Healthy Carbohydrates: Helping You Lose Weight

We have been receiving a large number of emails asking about our ingredients, and how we keep our breads so low-carb. As you can tell by looking at any one of our bread labels, each ingredient is there for a purpose. All ingredients are organic in nature, nutrient packed, and contain no worthless fillers. Even the complex carbohydrates included in our recipes contain great value in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today’s post is dedicated to the complex carbohydrates that we include in our breads, resistant starch and fiber.

Resistant starch is a key nutrient to promoting weight loss. Resistant starch is included in the class of dietary fibers, as it provides similar benefits as both insoluble and soluble fiber. Study after study proves resistant starch aides in:

• Eating Less
• Burning More Calories
• Energy Production and Stress Reduction
• Maintaining Steady Blood Sugar Levels

According to the World Health Organization, dietary fiber is the only dietary component that has convincing evidence proving to fight against obesity and weight gain. Similar to fiber, resilient starch suppresses appetite, as well as aides in digestive and colon health. Resilient starch is also thought to help burn fat through the metabolic effect of fat oxidation.

In addition to the Julian Bakery Bread Collection, specifically the Amazing Sourdough, and Sourdough Rye, a few other great sources for fiber and resistant starch are:

• Bananas
• Oats/Oatmeal
• Beans
• Potatoes
• Brown Rice

These resistant starch, and fiber rich foods will help you curb your appetite, take in fewer calories, and burn more calories throughout the day. Keep checking back to the Julian Bakery Blog for more information regarding the excellent ingredients used in Julian Bakery low-carb breads.


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