Bok Choy & Hemp Breakfast Paleo Wrap

Another breakfast means another chance to try something new while enjoying a meal that gives me tons of vitamins and minerals!!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Bok Choy & Hemp Breakfast Paleo Wrap”.  I’ve been diggin’ the Bok Choy recently, and when I spotted baby Bok Choy I thought they’d be great to sauté up in a jiffy.  I was right!  The smaller and thinner baby Bok Choy is that much easier to deal with, so it makes a great option for us to get our veggies in with less frustration.  This entire meal is quite simple to make, and with some fresh foods and Paleo items from Julian Bakery, you too can whip up a filling meal that will give you the gusto you’ve been looking for.

Bok Choy is packed with the good stuff; calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, as well as vitamins A, C, and K.  It’s quite the vegetable that will give you lots of what your body needs, in conjunction with the pasture raised eggs and hemp seeds that also go into this meal.  Hemp seeds are helpful with heart health, improved digestion, as well as increasing your energy levels.  Eggs are one of the most perfect foods, with lots of good cholesterol, choline which helps build cell membranes and assists in signaling in the brain, and are great for your eyes!

Now that we’ve got those ingredients covered, let’s discuss what Julian Bakery’s Paleo products are giving us: Paleo Wraps are made from coconut, which is another perfect food if you ask me!  Medium chain triglycerides are along for the ride, which is different than the saturated fats that are in your typical steak.  They go directly to the liver from the digestive tract, where the MCT’s are used as a quick source of energy or turned into ketones, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.  Coconut also helps you burn fat, can kill bacteria, and can lower your risk of heart disease.  Plus it tastes great!  

And our grass-fed spread, PrimalFat Coconut Ghee, is also beneficial when it comes to improving cholesterol, is loaded with vitamin K2 which can de-calcify your arteries, and is loaded with butyrate (or butyric acid) which is great for cutting inflammation.  And since it’s virtually lactose-free, we Paleo fans can enjoy it without the worry of consuming dairy.

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  1. Melt PrimalFat Coconut Ghee, and sauté Bok Choy until it begins to soften.

  2. Cook eggs on top of sautéed greens, and cook to your liking.

  3. Season with salt & pepper, top with hemp seeds.

  4. Add to your Paleo Wrap, and reap the benefits!

Prep Time:  1 min

Cook Time:  8 min

Serves: 1

There’s a lot going on in here, in regards to nutrition as well as taste.  I really enjoyed the hemp crunch, with the soft coconut flavor from the Paleo Wrap, mixed in with my yummy yolks and crisp Bok Choy.  And with this entire meal extremely low in carbs, I am feeling clean and lean!  Remember, you can cook your eggs up any way you like, just make sure they are pasture-raised and organic!   And since Paleo Wraps don’t have soy, GMO’s, dairy, grains, gluten or starch, it’s the perfect way to enjoy all of these great foods that I just mentioned!


If this sounds like something that tempts you, check out and order up some ultra-healthy Paleo products so you also can feel clean and lean!  Thanks for stopping by to see my “Bok Choy & Hemp Breakfast Paleo Wrap” come together, and if you try it I hope you enjoy it!


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