Hardboiled Egg & Veggie Paleo Wrap!

Eating Paleo doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here’s a quick and easy way to get a very nutritious yet very tasty meal done in minutes.  Hi, I’m Dan from Primal4Life, and this is the “Hardboiled Egg & Veggie Paleo Wrap!”  First things first, the Paleo Wrap is where this meal begins.  It’s the perfect way to enjoy just about anything; including leftovers!  Since it’s strong and durable, I can load it up with a ton of food.  And while it’s got the muscle to hold just about anything you put into it, it’s still a low calorie and low carb option.  Just 70 calories and only 4 net carbs per wrap!  Yeah you read that right!  

I decided to spread out some Paleo Mayo, which we make and stock constantly… It’s delicious, and we know every ingredient that is in it.  How’d we made it?  The recipe is in the 500 Paleo Recipes cookbook!  This is when I cut up and lay out my hardboiled eggs, fresh from the farm!  I only buy the best that I can find, and this is why Paleo Wraps and making my own Paleo Mayo come into play.  Julian Bakery doesn’t play around when it comes to what’s good and healthy, so I know I can go to their site and shop with confidence.  

[youtube id=bIWuvSHvtNM]


Directions :

  1. Cook veggies in oven if you do not have leftovers, we cook them at 425 F for about forty minutes, with some Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil.

  2. Spread Paleo Mayo on Paleo Wrap.

  3. Add eggs, veggies, avocado, and season with Quantum Pink Salt to taste.


With some very healthy veggies, cruciferous to be exact, I am taking things to another level.  Cruciferous veggies are great for repairing and keeping your DNA strong, along with having anti-inflammatory effects, and even helping protect woman against breast cancer.  Plus, they taste great!!  And with a little Quantum Pink Salt; they taste even better!  Don’t forget to add in your avocado, yum!

That’s about all it took to make this delicious and nutritious Paleo Wrap.  We usually have cooked and fresh veggies on hand at all times, that’s part of being Paleo!  Food preparation is part of the process, and so is making extra large dinners so you have leftovers the next day.  But no matter what, I always make sure I have enough Paleo Wraps as well as Paleo Bread on hand so I can sandwich or wrap things up in a jiffy!  Meanwhile, these meals are kept GMO-free, grain-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, as well as low-carb, low-calorie.  And please, do not fear the fat from the avocado, or the coconut oil that we cooked our veggies in.  Fat helps form our cell membranes, helps to form our brains and nervous system, and it’s the most energy-dense macronutrient.  Good fats are ultra important, essential, and very tasty!  

So make sure you check out www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo for the finest of the finest when it comes to Paleo.  My life would be so much more complex without them, and yours can be that much easier with them.  Thanks for taking a moment to check out this Paleo meal, and please come again for more delicious meals using Julian Bakery’s Paleo products!




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