FAQ For Exogenous Ketones Named InstaKetones®

How often is it that we see a truly new product in the supplement industry? Most are simply rehashes of supplements we have all seen before. Julian Bakery’s InstaKetones which are known as exogenous ketones is a novel and innovative product born out of ketogenic research. InstaKetones is a source of exogenous ketones, which act as the fuel your body uses and prefers when you go into a ketogenic state. And now you don’t have to be in a ketogenic state to benefit from the power of ketones. InstaKetones is a readily available source of this amazing fuel. Our InstaKetones product doesn’t force your body to make more ketones (Only Diet Does This) but instead they are ketones so your body gets immediate benefit from the exogenous ketones you are drinking. Our customers report huge increase in endurance, sustained energy, mental clarity, and fat loss (When paired with the IKDiet.com plan or a standard keto diet)

Ketone bodies (ketones) are energy sources that are produced and burned under special metabolic conditions such as starvation and high fat consumption (ketogenic diets). Ketones are a super fuel that can be efficiently used by the muscles and the brain, where they generate more energy (ATP) per unit of oxygen consumed than do carbohydrates, protein, or fat.  Julian Bakery specializes in products that promote optimal health and well being.

InstaKetones contains 11.7 grams of the ketone body Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) per serving (Max Amount Of Ketones The Human Body Can Uptake Per Serving) in a delicious orange flavored base. It contains no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colors. Consuming InstaKetones before exercise can result in significant increases in oxygen demand and performance.

InstaKetones may also heighten mental acuity and performance.

InstaKetones is excellent for ketogenic dieters who need energy but must limit carbohydrate intake. InstaKetones may also be used by individuals who consume carbohydrates to provide an additional energy source, and limit exercise-induced glycogen depletion. It may also be used to ease the transition into a ketogenic state. It may help alleviate the fatigue and lethargy some experience while making the transition from a glucose-dominant to a ketone metabolism.

For best results, InstaKetones should be stirred vigorously into a minium of 8 ounces (We recommend 16 to 24oz) of  water until dissolved (Then add some ice for a tasty orange drink). InstaKetones can be combined with pure Caprylic Acid (From MCT Oil)  for an even greater effect. 

Continue reading for answers to frequently asked questions about ketones, ketosis and our extremely popular InstaKetones supplements.


Q: What is the IKDiet?

A: Developed as a free food and exercise plan to follow when consuming exogenous ketones (InstaKetones) that triggers the body to rapidly lose weight. InstaKetones curb appetite while you consume less calories which is a proven method for weight loss but with unique twist. It’s an 8 week protocol where you follow a low fat, low carb, low sugar (no fruit), no added sugar, high protein, high vegetable (preferably steamed broccoli) style of eating. Our customers report weight loss of up to 2 lbs a day (some days less) while building and preserving lean muscle. You consume InstaKetones 1 to 2 times a day after you breakfast and lunch meals as it curbs your appetite. We recommend the unflavored potassium InstaKetones in Coffee+MCT for breakfast and InstaKetones (Calcium/Sodium) (flavored or unflavored) +MCT after lunch. These way you are getting multiple sources of electrolytes during the day. After the initial 8 weeks you follow a low carb, low sugar, high protein, moderate fat diet to maintain your results. The IKDiet is NOT a keto diet as the IKDiet has a specific purpose to get the weight off of you as fast and healthy as possibly while preserving and building lean muscle. A keto diet is fine for many but we have found the IKDiet is the simplest & fastest way to lose weight with Exogenous Ketones.

Q: What is the ketogenic diet?

A: Originally developed as a protocol to mitigate difficult-to-control epilepsy in children, the ketogenic diet has also been found to be effective for weight management and has become increasingly popular among weight loss seekers. It is commonly made up of high-fat (60-70% total calorie intake), low-carbohydrate (5-10%) and moderate-protein (20-30%) foods and has been proven to force the body to use stored fat as fuel. This process is known as ketosis.

Q: What is ketosis?

A: Ketosis is described by the Mayo Clinic as a metabolic process in which the body is forced to rely on stored fat as fuel due to restricted carbohydrate intake (i). While the body’s first choice fuel source comes from the glucose derived from carbohydrate breakdown, it will shift to utilizing fat to ensure that it and the brain continue to function. A person interested in losing weight will aim to burn fat stores.

The body creates ketones as a result of this process.

Q: What are ketones?

A: Ketones are a class of organic compounds characterized by a carbonyl group attached to two carbon atoms. Ketones—aka B-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate (ACA) and acetone—are produced as part of the fat breakdown process when the body is accessing fat for fuel. Ketones are considered to be a superior form of fuel. In other terms, carbohydrates are to unleaded gas as ketones are to superior unleaded.

Q: How long does it take to get into ketosis?

