Grass Fed Burger On Paleo Bread™

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Grass-fed Burger On Paleo Bread.”  Grass-fed, I love it!  Yet why is it so tough for most farmers to feed their cows grass?  I mean seriously, a better product with more nutrients and Omega-3’s, and less sick cows that need antibiotics…  Wouldn’t you want to sell the best product that you could offer?  Julian Bakery does!  They offer some of the finest Paleo foods, spices, cook books and snacks around; made with the best of ingredients that make you feel good…  No cutting corners, they aren’t feeding their coconuts Miracle Grow, they are doing it the honest way.  Organic!  And that’s why I love their company, their ways, and their foods!  Just like my steak wasn’t given grains, the same applies with Paleo Bread.  No grains, no gluten, GMO-Free, diary free, and low in carbs as well!  it’s no wonder that I can enjoy this bread and still feel good afterwards. 


• 2 slices Paleo Bread™

• 1 Grass Fed Steak

• 2 Tablespoons Sauerkraut

• ¼ red onion

Paleo Powder to season steak

• Celtic Sea Salt to taste


1)      Cook Paleo Bread™ in toaster oven

2)      Sprinkle Paleo Powder on steak

3)      Cook steak to your liking

4)      Cook onions

5)      When bread is complete, transfer to plate

6)      Add steak, then sauerkraut, then red onions

7)      Press top slice firmly to allow juices from steak to penetrate bread, and serve.

 Prep Time:

• 3 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes


• 1

Just like egg yolks, I love a slice of bread that has soaked up the juices from a great steak.  Today’s coconut Paleo Bread drenched in that delicious steak juice….  NOM NOM NOM!   And don’t get me wrong, coconut bread with the juices from a steak?  Yeah, it sounds odd, but it’s not!  For those who have had coconut Paleo Bread you know that the coconut is mild, not overpowering.  It’s just right!!   None of that fake coconut taste… But honestly, even if this was the coconuttiest of coconut breads, I’d still try it!  Beef, coconut, onions, sauerkraut, some salt, it just worked!  Oh, and that Paleo Powder!  It really brought out the flavors, nothing harsh, just the right touch of spices.  And the best part is that like our grass-fed steak and organic Paleo Bread, our Paleo Powder is made with great ingredients as well…  And, it’s Gluten and MSG free!  Win Win for your heart and soul!

So while you are ordering up your Paleo Bread and your Paleo Powder, rest assured that you are getting quality ingredients that are caveman approved!  Julian Bakery has a great website that is user-friendly and ordering is simple!

Thanks for visiting, and please have a good day!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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  1. Looks delish! Just wondering, what kind of grill pan were you using? looks like it did a great job. Thanks!

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