Choco-Nut Paleo Protein Shake

If you are in the mood for a protein shake like I was this morning, you might want to scoop this one up!   This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Choco-Nut Paleo Protein Shake”, using Julian Bakery’s Paleo Protein powder!  Back in the day, I used to think I was doing myself a favor using those cheap, mass produced protein powders…. Not even caring about the ingredients, or how they were made, I would load up on poor quality protein powders.  Not anymore.  I’m picky with my foods and what I put in my body, and protein powders count as well.

Now that Julian Bakery has been offering quality protein powders, I’ve been entertaining the idea of making smoothies and shakes again.  I’ve been testing the waters with some Primal Protein after a workout…  Or even a Chocolate Paleo Protein shake for breakfast (like today!).  So far so good!  No detrimental side-effects, no feeling bloated, and I am proud to recommend these quality products to others.  Why?  Because Julian Bakery makes their protein powders without sucralose, without Splenda, they don’t opt for GMO’s, or even gluten or grains!  Soy?  No way, Jose!  And it’s super low carb, and high protein from grass-fed cows!




1)      Add all ingredients to blender, and blend well.

2)      Poor into a glass, and enjoy!

Prep Time:  2 min

Cook Time:  0 min

Serves: 1

[youtube id=9Hbvwaxfn-I]

I’m looking to make this shake loaded with not just quality protein, but also quality nuts…. So I add a tablespoon of Paleo MeeNut Butter, as well as a tablespoon of GO-LO sugar-free Hazelnut Spread.  Both products have no sugar added, they don’t have peanuts, they have no GMO’s, and are made with real nuts!  Oh, and they are but low carb too!  Win win!!!  Plus they taste amazing, and will give our shake a wonderful nutty taste.  I also decide to go extra nuts, with extra nuts.  I add in some macadamia nuts, almonds, and walnuts, because I’m looking to make this a little thicker, and because I can! 

This whole shake has just 4.5 net carbs, but has over 40 grams of protein while being extremely low in sugar, and has a choco-nut taste you’ll love!  Plus, it’s kept Paleo, since the Paleo Protein is egg white based, not whey.  It’s also flash frozen to preserve that quality protein, and they’ve added digestive enzymes and electrolytes to make this protein easier to digest while hydrating you!

So where does one buy this magical Paleo !!!  Okay, it may not be magical, but sometimes I feel that it is!!  I have Lyme Disease and Leaky Gut, which means certain foods bother me and my body….  So when I stumble across a protein powder that doesn’t contain junk, comes from quality grass-fed cows, allows me to keep feeling good, and packs this much protein and just 1 net carb and hardly any sugar per scoop – I am seeing unicorns!!! 


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