Egg Spinach & Bacon Turmeric Paleo Wrap!

I’ve been a huge fan of turmeric for years, its anti-inflammatory, has an interesting taste, and now it’s in one of my favorite Paleo items!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you an “Egg Spinach & Bacon Turmeric Paleo Wrap!”   Rachel and I just had an incredible trip to California, and while we were there we couldn’t help but stop to check out Julian Bakery’s Oceanside and La Jolla locations.  Not only were we excited to meet the staff and as well as to see the bakery, we were also stoked to grab some of the prototype Turmeric Paleo Wraps!  The very next meal that I consumed at a winery in Temecula, I incorporated my lovely salad with Yellowfin tuna into the Turmeric Paleo Wrap, and it was a lovely experience!   I found it to be less sweet, with a hint of turmeric (obviously!).  Yet, it was just as low carb, low cal, and it might even be a blessing in disguise for those who don’t enjoy coconut as much as I do.  Rachel….

Today’s breakfast is a quickie, with whatever was in our fridge, freezer, and pantry…  But with a Turmeric Paleo Wrap!  Before we had left for the week, I purposely left several pasture-raised eggs, I was being smart and planning ahead.  Getting rid of the grains will help with brain fog as you can see.  Meanwhile, I know I have Paleo Butter, frozen veggies, Sunfood Super Foods Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt, and organic nitrate-free bacon.  Instantly, bacon goes in the oven for about 27 minutes at 325 F, I boil some frozen chopped spinach, and let the magic happen.  Why am I boiling versus nuking?  Just because…  Obviously using a stove and/or oven is safer than microwaving, I like to play it safe whenever possible.  But I’m not about to throw out my microwave completely, we just use it when we have to.

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  1. Cook bacon to your liking, we put bacon in a cool oven on a tray, and then set the oven to 325 F for 27 minutes.  

  2. Boil spinach, and then strain well.

  3. Whisk eggs in a bowl, add in your spinach and keep whisking.

  4. Add egg and spinach mixture to frying pan after Paleo Butter is melted, and cook to your liking.

  5. Season with salt & pepper, and then add it to your Paleo Wrap.

  6. Top with bacon, wrap, and enjoy!

Prep Time:  4 min

Cook Time:  35 min (less if you pre-cooked your bacon).

Serves: 1

What a way to start my day back home….  The turmeric infused into this meal with a nice touch, and I’m always happy to add in anti-inflammatories into my meals.  Turmeric has been used in Chinese and Indian medicine to help with chest pains, toothaches, bruises, jaundice, IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, prevention of cancer, and much, much more.  It really is a wonderful spice, and I am glad that Julian Bakery has decided to spice things up by trying turmeric out with their already incredible Paleo Wraps!  Paleo Wraps have just four net carbs and only seventy calories; they are made with organic coconut, and have no GMO’s, no soy, no gluten or grains, no dairy, and no starch.  Yet they are incredibly tasty, very strong, and can be used in so many ways!  Just check out the blog section to see!

How do you like to enjoy your Paleo Wraps?  Hopefully it’s something similar and as healthy as what we have here!  This is a low carb and nutritious meal option, using real food, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It’s a perfect way to keep your blood-sugar levels stable, stay healthy, burn fat, and get into ketosis if you prefer.  After a week of enjoying lots and lots of great Paleo and Primal foods in San Diego, I definitely need to get back on the keto-wagon…  And this is a great way to start!

So make sure you go to  to order your Paleo products today!  And, stay tuned for the Turmeric version of the Paleo Wraps in the next couple months.  I cannot wait for you to try them!


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