Dandelion & Golden Tomato Breakfast Paleo Wrap Recipe

Anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich, low-carb…  Those are just a few terms to describe this meal!  This Paleo Wrap recipe is brought to you by Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Dandelion & Golden Tomato Breakfast Paleo Wrap”.  As I start getting fresh items together for this morning’s meal, I realize how far I’ve come.  The days of grabbing a boxed item because it’s “low calorie” and “fortified with….” are gone!  I am trying to get the freshest of ingredients, that give my body the nutrients and energy it deserves to heal, perform, and feel great!

Today’s meal starts off with sautéing dandelion greens and golden tomatoes in some Garlic Ghee.  Why not canola or soy?  Because Garlic Ghee doesn’t mimic estrogen, it handles heat well and resists oxidation, it comes from a grass-fed source, and it’s certified USDA organic!  This is going to be a great base for my pasture raised eggs, loaded with vitamins and nutrients galore!  Did you know that dandelion greens support your digestive system, they help with inflammation, edema, eczema, and have a ton of vitamin K?  Yup!  Combined with the quality protein and amino acids in our eggs, this is going to be wonderful!  What’s even better is that its going into a Julian Bakery Paleo Wrap, which is loaded with MCT’s for brain power, and to help you get or stay in ketosis and burn fat all day long.

Check out this how to recipe [youtube id=e9DoebhOpB8]




1)     Saute dandelion greens and tomatoes in Garlic Ghee until soft.

2)     After about 5 minutes, add in your eggs, and cook as you wish.  I scrambled.

3)     Season with salt and pepper, then plate in your Paleo Wrap.

4)     Top with hemp seeds, and enjoy!

Prep Time:  2 min

Cook Time:  8 min

Serves: 1


This is what I call “fortified”!!  It’s loaded with all sorts of vitamins, minerals, MCT’s, anti-inflammatory properties, and doesn’t have any GMO’s, gluten, soy, dairy, or starch.  It’s a low carb meal that is loaded with great proteins, fats, and quality carbs from veggies, and it’ll keep you full for hours to come!  With a terrific meal like this, there’s no need to snack in a couple hours, you know your body is getting the best of the best, and I bet you’ll be anxious for another superb meal like this one at lunchtime!

So make sure you check out www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo and grab your low carb Paleo Wraps, your chemical free Quantum Pink Salt, and that delicious Garlic Ghee that adds a nice natural garlic flavor to your meals instantly!  Thanks for checking out my Paleo breakfast option, and please come again!



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