potatoes for phase 1?

  196. Paul

    I have been on InstaKetones now for 2 weeks (3X day), and it appears to be working well as I have lost 10lbs. I would like to lose 50 lbs. My question is… Is it safe to continue taking 3X a day for more than 5 weeks?

  197. Kimberly

    Hi c an you tell me where the exercises are located with this? I saw a mention of them and would like to check them out. Thanks in advance:)

  198. joe

    in regards to tuna i eat wild albacore which has 36g protein and 13.5g fat should i cut that out? i really want to be as strict as possible

  199. kathy

    I take extra amino acids in the form of a liquid,is this OK? Plus I should take on an empty stomach then after workout I can take my protein shake and vitamins then?

  200. kathy

    I take a lot of supplements/vitamins(omega3,milk thistle,pro biotic,selenium,C,E,D3,magnesium,B6,tumeric,L-tyrosine,calcium pyruvate) can all of these be taken while doing instaketones?

  201. Janice Wehmann

    I have read everything in this. I am more confused about when to take the Insta Ketones and how long to wait to eat. I need simple instruction on how to take this given my circumstances.

    I have less that 15 lbs to lose. I eat my last food before 6:00 pm. I don’t again until about 9:00 am or after. I exercise at least 1 hour every day before b’fast.

    How should I take this?
    Thank you

  202. I was wondering about a few things. With the instaketones can I still take my L-Carnitan,omega 3,and the rest of my vitamins? Thanks

  203. Mc

    Hi. So far I love thia. I travel weekly on airplanes and have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks.

    Im having a hard time getting enough protein. I’m eating lean meat, chicken (i cant so fish) and also the Paleo egg white donut once a day. I can also do egg whites but they are difficult to travel with. Can I increase the egg white protein shake? I’m at a deficit of about 60 grams of protein when traveling. Any other suggestion? I don’t want to over sue the calories by earing roo much steak….
    Please help. Love the program. Never hungry. Feel great.

  204. Hi Guys,
    I am 5 weeks out from my first ever Bikini/fitness competition 50+ (I’m 60) 🙂 and have been on the IDK for 3 weeks of the recommended 8 .Ive been using the Instaketones (Unflavored) to get me into steady ketosis and have been in a good constant state for about 1 1/2 weeks… This week I am testing my shredders to reduce water weight and just ordered your ( Julian Bakery’s) new no sodium BHB product (unflavored). While its a bit more expensive 79 for 60 serving verses 89 for 99 servings. I will let you know how my body reacts. I think this may be a game changer for competitors especially for a week or 2 before a show .It would be amazing to see you come out with some BHB bars with no or reduced sodium for contest week. Right now I only consume 1/2 a bar at a time.

  205. Julian Bakery


  206. Julian Bakery

    Here is a link to the simplified plan (Click Here)

  207. Julian Bakery


  208. Julian Bakery

    Yes, we highly recommend Amino’s!

  209. Julian Bakery

    36g of protein is great but if you reduce that down to 20g worth then your fat should be in line with the macros we outline in the diet. Look for lower fat options during phase 1 as the more you cut fat from your diet during the 8 Week Phase 1 diet the more your body will burn stored fat as opposed to consumed fat. Basically low carb, super low fat, high protein, high vegetable eating for 8 weeks followed by a low carb moderate fat diet to maintain.

  210. Julian Bakery

    The workout plan is here: (Click Here) Toward the bottom of the page.

  211. Julian Bakery

    I found after the first three weeks if your diet is on point that going down to 2 servings a day is still highly effective.
    After about 6 weeks you can go down to once a day as your stomach will have shrunk and your cravings will be gone. If you do
    go down to once a day after 6 weeks and you do get hunger pains or cravings then go back to two times a day.

  212. Julian Bakery

    Tomatoes are fine but definitely no sweet potatoes as they contain to many carbs/starch.

