Farm Fresh & Toasted Paleo Wrap

I get so amped for new Paleo Wrap combinations, using the freshest ingredients around!!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Farm Fresh & Toasted Paleo Wrap”.  With fresh veggies and free-range eggs from my Farmer’s Market, I put two and two together to come up with such a fresh tasting Paleo Wrap….  And with the help from a little heat, one of Caveman’s best-friends, we convert this Paleo Wrap into something that much more special.

Toaster oven on?  Check…. Paleo Wrap in?  Check…  Heat set to 275 degrees?  Check…   After just a few minutes, we are ready for take-off.  Once I start to see some browning on my Paleo Wrap, we’re complete.  Take the Paleo Wrap out and hold it in the shape that you wish to enjoy it until it cools; I went with a taco shape this morning.  Next, I have my mustard greens, hard boiled eggs, shredded ginger carrots, and avocado in a bowl, and I mix it all up with some olive oil, Coconut Vinegar from Coconut Secret, and a little black pepper and Sunfood Super Foods Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt to taste.



1)      Toast Paleo Wrap in toaster oven, set to 275 F for just a couple minutes.  When you see it start to brown, take it out and hold it in the shape that you want to enjoy it in.

2)      In a small bowl, combine all other ingredients together and mix well.

3)      Add all ingredients to Paleo Wrap and enjoy with some Paleo Chocolate on the side!

[youtube id=3sKK9V1d_Xg]

So if you are wondering why I threw all of those items in a bowl rather than into the Paleo Wrap, it’s because I didn’t want to pour in a bunch of olive oil and that precious Coconut Vinegar directly into the Paleo Wrap and risk the wrap getting drenched.  Overall, this was simple, and very, very healthy.  Plus, the entire combination was such a fresh tasting meal that I really loved…  I can see more variations of this one coming down the pike already!!

With nutritious veggies and eggs from our local Farmer’s Market, combined with that healthy organic and GMO-free coconut in the Paleo Wrap, we were destined for success.  And when you add in more healthy fats from the avocado, along with the very nutritious olive oil and Coconut Vinegar (packed with B-vitamins, vitamin C, and amino acids), I think my day started off quite well.  And it got even better with some Paleo Chocolate!  Its sugar-free, GMO-free, soy-free, gluten and grain-free, and oh my…….  So delicious!!! 

Make sure you go to for all of the wonderful Paleo products that were used in this toasted Paleo Wrap!  I wouldn’t steer you wrong…  I am steering you into the path of happiness!  Paleo happiness!  Thanks for checking out this Farm-Fresh Paleo meal, and I hope you stop by again soon!



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