Egg & Turnip Hash Paleo Wrap™

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and there are leftovers galore…  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Egg & Turnip Hash Paleo Wrap”.  When I see some mashed turnips from yesterday’s feast, I decide to take them a step further to enjoy in a tasty Paleo Wrap!  By cooking them up in a skillet with some Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, we can brown them up for a nice hash.  What a great way to change up our leftovers, and create a wonderful Paleo combo!

With the organic Lemon Herb Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut oil providing us with great taste, no mess, and without any GMO’s, I am able to season this meal up just right.  But wait, there’s more!  Quantum Pink Salt also has a role in this meal, bringing two healthy salts into the mix; Mediterranean Sea Salt and Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt.  Both salts are pure, without anti-clumping agents (which are commonly added to traditional “table salts”.  Give this ultra pure sea salt blend a try, and enjoy the trace minerals!  Hello healthy!

Once my turnips were done browning up, I set them aside, and begin cooking my organic, free-range eggs.  The whole egg is how I roll, and don’t worry, this entire meal will still be kept low carb, low in sugar, and caloric content won’t be too wild.  Even with the half avocado that I decide to top this one with!  Yes folks, the whole meal comes in around 460 calories, 11 net carbs, 10 grams of sugar, and has a macronutrient breakdown of 13.33% protein, 19.17% carbs, and 67.5% fat.  All macro’s were from quality, organic sources, and I’m also referring to those delicious Paleo Wraps from Julian Bakery.

[youtube id=yxT6S0-mU28]



  1. Flatted mashed turnips in frying pan with ¼ TBSP coconut oil on med/high heat.

  2. Allow to cook for a few minutes, then mix around and flip, checking as it browns.

  3. When desired level of browning has been achieved, set aside.  Mine took about 12 minutes.

  4. Use remaining coconut oil and cook eggs to your liking.

  5. Season eggs and turnips with salt and pepper.

  6. When eggs are complete, add to your Paleo Wrap, top with turnips, and add sliced avocado.


All healthy, all delicious, and all Paleo!  With just a few organic items, we have come up with a very filling and nutritious meal option, held together with the support from one of the best wraps around; Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wrap!  It’s GMO-free, made with organic coconut, has only 70 calories and just 4 net carbs.  Seriously!  No other wrap comes close in nutrition, taste, ingredients being of this quality and being kept to a minimum, and durability as well.  I’ve been known for loading up my Paleo Wraps, trust me, they hold a lot!!!!!!!!!

So make sure you go to for the Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, the Paleo Wraps, and that delicious Quantum Pink Salt.  If you are looking for a mashed turnip recipe to start off with, grab a copy of Make It Paleo and turn to page 332…  It looks scrumptious!!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my Paleo food blog using some incredible items from Julian Bakery!  I hope you enjoyed it, and please come again!



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