  213. Julian Bakery

    Congrats on your success! We recommend phase 1 for 8 weeks followed by Phase 2 a low carb moderate fat diet with once a day
    InstaKetone consumption for maintenance.

  214. Julian Bakery

    We would recommend 4am

  215. Paul Thomas

    I have been taking InstaKetones now for 5 weeks / 3X a day. I use the Orange burst, and the protein bars…which are great! I travel extensively, and business dinners almost always include wine…but have still managed to lose 12 lbs. I really love how Instaketones makes me feel, and I want to continue until I lose 40 lbs. Is there any danger in continuing at 3x a day, even if it takes a couple of more months?

  216. Julian Bakery

    They work the same as when you consume ketones your body is depleted of sodium so we being our ketones to sodium to replenish. Both sodium and potassium are electrolytes. However if you purchase the potassium then you would want to consume more sodium in your diet or up your electrolytes as the potassium rapidly sheds water weight so you have to work extra hard and staying hydrated.n

  217. Julian Bakery

    They cause stomach distress and should be avoided. With pure monk fruit and stevia being avail without sugar alcohols this should be easy.

  218. Julian Bakery

    HIIT is great and works very well and if you follow the IKDiet plan you will get amazing results. When people don’t workout or follow the plan they will experience slower weight loss but still get results. Remember the less fat/carbs/starch you consume during Phase 1 the more your body burns stored fat as fuel and that’s when you see amazing results. Combines the IKDiet with exercise to reach your ideal weight quickly!

  219. Julian Bakery

    Here is the simplified diet plan (click here)
    Remember this is only a template and we understand many workout at all different times of the day.
    The most important thing for success is the diet and following the macros with exercise any time of the day!

  220. Julian Bakery

    I would say after 3 weeks you could go down to twice a day and if your losing daily with your weigh in each morning
    upon waking after your first urination then twice a day will work for you. After six weeks you can try going down
    to once a day if your diet is on point and your exercising.

  221. Julian Bakery

    Transitioning from HCG to Phase 1 would be ideal if you are not at your ideal weight. I wouldn’t recommend doing
    HCG and InstaKetones at the same time as that could be to dehydrating for the body. You will get amazing results!

  222. Julian Bakery

    You may see some benefit but you will just lose weight much slower. The IKDiet plan was designed to accelerate
    weight loss based on all our consumers feedback.

  223. Julian Bakery

    RXBars should definitely be avoided as they have way to many grams of sugar. In fact more sugar than protein so they would completely stall your results. Any additional fiber is great and we recommend that.

  224. mark

    what type of vegetables are best to consume on this diet and which are not is there a list

  225. Julian Bakery

    Anything green is best!

  226. Brenda Goldstien

    I’m in my 6 th week of IDK and am training for my first NBC bikini competition sept 2nd , I know I am in ketosis just because I’m eating very low if no carbs proteins and fats as suggested with 2 to 3 doses if InstaKetones a day. Last week I started using the InstaKetones to reduce water retention but now do half and half because of leg cramps. As I mix up my days with very low carbs to adding
    Your cereal with sun butter higher carbs higher fiber. I drink a ton of water and even add minerals and electro lights to my drinking water as I know this regiment can deplete the body. I have lost an additional 6 lbs in all, but have been on a whole food low carb lifestyle for many years now. I have lowered my protein intake and raised my fat ratio and am consistent with the InstaKetones. I am a lifelong hypoglycemic but I check my sugar throughout this entire diet keeping a consistent level of 77-96 at all times which shows me I am using the ketones to properly maintain levels.

  227. Randy Cornell

    I weigh approximately 235 lbs and want to lose 65 lbs. According to the recommended protein intake I require 235 g of protein daily. That is a lot of protein. What would you suggest for source and staying within my calorie requirements to lose weight?

  228. Andy Shef

    When you say Basically low carb, super low fat, high protein, high vegetable eating for 8 weeks how low on fat? Less than 30-35 grams a day? For veggies what are best besides broccoli? Kale, spinach, etc. Squash, Brussel sprouts?