A: Research shows that the body can only store a 2-day supply of glucose. It can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days for the body to go into ketosis, but with InstaKetones this can take only 60 minutes.

Q: Can I speed up ketosis?

A: Yes. As stated, the body naturally produces ketones after 2 to 5 days of carbohydrate restriction, but you can fast-track that process by taking ketones supplements, such as InstaKetones.

Q: What is InstaKetones?

A: InstaKetones are a powdered ketone supplement offered by Julian Bakery. You mix the powder with 16 to 24 ounces of water, which sends the body boost ketones levels within 30 to 45 minutes.

Q: Is there a step-by-step diet and workout plan for me to follow?

A: Yes, you can find it here: www.IKDiet.com.This is a two-phase approach to losing up to 2 lbs a day while building & preserving muscle and burning fat. Our plan enables you to maintain your weight for good.

Q: Why supplement with ketones?

A: As stated, ketones are introduced into the body following a low-carb, high-fat diet, which can be difficult to maintain. Supplementing with ketones places the body into a state of ketosis without the requirements of a restrictive, ketogenic diet. There is a lot more dietary freedom when taking ketone supplements. While it is recommended to follow a paleo or vegan, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein diet to achieve optimal results, you will see benefits regardless of whether you make any changes to your diet. The premise is that, by consuming a low calorie, low fat, low carb, high protein diet with InstaKetones, your body will burn excess fat while keeping energy levels high and cravings to a minimum.

Q: Why is the sodium level so high in InstaKetones?

A: Ketones deplete sodium from the body. InstaKetones contain sodium, which can offset any such losses. InstaKetones will flush any excess water weight from your body. Also, excess ketones do not remain in the body if they are not used; they exit the body through urine. So it’s important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep the fat flushing through system.

Q: Are there side effects to taking InstaKetones?

A: Initially, the use of salts can cause some to have temporary, mild GI upset until the body becomes acclimated to them. Additionally, since this product contains salt, all users should limit additional salt intake.

Q: Are there other benefits of ketone supplementation?

A: Absolutely. Some of the myriad benefits of ketones include:

* regulated blood sugar and insulin levels

* appetite suppression

* decreased risk of heart disease

* improved HDL (“good”) cholesterol

* lowered blood pressure

* improved brain health and mental clarity with some research showing reduced potential for alzheimer’s development

* increased energy levels

* reduction of symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome

* migraine suppression

* reduced symptoms of depression

* mood stabilization

* improved diabetes regulation

* possible reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

* reduce liver damage

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Q: I work out at night. Will InstaKetones prevent me from falling asleep?

A: Depends. InstaKetones is available in caffeine-free, and +Organic caffeine verieties. Some users have reported improved sleep with the non-caffeine InstaKetones.

Q: Is this product artificially flavored or sweetened?

A: No. InstaKetones is naturally flavored and has a mild, orange taste.

Q: Does InstaKetones have a shelf life?

A: InstaKetones can be stored for up to 3 years.

Q: Is InstaKetones vegan and/or kosher?
A: InstaKetones™ is made from completely non-animal products only.

Q: Does InstaKetones™ contain any banned substances?
A: To our knowledge, none of the ingredients in InstaKetones are banned by any governing body. However, it is always best to check with your sanctioning entity before consuming this or any other supplement.

Q: How should I take this product if I am trying to get into ketosis?
A: There is a loading phase when transitioning into a state of ketosis. It is recommended that you take three servings per day for 2 to 3 days; one of the servings should be taken 15 minutes pre-workout.

Q: How should I take this product if I am in ketosis?
A: If you are already in ketosis we recommend taking 1 heaping scoop (in 8 oz of water) 15 minutes prior to working out. This will provide your body with elevated ketone levels for up to 4 hours. When taken pre-workout, InstaKetones has been shown to increase the amount of oxygen consumed at a given power output.

Q: When is the best time to take InstaKetones?
A: Approximately 15 minutes before you engage in exercise, or in the morning if fasting or before eating.

Q: Is the ketogenic diet fool-proof?

A: Many people have effectively lost weight while on the keto diet, but others have not seen similar success. One of the primary issues is that calorie intake plays a significant role in whether someone loses weight. Essentially, if the body is introduced to more calories than it needs, the remaining calories are stored on the body as fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram, whereas both carbohydrates and protein are only 4 calories per gram. Because of this, it can be easy to over consume calories since the keto diet relies primarily on high fat intake. While fat has not been proven to cause someone to store fat, excess calories have, and keeping calories low on this diet while feeling satisfied and full is very difficult.

Q: Are there other drawbacks to the keto diet?

