Carb Zero Bread -Gluten Free with Zero Net Carbs

Want to have your bread and eat it too? Looking for a smart way to lose weight, not raise your blood sugar, stick with your low carb diet, that New Year’s resolution, or reach or maintain your ideal weight? Then we at the Julian Bakery are pleased to introduce you to the newest addition to our low carb bread family:

Carb Zero Bread

No— you aren’t hallucinating, and no we haven’t just repackaged air— the newest addition to Julian Bakery is actual real life bread that contains ZERO grams of net CARBS NATURALLY packed with 9g of protein per slice. This means you can eat Carb Zero bread in the Induction Phase of your low carb diet.

             Besides having magicians for bakers, the fabulous members of the Julian Bakery team have utilized the “magic” of certified gluten free oat fiber to create a moist, sliced bread that is low in cholesterol,  high in fiber, low in calories, but most importantly… it’s high in taste! What does all of this mean? A miracle bread that….

Controls Blood Sugar All Day Long.

            Because of its high fiber content, oat fiber is equal in both fiber and carbs, canceling out those pesky carbohydrates to create a rich and fiber hearty bread that won’t raise your blood sugar. What could be better than bread that has zero grams of net carbs and won’t raise your blood sugar?

        A zero net carb bread that comes in two flavors.

                                            Regular and Cinnamon! 

Use “Regular” “CarbZero” for sandwiches, as a side for soups, with breakfast, or as a great anytime snack that will fill you up and not out!

 Try our “Cinnamon  “CarbZero” in French toast, or just a quick on the go treat.  Two slices contain 18g of protein for a guilt-free treat!

So what IS in CarbZero Bread?

Carb Zero is a blend of Purified Water, Certified Gluten Free Oat Fiber, Psyllium, Egg White Protein, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and a pinch of baking soda.

What do these ingredients make: The Perfect gluten free, yeast free, sugar free, dairy free,  soy free, gmo-free, guilt free bread all with Zero Net Carbs!

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So what will these ingredients do for me?

Oat Fiber—Oat fiber is high in fiber, low in cholesterol, and has no effect on blood sugar. Additionally, our oat fiber is made with certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO oats, making it the perfect addition to any gluten-free diet.  Studies also show that beta-glucan that is in Oat Fiber has beneficial effects in diabetics as well. Type 1 & 2 diabetes patients given foods high in this type of oat fiber had stabilized blood sugars throughout the day. That’s why Carb Zero bread is ideal for diabetics and all customers in the morning as it can help them all day long.

Psyllium— Derived from plants, psyllium has extremely high fiber content, and several studies have indicated that a diet containing fiber from psyllium lowers cholesterol. In fact, research also indicates that “psyllium incorporated into food products is more effective at reducing blood glucose response than use of a soluble-fiber supplement that is separate from the food.” What does this mean for you? Benefits from fiber for your stomach, and the added potential of some assistance to your blood too, making psyllium an ideal fiber to shape and mold a flat stomach.

Egg White Protein—Looking to build lean muscle while knocking out fat? Then this is the bread for you with 9g of protein per slice derived from egg white protein for maximum muscle building potential. Egg whites contain no fat or carbohydrates. Additionally, egg white protein is labeled a “high quality protein,” meaning that it is “rated well on the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score)—the most accurate measurement of a protein’s quality.” Having trouble digesting traditional proteins? Egg white protein is one of the easiest to digest—making this high protein bread an easy way to meet your protein needs.

Olive Oil— The health benefits of moderate olive oil consumption are bounding. From potentially lowering cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and insulin level control; the natural olive oil in CarbZero adds a rich and flavorful layer of texture. Rich flavor, and health benefits? Sounds good enough—but there’s more! In recent research, olive oil consumption has also been linked to colon cancer prevention and heart disease prevention.

Why is Smart Carb the right fit for your diet?

Appropriate during the induction phase of Atkins— On the first phase of your Atkins journey? Having trouble with those mere twenty grams of carbohydrates a day? That’s okay, because CarbZero has, well, zero! CarbZero will help you to stay in ketosis when on the induction phase of your diet, burning your unwanted fat into powerful energy. Eat as much as you want while sticking to your Atkins goals!

Diabetic?— Then today is your lucky day, as CarbZero will have absolutely no effect on your blood sugar. Eat CarbZero as much as you’d like with the comfort of maintaining your diet.

Gluten Intolerant?— Have Celiacs disease, a gluten intolerance, or just trying to cut down on your gluten intake? CarbZero is the ideal bread for you! Not only does CarbZero have a delicious and moist texture that is difficult to find in most conventionally produced gluten-free breads, but it also holds together perfectly, freezes, and refrigerates well—making it an ideal gluten-free product. Additionally, CarbZero is currently the only bread available on the market that has both zero grams of net carbs and is gluten-free, making it truly a unique addition to your diet.

Sugar and Starch Free— Sick of finding some form of sugar or starch in conventional breads? Switching over to CarbZero guarantees you a sugar free, healthy snack—making it great for kids!

Anti- Bloating— Sick of feeling bloated after traditional bread? Trying to get ready for the upcoming swimsuit season? The high fiber content of CarbZero is perfect for fine-tuning your stomach both inside and out! With zero net carbs, CarbZero allows you to bypass the traditional post-carb bloat—leaving you lean and fit to go about your day—swimsuit or otherwise!

Low-Calorie— On a low calorie diet?  At only 59 calories per slice, CarbZero enables you to stick to your low calorie goals while enjoying the familiar taste of hearty bread. In the mood for a treat without wanting to blow your calorie limit for the day? Use CarbZero in a low calorie French toast or bread pudding. Feel like you are indulging with merely half the calories of conventional bread!