    Been taking IK once a day on average some days twice. Should I up my IK intake to 2x daily consistently?

  229. Julian Bakery

    The macros during the 8 Week Phase 1 Period are: (1g protein per lbs you weigh a day), low fat (no more than 5g fat per meal), Low Sugar (no more than 2g naturally occurring per meal, Monk Fruit/Stevia ok no sugar alcohols), Low Carb (No More Than 7 Net Carbs Per Meal, Total Carbohydrates less fiber equal net carbs).

  230. Rick Smetana

    I just started the diet. Is Crystal Light or other non-sugar based drinks ok as long as the label says 0g of carbohydrates?



  231. Nancy Vaughn

    I would like someone to tell me what to order..I’m 62 diabetic have had quadruple by pass.I weight 158lbs..5ft 2in..need for bmi lose25 lbs.Idk if ktones in pill would be great but then do I gotta order another powder.would love bars.and one good protein meal.love broccoli..no problem there..also the prone machine do you offer that and strips?I have diabectic strips can I use them?is the rest urine or blood.I’m so confused I read all 247 QA…also.no exercizing..trying to start walking I have neuropathy..DAV ..MINE WEIGHT UPPER BODY.PLEASE could someone just say order a starter kit.. Nancy

  232. I want to do the IK Diet and incorporate intermittent fasting and might only do one big meal can I add my carb and sugar total for the day into this meal or do I still just do 7 Net Carbs and 5g of fat and 2g of sugar in the one meal. I plan on two snacks nd one big meal.

  233. Julian Bakery

    I would still stay with the macros listed if weight loss is your goal. Depending on your daily weigh in the following day you could try to add in more carbs/sugar and see if it effects your daily weight loss results compared to sticking to the macros in the plan. Your daily weight loss will be the true answer to your question.

  234. Julian Bakery


    Before starting any new plan we always suggest consulting your Doctor to ensure the plan and product is right for you. We recommend going over the plan with your doctor as you have pre-existing medical conditions as it’s a dietary and physical commitment in order to get the results stated.

  235. Julian Bakery

    No carbs or sugar.

  236. Kimberly

    So after reading everything my question is
    If I eat 2 bars in place of 2 meals do I need to take the powder too? Or is the bars sufficient and will they keep me from being hungry until my evening diet meal?

  237. Julian Bakery

    We definitely recommend not skipping/replacing more than one meal with a bar as you want to try and follow the plan as close as possible.

  238. Ross

    Is it still helpful to take the Instaketones if you have a cheat day and consume a lot of carbs/sugar? Will it still help your body burn fat? Or is it just a waste?

  239. Julian Bakery


  240. Julia

    Hi, I am a 34 year old female, 5’3 and weigh 112lbs, about 19% body fat. I have been doing phase 1 religiously and strictly keeping my macros exactly as specified on the meal plan. This was not a hard adjustment as far as the particular foods and nutrients are concerned I have been a very healthy eater my entire life. However on this diet I have upped my protein intake quite a bit as indicated in the plan. I consume about 120-130 grams of protein daily bc I do a lot of heavy cardio. I work out in the morning everyday before and every other day after work. I do cardio 6-7 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I have found that I am still so hungry about 2 hours before lunch and again after my second serving about 2 hours before dinner. But I am following the intermittent fasting as suggested and fighting the hunger, however I feel like my brain gets foggy at work and it can be difficult to do my job at times. I am only looking so drop about 7-8 pounds. I am just trying to cut the little bit of fat that I have left, and shred up. It’s been about 2 weeks since I started this plan, taking all keytones and supplements as suggested. I still have not lost one pound 😢 Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I need to modify for my size to see results? Or should I be more patient that it could possibly take longer for me to see results being that I am at a lower weight. Also, when will the hunger subside? I am used to eating small portions 4 – 5 times a day. Pescatarian, dairy and soy free. I know I just wrote a lot, just want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for my situation to gain healthy results. Any advice would be very much appreciated thank you so much for your time!

