Cool & Crisp Tuna Salad Paleo Wrap Recipe

Did you know we use organic coconut in Our Paleo Wraps?  If everything was organic, wild caught, fresh, and sourced from the best stuff on earth, life would be so much better….This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Cool & Crisp Tuna Salad Paleo Wrap”.  With so many tough food choices, and don’t forget about temptations, we have a lot of crucial decisions to make.  Especially when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle!  Don’t fret, it’s actually quite simple when you follow a Paleo template and remove poor quality “foods” from your diet.  Opt for a moderate amount of quality proteins, lots of organic vegetables, include healthy fats, some fruit, some nuts and seeds, and whenever there is a food label – read it!

Today’s meal blog starts off with a Turmeric Paleo Wrap.  It’s only of my favorite ways to enjoy so many meals, it’s low carb, it’s grain and gluten free, made without soy or GMO’s, and there’s no dairy or starch in them!  Reading the label on them will show you what’s inside; organic coconut meat, coconut water, extra virgin coconut oil, and turmeric.  That’s all folks!!!  No other wrap compares, from the quality ingredients, to the nutrition facts (which are lab verified by the way).

How To Video Recipe Using Turmeric Paleo Wraps

[youtube id=LKE8UB3ZrPo]




1)      In a bowl, combine tuna, chopped up hard-boiled egg, turmeric, sea salt, black pepper, and Paleo Powder.  Mix well.

2)      Add to your Paleo Wrap and top with tomato slices and shredded carrots.

Prep Time:  5 min (more if you have to make your Paleo Mayo)

Cook Time:  0 min

Serves: 1

What’s going into my Paleo Wrap is equally as important….  We’ve got some wild caught tuna, a hard boiled pasture raised egg, some Paleo Mayo, more turmeric, sea salt, ground black pepper, and a few dashes of Paleo Powder.  Finally, I top it with some golden tomatoes and shredded carrots, for a cool and crisp taste and more nutrients!  All of this equates to a meal that will allow your blood sugar and insulin levels to remain stable, it’ll keep inflammation low, and you’ll be satiated with a real meal.

For some, this may be a treat…  If you are looking for more, feel free to add in an avocado, a strip of organic nitrate-free bacon, add in some raw nuts or more veggies!  You could also have another wrap too!  Remember, this is all made from real food, it’s in carbs, and high in nutrients.  Just eat until you are full and relax while you eat.

If this is something you can sink your teeth into, then head on over to and check their wonderful Paleo selection out!  They have a ton of goodies that will allow you to eat and feel right, while keeping it real!  Or stop on over to their Oceanside location in California, where you can grab a bunch of items in person.  Thanks for stopping by to check out this tuna wrap, and have a great day!



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