Amla Royale: Rejuvenating Your Whole Body!

Do you have digestion issues?  Do you experience afternoon fatigue?  I have looked long and hard for customer reviews on Amla Royale made by Premier Research Labs, and there are currently none anywhere!  I have been so satisfied with the way Amla Royale makes me feel that I am obliged to provide the internet’s very first review on this intriguing product.  Buy Online Click Here $19.99

 Amla Royale is a time proven ancient medicinal herbal formula from Indiathat has been used for thousands of years by many cultures.  It contains a mix of over 40 herbs that support a variety of glands and organs throughout the body.  Premier Research Labs uses only highest rated grade 10 quality herbs, where other brands often contain grade 1 herbs.  Also different from other brands,PRL uses a special year long ripening process to activate the herbs to their highest potential. 

Even studies show that Amla Royale improves well-being, psychological functioning, digestion, carbohydrate metabolism, and the list goes on!  There are no toxic sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, or chemicals.  The first time I tried Amla Royale, I experienced an immediate improvement in my digestive system, followed by a sense of well being and energy. With just 1 teaspoon of this unique product, I feel physically and emotionally boosted for hours! 

You can purchase your Amla Royale and improve your all around health today: Buy Online Click Here $19.99 

Benefits: A powerful, Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Tonic. Supports endocrine function, promotes emotional and mental well-being, and much more.

Ancient Rejuvenating Elixir  – a Powerful Formula for Total Body Rejuvenation
In the classical texts of the great scholars of Ayurveda, the ancient 40+ herb tonic was prescribed as a great rejuvenative to maintain one’s health. This tonic has its origin thousands of years before Christ.  Through these many centuries, this master herbal formula has been preserved for all of us and revered as a sacred, time-proven, revitalizing elixir.

Quantum Amla Royale increases the feeling of well-being, cheerfulness, interest in work and improved mood. It improves psychological functioning, memory, attention and concentration. When taken regularly, it promotes healthier digestion and bowel function, improves carbohydrate metabolism and regulates insulin requirements.

World-Wide Research Studies Show that the 40 + Ayurvedic herbs in Amla Royale promotes:
Emotional and mental well-being
Gastrointestinal health
Healthy blood sugar levels
Healthy blood lipids
Healthy lung function
Glowing Skin
Healthly Endocrine Function

High in Vitamin C
Amla, the leading herb in this formula, is the highest known natural source of vitamin C in the world!
One of a Kind
Premier Research Labs is the only company in the U.S. to import this famous, 40+ herb formual made with all grade 10 quality herbs (10 = the highest grade), as aknowledged by the Indian government rating system. They have taken no short-cuts. This famous formula contains all of the original herbs, grown by traditional herbal masters on the rich soil in pure country air, 5 miles from any road. The herbs are planted, grown, harvested, and prepared according to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

Protecting It During the Long Trip
For the long trip from India to the U.S., the herbal tonic is placed in special, heavy weight, polythylene bags. (Polythylene is a safe plastic; the same compound made by your own body and found in the body’s joints.) Then it is sealed in specially made, tamper-proof HDPE drums. This way there is no leakage, breakage, cross-contamination or fumigation at the ports. This product is tested for irradiation upon arrival.
Delicious Sweetening Agents
Premier uses the original, health sweetening agents of grade 10 raw honey and jaggery from India. This premium quality honey is high in minerals and rich in enzymes. It is hand-harvested from healthy hives where bees visit centuries-old flowering fields never touched by pesticides. The jaggery is a thick, golden-brown, high mineral concentrate from whole Indian sugar cane. Jaggery’s delicious sweet taste is the perfect choice as a nutritive herbal carrier.
Amla Royal is a Great Tasting – Herbal Jam
The 40+ herbs combined with the honey and jaggery make this herbal tonic a deliciously, sweet and exotic jam. Many just eat it right off the spoon!
Ingredients:  ½ teaspoon contains:  Proprietary Blend of: 3269mg, Amla, Jaggery, Unheated Honey, Ghee, Coconut oil, Curcuma Angustifolia (rhizome), Piper Longum, Gmelina Arborea, Aegle Marmelos, Stereospermum Suaveolens, Oroxylum indicum, Clerodendron Phlomidis, Uraria Picta, Desmodium Gangeticum, Solanum Xanthocarpum, Solanum Indicum, Tribulus Terrestris, Sida Cordifolia, Cyperus Rotundus (rhizome), Pueraria Phaseolus Trilobus, Rhus Succedanea, Asparagus Racemosus, Phyllanthus Niruri, Elettaria Cardomonum, Holostemma Adakodien, Aquilaria Agallocha, Vitis Vinifera, Withania Somnifera

Other Ingredients:  None – contains no corn, milk, soy, salt, wheat, yeast, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Recommended Use:
Adults or children age 4 and up: take 1 teaspoon, 2 times daily. May be mixed in hot water (not boiling) and consumed as a tea.

Buy Online Click Here $19.99


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