  241. Hi Julian,
    I was wondering if you can provide me with protein sources /meal ex for vegans. I’m vegan but all that I’m reading is all about protein’s coming from meat sources. Abviously, I eat a lot of legumes, beens, etc but according to your instructions these is not allowed as they also high in carbs.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank you

  242. Renna

    Question 1) I recently started a low-no carb, high protein, low fat diet. I started taking GNC AMP Thermogenic protein powder drinks in the morning as my protein intake. It has 40g P, 15g BCAA, etc. Could I take that in combination with your IK product to put me in the ketosis phase, as a combo plan, or is it better to do one or the other?

    Question 2) I heard too much protein is bad for the liver is that true?
    Question 3) If you have GERD, is IK safe to take?
    Question 4) I also take a Detox tea in the morning, no sweetner, all natural is a detox tea safe to take with the IK product?
    Question 5) With all that I’m doing, why do I still have cravings more so at night than during the day?

    I’ve lost 18lbs since January and feeling great with all the changes, and wanted something more to help keep me on track.

    Thanks for all your help! :__

  243. Rockett Phillips

    Love your products. Thanx for the work you do. I’ve lost 40 lbs with another 25 lbs to go. Most of that occurred after LowCarb/HighProtein with INTERMITTENT FASTING. I’m confident the addition of your product will move this right along. I wish to continue the IF as it has been successful for me. My eating window is 11a-6p. Should I wait until 11a to take my first serving of your InstKetones? Or can I take the first dose earlier (prior to workout) WITHOUT technically breaking my fast? Thanx, again.

  244. Julian Bakery

    I would always suggest to take before your workout and away from food. Either 30 min after food and at least 4 to 6 hrs before food. Most can see amazing results consuming 1 to 2 times a day
    with 1 serving 15 to 30 min before working out.

  245. Julian Bakery

    1. Yes you could take this in the IKDiet.com plan
    2. No, that was proven to be false as the body needs enough amino’s to build lean defined muscle with the
    ideal amount being around 1g of protein per lbs you way.
    3. Any medical questions we would refer you to your doctor as legally we cannot comment
    4. That is fine
    5. I suggest you take one serving of ketones in the morning 30 min after food and the other after lunch. You could
    also time one 15 min before your workout. To completely curb appetite add 1 cap full of our Keto Thin C8 Fuel
    with your ketones for max results.

  246. Julian Bakery

    Organic Tofu, Seed Proteins (Pumpkin Seed Protein, Water Melon Seed Protein, Sachi Inchi) Lupin Beans (Low Carb) Vegetables Broccoli.

  247. Julian Bakery

    I would suggest adding one cap of our KetoThin C8 Fuel with your ketones you consume after breakfast and lunch. Make sure to consume the ketones 30 min after food with the cap of C8. and your hunger will vanish.
    Also I would suggest steamed broccoli with each meal.

  248. Kristy

    Quick question: 10,000 mcg of b12 seems really high. I just bought the pill form but the store only had as high as 1500 mcg. Is 10,000 really needed?

  249. Julian Bakery

    I would suggest take at min 3000mcg to 6000mcg as it improved metabolism.

  250. Kristy

    Thank you! Another cpl questions:
    1- my powder arrived yesterday and I had my first this morning before my work out. I started with 1/2 scoop in a large tervis (maybe 20 oz water). The flavor is not bad but the high sodium triggers my gag reflex. Is there anything you suggest mixing with the powder and water?

    2- I have just started blue apron. All the meals are healthy and fresh but don’t stay in the zone of <7g carbs, sugar etc. If I eat my blue apron meal will this counteract the ketone powder I am drinking or will I just lose lbs at a slower pace?

  251. Janine L

    It was mentioned that instaketones would be available in pill form June 2017, in a post from Julian Bakery. I have NOT seen the pill form yet. Is it still coming out?

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