Bacon & Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers – 2 Ways

Want to see how easy it is to take the same grass-fed burger but enjoy it in two totally different ways?  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Bacon & Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers – 2 Ways”.  On the left, we have the coconut Paleo Bread, each slice weighs in at thirty-five calories, consists of just one net carb per slice, and has just one gram of sugar.  On the right, we have a Turmeric Paleo Wrap, with just four net carbs, seventy calories per wrap, and three grams of sugar.  Their similarities are very important though; no gluten or grains, no soy, no starch, and no dairy… This equates to you feeling great while allowing you to hit your goals!

Today’s burgers are grass-fed, who am I kidding our burgers are always grass-fed!!!  But we’ve added in some Applegate nitrate-free bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and thyme, along with the usual Himalayan Salt and black pepper, of course.  But when I wanted two burgers for lunch, I wanted to change things up a bit.  It’s so simple, this Paleo thing….  With all the veggies that we have available to us, the combinations are pretty crazy if you ask me.  That’s how I ended up with a burger in Paleo Bread that included some Paleo Mayo (from the 500 Paleo Recipes cookbook), a Tangy Raw Slaw from BAO, and some Dijon mustard.  The wrap consisted of that same burger but broken up into bite sized pieces, some fresh kale, shredded carrots, crumbled goat cheese, and a little organic ketchup.

Ingredients (wrap):


Ingredients (sandwich):


1)      Form burgers using grass-fed ground beef, sun-dried tomato, thyme and garlic.

2)      Season with salt and pepper to taste.

3)      Grill and create your wrap/sandwich as mentioned above.

Prep Time:  10 min

Cook Time:  10 min

Serves: 1-2

Even though these burgers are basically polar opposites, they are still kept extremely healthy, satiating, and delish!  If I had to choose a winner, I couldn’t, it’s a tie!  Both are amazing and I loved each and every bite.  And afterwards, I felt great because they were both kept clean as a whistle, low in carbs, and made with some of the best of the best ingredients we could source.  That’s why we buy Paleo Bread and Paleo Wraps!  Not just to impress our friends with these “cool” products, but because they are legitimately healthy and good for us!  So check Julian Bakery out in their Oceanside and La Jolla, California locations, or online at!




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