Yeast Free— Limiting or eliminating your consumption of yeast? Then try out CarbZero, for bread with all of the fullness of traditional yeast-based bread… minus the yeast! Perfect for those on the Candida diet, or those looking to rid the body of the Candida that conventionally produced breads regularly feed.

Organic, Natural, And Made With Non-GMO Ingredients— Made with one-hundred percent organic ingredients, CarbZero joins the Julian Bakery tradition of breads made with only high-quality, healthful, and natural ingredients. 

So, whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, lower your cholesterol, stick to your Atkins diet or a diabetes management plan, looking for a gluten-free alternative, or just a healthy sandwich… CarbZero is the right choice for you! Available fresh daily at the Julian Bakery location in Bird Rock, CA, or online at  Get CarbZero shipped directly to your door for ultimate convenience! Give the bread that has both nothing and everything at the same time a try today—CarbZero!

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Buy Cinnamon Carb Zero Here

Taste & Texture Of Carb Zero:

Carb Zero bread is moist, spongy, and has the texture of regular bread when toasted. It holds together better than any gluten free bread currently on the market and is ideal for sandwiches. It also makes excellent toast (When toasted on high). The taste of Carb Zero bread is unlike that of Smart Carb bread which is the best tasting low carb bread. Carb Zero is gluten and carb free and is made with oat fiber, which gives it a delicious oat flavor.  Cinnamon- Carb Zero Bread  has a touch of sweetness and a wonderful cinnamon taste that makes it amazing for French toast or quick, on-the-go protein in the morning. Our breads are ideal for celiacs, diabetics, and people looking to reach their ideal weight. Also, if you are in the Induction Phase of a low-carb diet and need to stay in Ketosis, then Carb Zero is the perfect bread for you!

This is an independent review for Carb Zero Bread via YouTube from one of our customers:






  1. Vickylee

    Wish I could have some today!

  2. Cynfaerie

    Do you ship to other states?

  3. Bob C.

    What does it taste like?

  4. What does Carb Zero Taste Like? The regular taste like oats & egg whites together….kind of a neutral taste -perfect for sandwiches. The cinnamon has a little sweetness perfect for french toast or to curb a sugar craving. (Sweetened w/Stevia)

  5. how many calories does it have per slice?

  6. Nevermind, I found it. 59 calories per slice, which isn’t bad. Calories from fat = 20. The bread I get usually has 80 to 90 calories, but the no carb thing is neat. Ezekiel bread is 80 calories, 15 carbs, 3 fiber, so I guess 11 net carbs.

    Carbzero bread 59 calories, 9 carbs, 9 fiber, so I guess 0 net carbs, but your body still digest those carbs, right?

    It’s not like you can eat 500 carbs and 500 fiber in the same meal and expect it to balance out and not make you have to exercise.

  7. jorge

    Is this bread the same as the Paleo one coming out in may? If not then what
    is the difference?

  8. Actually those are non-digestible carbs as they derived from fiber.

  9. Leah

    I bought two loaves today from a Natural Grocer. They were frozen, and say they are one net carb. If I order some from you directly will it be a zero carb, or one carb loaf? The bread is delicious, and I am keeping it in the freezer and taking out only one slice per day.

  10. Bird

    The Smart Carb bread is the best. I eat it daily with Earth Balance Organic Coconut spread. I can’t wait to try the new bread with no carbs.

  11. Mel M.

    Just ordered and received my bread – it is sooooooo delicious! Very moist and just awesome! Going to recommend to my family and friends who are looking for low-carb/no-carb and gluten options. Thanks so much for making this! I WILL be a regular customer!

  12. Mel M.

    I live in Vermont and just received my bread this week. It is so moist and delicious; was a bit apprehensive as low-no carb products using taste terrible – but this bread is AWESOME! I am so happy they are making it! A++++++++ Rating!!

  13. pamela garrett

    please make a recipe for vegitarians. thanks

  14. We are actually formulating a Vegan version now!


    I ended up ordering two of each type, including manna from heaven. Right now I am finishing the first loft of zero carb. Definitely has kept me in ketosis. I was using a little almond butter, but I am definitely going to try the earth balance organic coconut spread! I will be a regular customer, Leah

  16. RayGayDood

    Hey Bob, If you want flavor, go with the Carb #1 & #2. Trust me, they are awesome.

  17. Lordotj

    I want to know if there is any store in or near Baltimore MD that carries this bread?

  18. Jason

    Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.

  19. Salt of the Earth Bakery

    Is carb zero available unsliced? I am interested because I make a thick sliced french toast with kirsch and egg white that my customers love…all but the gluten intolerant ones…Please say YES!!!

  20. pntherlady1

    I just bought a loaf of each from a local health food store in CT that orders and carries it!! OMG! I couldn’t be happier right now! lol The cinnamon one when toasted and a little butter and Splenda on it tastes SO good and going to try making french toast with it sometime this week too! And yesterday, being able to have a roast beef sandwich was heavenly!! DO NOT EVER stop making this please!! 🙂

  21. Flores

    I bought your net zero carb bread and wanted to try the cinamon one, does anyone sell it in Manhattan?

  22. Holly

    I just ordered this bread for the first time today, very excited to receive it. I’ve recently started the Medifast diet, and my husband and I are really making efforts to eat lower carb and healthier. If it’s sold in any specialty health food stores in Utah, please let me know!

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