A: One issue is that the keto diet is low on branch chain amino acids (BCAA), which are necessary for muscular development. Research has shown that people do lose weight on the keto diet, but some of that weight comes from muscle. This plan makes it very difficult for people to achieve a lean, muscular body . . . but we have a solution:

We developed the www.IKDiet.com which focuses on combining InstaKetones with a low calorie, low carb, low-to-no fat (for up to 8 weeks), high protein plan which is aimed at building lean, defined muscle and dropping excess fat. The secret weapon in this plan is InstaKetones as they help fast-track ketosis and fat loss without causing cravings or reduced energy levels. The IKDiet is high in BCAAs, which helps you to preserve

Q: What is the best way to lose weight on InstaKetones
A: We have developed a two-phase plan that first focuses on weight loss and then transitions to a maintenance plan. You can access that diet, plus a comprehensive exercise program to fast-track results, here: www.IKDiet.com.

Do you have questions that we did not answer? Please let us know in the comments section below. We are continuously updating this list based on those questions so we can be sure to provide you with everything you need to know about this incredible product.


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Additional Article On:  Research On Exogenous Ketones & Their Benefit (Click Here) 

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IKDiet ® Diet & Workout Plan


  1. Maureen

    Can you mix this with almond milk

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes! Unsweetened Almond Milk works great.

  2. Joann floyd

    So I can eat like normal people & still loose 1lb day?

    • Julian Bakery

      Some do see weight loss without even changing their diet as they see improved blood sugar levels and appetite suppression from the InstaKetones. For max weight loss follow the IKDiet.com plan!

  3. Rory

    Can I mix Instaketones the night before so it is ready when I wake up? Or does effectiveness degrade over time?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, you can pre-mix without any issues.

  4. Brenda Hogan

    Is this safe for Type II diabetics. I am not on insulin, taking Victoza to help control gluclose, I also have high blood pressure. I need to shed 50 lbs.

    • Julian Bakery

      We suggest printing our the plan here: whttp://www.julianbakery.com/iksimple.pdf and reviewing it with your healthcare provider to
      see if the product, diet, and workout is right for you.

  5. Susan Griffith

    Can I just mix it in with my bulletproof coffee

  6. Jacque

    Can you just mix with water and not almond milk?

    • Julian Bakery


  7. Chris Kensinger

    Hi there! Your product looks amazing. I have tried another brand ketone drink mix packets, however they are very costly. Does your product contain the same amount of ketones per serving. I have tried asking this other company for their ketone information and have been unsuccessful.
    Thank you!!

    • Julian Bakery

      Our InstaKetone product carries the max amount of exogenous ketones per scoop the body can uptake at one time. We state the amount of ketones on our product as we are proud of it. At 11.7g per scoop of bhb our product gets you great results!

      • Rory

        Can you explain the source/reason for using exactly 11.7 g of BHB per serving? I assume that is optimal for some reason but would that vary with body weight? Thanks.

  8. Jennifer skinner

    What is the difference between this and other brands. I just started using it and am learning more about ketones

    • Julian Bakery

      Same ketones just half the price as we are not a multi level marketing company that has to pay a down line of promoters to promote. We also buy in truckload size quantities getting these best pricing for our customers we ship to worldwide.

  9. Richard

    Does this product cause any blood glucose spikes?

    • Julian Bakery


  10. Francesca

    Does this product help burn fat around my midsection?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, when paired with the IKDiet.com plan.

  11. chris

    Can you mix this with a low carb protein shake?

    • Julian Bakery

      You can but we do recommend 30 min after a food or shake

  12. David

    Does using InstaKetones only work if using the IKDiet? If you are following a general keto or even whole-food diet, will it be effective?

    What happens if you fall off the wagon one day? (ie, having a cheat meal, a keto-friendly alcoholic beverage such as scotch or vodka on the rocks).

    • Julian Bakery

      As you know to naturally get into a ketogenic fat burning zone it takes 3 to 5 days but with InstaKetones it would shorten the time into this zone. InstaKetones are also helpful if your blood ketone
      level isn’t 1.5 to 3.5 mmol/l which is the ideal range of blood ketones. We have found the best way to lose weight is 8 weeks of the IKDiet.com plan followed by a keto or low carb moderate fat diet
      to maintain the weight loss.

  13. Michael Munoz

    Would it be best to drink a low-carb protein shake in the morning around 8 am, then 30 mins later take a scoop of InstaKetones and then eat around noon (Chicken and Broccoli) and then take another scoop of Instaketones before I workout in the evening?

    Also, why is the loading phase low-fat? when can you increase healthy fats?

    Just purchased the product and would like to optimize results within the first month.

    • Julian Bakery

      Our plan isn’t a typical Keto plan. As outlines in this article here: http://www.IKDiet.com we talk about why pairing our InstaKetones with a low fat high protein calorie restricted diet is best for
      weight loss for 8 weeks. Once you lose the weight you maintain it with a Keto or low carb moderate fat diet. Here is the simplified 2 page free exercise and food plan (Click Here)

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