Asparagus & Egg Paleo Wrap

Healthy is what I’m always aiming for, and that’s why I put the best ingredients around into Julian Bakery’s Paleo products!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you an “Asparagus & Egg Paleo Wrap”.  A lot of Paleo people are all about bacon and eggs in the morning… and trust me, I love my bacon and eggs!  But a little birdie once told me to eat your veggies at every meal, so I try to do just that.  Today’s breakfast starts off with some Paleo Butter in my cast iron skillet and some freshly washed and trimmed asparagus.  Paleo Butter is a grass-fed French style ghee, virtually free of lactose, which makes it the perfect butter for Paleo!  Plus, it’s loaded with vitamins A, D, and K2, and CLA Tonalin, which makes me that much more confident that I am getting more nutrient dense goodness. 

Once my asparagus are cooked up, I begin my scrambled eggs…. Also done in Paleo Butter for an extra savory end result.  You could opt for some Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil if you are a fan of coconut oil, another fine product that is available through Julian Bakery!  And where is all of this going?  Into my seventy calorie and just four net carb Paleo Wrap!  It’s the ultimate wrap for anyone that is serious about what they put in their body, as well as for someone trying to eat low-carb, real food, or even a diabetic.  Made from just one ingredient; organic coconut, you can tell that Julian Bakery is serious about offering us quality, healthy products.  And, Paleo Wraps are GMO free, soy free, gluten and grain free, and salt free as well!

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  • 3 organic eggs
  • 10 stalks of asparagus, washed and ends trimmed
  • 2 TBSP Paleo Butter, divided
  • Sunfood Super Foods Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt and black pepper to taste
  • 1 Paleo Wrap
  • 1 large pinch of organic hemp seeds


1)      Cook asparagus in pan with 1 TBSP Paleo Butter for approximately 10 minutes, or until soft.

2)      Cook eggs in the other TBSP of Paleo Butter and stir constantly until they are cooked to your liking.

3)      Season with salt and pepper.

4)      Add everything to Paleo Wrap, top with hemp seeds, and enjoy!


Seasoned with some ground black pepper, and eighty-four trace minerals… Oops, I mean Sunfood Super Foods Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt!!!  Yeah, their Himalayan salt provides us with eighty-four trace minerals, no added binders or junk, and a very nice salty taste that everyone will enjoy.  Table salt is so out, and healthy salts are so in!  Finally we finish this meal off with some organic hemp seeds for a little more health benefits like amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamin E as well. 

Overall, this was a wonderful way to kick off my weekend…..  It not only provided my body with a host of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients too, but it was scrumptious!  And it couldn’t have been done without the wonderful Paleo products from Julian Bakery.  They make the best low carb products around that not only taste great, but are also packed with the best organic ingredients around.  So check them out at and order up today! 

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to preview one of my many Paleo meals… I hope this gives you inspiration and ideas to kick your day off right, just like I did.  And please stop by again soon!



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