Coconut Cinnamon Paleo Bread™ Toast & Eggs!

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Coconut cinnamon Paleo Bread toast and Eggs.”  Coconut is one of my favorites, and apparently my daughter’s as well.  She asked me for cinnamon toast this morning, and with Julian Bakery’s Coconut Paleo Bread I know I can make a really healthy and tasty cinnamon toast.  But as she was bringing me the coconut oil, she asked for Coconut Manna (which is available through Julian Bakery I might add!).  That just took the cinnamon toast to another level!  The Manna is great stuff, and very nutritious for you.  I mean, really, if you are a fan of coconut, you need to give Coconut Manna a shot!  It melts with a little bit of heat; it spreads on so nicely, and tastes so heavenly!  Additionally you are getting all the benefits of coconut!  What benefits?  Well, the oil from coconut is beneficial from helping with joint pain for arthritis, to helping with Candida (a bacterial overgrowth in the gut).  Think about that the next time you have an ache in your elbow! 


• 1 slice Coconut Paleo Bread™

•Coconut oil

•Coconut Manna


•1 egg

•Salt & pepper for eggs (to taste)


1)      Cook Paleo Bread™ in toaster oven

2)      Put some coconut oil in pan and start cooking egg

3)      When toast is ½ done, spread coconut oil on toast and put back in toaster oven.

4)      When toast is near to being done, spread Coconut Manna on toast and sprinkle cinnamon. 

5)      When egg is done, add to plate and season with salt & pepper

6)      When toast is complete, remove carefully and spread coconut manna/cinnamon evenly.

Prep Time:

• 2 minutes

Cook Time:

• 8 minutes


• 1

Spreading that Coconut Manna on the toast was making me drool, but I had to remember that this was for my daughter.  Bad Daddy!!  But I was good, and she loved the Coconut cinnamon toast!  And the eggs!  I am fortunate to have found such a great company that makes healthy products geared towards Paleo…  Julian Bakery is that company, and their products allow me to give my child foods that keep me and her happy.  She is eating low inflammatory foods, packed with nutrients, good fats, no grains and no gluten, and no GMO’s as well!  THAT is why I am happy.  She is also getting tons of delicious, flavorful foods, which is why SHE is happy!

As previously mentioned, Coconut Manna is available through

Every time I check this section out, my eyes lose focus, and I go into a dizzy spell.  They have such amazing foods and treats, you can’t help but want to order everything up!  And, check out the great cookbooks that they offer as well! 

Please visit us again for more tasty meals with Julian Bakery products!  Have a great day!



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