hCG Diet -Two Week Results

Elisa and I both took another round of measurements yesterday and the results are again stunning!  We have both lost 7 pounds since the beginning of the program!  That’s averaging a half a pound per day.  We have also established that Julian Bread is adequate on any type of hCG diet program, and does not inhibit losing weight.  Further more, as you will see in the tables below, we have both maintained, if not gained muscle mass.  Losing my muscle mass was the biggest concern for me when starting this diet, and as time has told, the Homeopathic hCG Alternative drops from MediPro Direct have worked as perfectly as we were told they would.  Check out these amazing numbers recorded from the first day of phase 2 to yesterday: 

Ricky @ 6’0”


Weight (lbs)

Body Fat (%)

Muscle Mass (Lbs)



22.0 (11.5%)




18.1 (9.8%)


+15            -6.6                        -3.9                              +0.7                                        

 Elisa @ 5’2”


Weight (lbs)

Body Fat (%)

Muscle Mass (Lbs)



44.6 (29.7 %)




40.7 (28.1%)


+14           -5.2                          -3.9                              +0.6                            

 As you can see, we have both had positive weight loss results with minimal exercise.  I have participated in 5 exercise activities, each an hour long, through the duration of the study so far.  My physical activities have ranged in intensity, including tennis, yoga class, a resistance training session, a Pilates class, and the most rigorous being an ‘Core Shock’ class.  Each of the activities was easily managed with the exception of the Core Shock class which was a non stop, circuit focused class that included some enduring exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, stackers, pushups, ab and glute workouts, and then some!  Towards the end of a class that usually wouldn’t have been so hard for me, I could feel my body starting to shut down from a lack of energy.  Luckily I brought a gallon of water because half way through I began getting very dehydrated.  All things considered, I made it through the hour long class with no serious issues, and recovered fine, feeling great within an hour afterwards.  The other, less rigorous exercise was easily managed, and certainly contributed to a great muscle tone throughout my body. 

One tough part for me was that usually after some good physical activity I usually flood my body with a whey protein supplement to contribute to muscle rebuilding.  If not whey protein, I down about 3 eggs or rice and beans for complete protein.  For the duration of the diet, I have been unable to do that after working out, and instead have come home to a 5 oz chicken salad with spinach and tomatoes.  It’s not that the difference effects me all that much physically, as much as it does mentally, knowing I could be helping my muscles more with a higher protein intake.  To suppress those thoughts, I keep in mind that I am dedicating this time period to fat burning, and not muscle building.  In the near future, I will be changing my efforts to building muscle mass, so it’s simply a matter of patience. 

One of the adjustments that both Elisa and I have made since the start is that we are both now using the drops after we eat our meals.  At first we were using them before eating, which made eating our meals more of a struggle.  Since the drops remove your appetite so effectively, it was tough to even make myself eat at all when I was using the drops before meals.  Now that I have adjusted to after meals, I still have a nice appetite and can easily eat all of my meals throughout the day.  I have also noticed that if I eat a meal and forget the drops, my appetite kicks in again shortly after the meal.  This is a reminder for me to use the drops which is quickly suppressed after using them. 

This morning we had another great phone conference with the ladies at MediPro Direct.  They wanted to check up on us and make sure everything was going well.  Elisa and I had a few questions for them.  One of the things I address was that as I approach my fat percentage goal of around 7%, how should I begin to respond?  Do I take the drops less?  Do I start eating more?  Kelly, the ‘Diet Queen’ said that I was exactly right; I can begin to eat slightly more and begin using the drops twice a day instead of 3 times.  The one thing that I expressed is that because the drops are what instruct my body to burn off fat content instead of muscle; by reducing the amount of drops, as I respond with an increase in hunger, will the muscle tissue still be as safe?  I suppose the higher caloric intake will be burnt off first instead of my muscle tissue; however I want to be very careful about which foods I eat during this transition.  I believe that starting up a supplement of slow burning Casein protein will be the best way to take in more calories while ensuring that my muscle is being protected throughout the day (and night). 

As usual, thanks for reading, and stay updated as we continue pushing through this exciting journey of losing weight!

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