Egg & Garlic Paleo Coconut Wrap

You gotta love the kale, and egg, and garlic…  And the Paleo Wrap too!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Kale Egg & Garlic Paleo Coconut Wraps.”  Here’s a super-quick and easy breakfast option (or any meal for that matter) for you Paleo folk!  I am busting out my Lemon Herb Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil to start; a healthy, organic, non-GMO coconut oil in which is pourable.  Leaving you with less of a mess on your counter top, and more healthy fats in your diet.  We add in our organic eggs and washed kale, and then cut up (or mince) a couple cloves of garlic.  That’s about all the hard work this meal is going to take!

Next up, after we’ve seasoned this meal with a healthy salt and some black pepper, we throw down with a couple Paleo Wraps!  Talk about delicious, nutritious, healthy, and strong enough to hold much more food than what we are cookin’ up this morning!!!  They are awesome, I love ‘em, and so does just about everyone that I’ve shared ‘em with!!!  



  1. Heat up Lemon Herb Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil in pan

  2. Add in kale, eggs, and garlic

  3. Cook to your liking, and season with salt and pepper

  4. Serve in a Paleo Wrap or two, and enjoy!

Time to table:

• 10 minutes



This meal was absolutely filling, tasty, and soooo good for my body.  The lemon herb taste from the coconut oil added a great touch; a natural touch I should add…  The garlic is tasty as we all know – along with being a great anti-inflammatory to help me recover quicker from yesterday’s weight-lifting session.  Kale, as we all know, is ultra-healthy for us… No need to get into why for that one!  Himalayan Salt makes traditional table salt look like a poison….  It has 84 trace minerals that the body needs, and has many other positive benefits.  Eggs, from the organic farm, super good for you… Yolks from quality eggs are now being promoted as the best thing you can eat for your eye health…  And it’s a great source of healthy fats and amino acids.  The Paleo Wrap isn’t just the best way to enjoy your meal, it’s not just low in cals and carbs, and it’s not just GMO/Gluten/Soy and even dairy free….  But, it’s packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats from coconut.  REAL coconut!

So make sure you go to for the items used to make this simple, yet effective and oh so satiating meal.  Thanks for stopping by to preview my Paleo meal, and I hope it inspires you to eat well and live well.



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