5280 Beef (Grass Fed) Review & Recipe!

Where’s the beef?  Right here!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “5280 Beef!”  That’s right, beef!  But not just any beef, 5280 Beef has the best cuts around, and that’s why Julian Bakery has chosen to carry their superior products.  So you’ve heard of “grass-fed” beef, right?  Well how about “grass-finished”?  I didn’t hear about “grass-finished” up until about a year ago.  Just when I thought I was getting the most Paleo in beef, I learn that my beef may be grass-fed for most of its life, but at the tail end (no pun intended), they feed it grains to fatten it up.  A fatter cow means more profit, but more inflammation as well.  But since 5280 Beef is not only grass-fed but grass-finished as well, you are getting the healthiest, purest, and most delicious cuts of beef ever.

Last week my delivery arrived without issue, vacuum sealed, kept frozen with dry ice, and I was impressed with the overall packaging.  Tonight we had the pleasure of trying out their ground beef and tenderloin.  Right out of the packaging, I could tell it was less fatty than my locally sourced ground beef, which is grass-fed but grain-finished.  Now you may be saying “Wait, but isn’t fat good for you?  Isn’t that what Paleo is all about?”  Not when it’s from grain-fed cattle….  See, cattle are meant to eat grass, which helps them produce a leaner beef, with less saturated fat, more CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid – a nutrient associated in helping lower cancer risk, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and overall body fat), while providing more B vitamins, magnesium, beta-caroteine, and potassium compared to corn fed cattle.  Corn fed cattle tend to be sicker, while being exposed to E. coli bacteria.  Meanwhile, they are administered antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, etc.  That’s the beef that can be harmful to your health!  5280 Beef’s cattle get to roam free, are 100% grass-fed/grass-finished and are not given growth hormones, supplements, antibiotics or steroids.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about; healthy beef!

Tonight’s 5280 Beef ended up getting done two ways; a Primal ground beef wrap, and a Primal Philly Steak & Cheese, using Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps!  We’ve got peppers and onions sautéing with garlic, fresh salsa and avocado, and even some grass-fed Kerrygold cheeses shredded up to top these wonderful wraps!  So right off the grill, cooked to a medium-rare, we sliced our tenderloin, and I stole a piece to taste….  I was almost speechless, while Rachel blurted out “Oh my gosh!”  The tenderloin from 5280 Beef was so rich in flavor, so moist and tender, and we threw it on the grill in its naked form.  No salt, no pepper, no seasonings, nothing!  It seriously was one of the best pieces of beef I’ve ever tasted!

The Paleo Wraps came together nicely, hot off the grill too…. Once I was done grilling my beef, I turned off the burners, and added my Paleo Wraps one at a time, just for a few seconds, then help them in a taco shell shape while allowing them to cool and stiffen up.  This adds a little crunch, some fancy grill marks, and allows the Paleo Wrap to have a little more form.  And since this is a blog about the quality of our foods, remember that Paleo Wraps are gluten and grain-free, they have no GMO’s or soy added, they have no starch or salt, and they are low in carbs and calories.  Plus they can be enjoyed in so many ways, the possibilities are endless!

After I was done enjoying my wonderful dinner with 5280 Beef cooked to perfection, I waited for any weirdness….  I have been blessed with a non-organic meter, at least that’s what I call it.  Ever since my auto-immune issues kicked in from taking antibiotics, I can no longer enjoy your average beef, chicken, turkey, and most other proteins.  I tend to get itchy, achy, and have feelings of bugs crawling on my skin.  But when that protein is top-notch, organic, grass-fed (and grass-finished!), antibiotic and hormone free, etc, I am fine.  Guess how I felt after consuming 5280 Beef?  Excellent!  No issues on my end, which means you, the consumer, are truly getting a cut above the rest!


Where can you get 5280 Beef?  The same place where you can get your Paleo Wraps, Paleo Breads and all the other awesome Paleo goodies; www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo.  It’s no wonder why Julian Bakery chose to offer 5280 Beef; with a truly grass-fed/finished product, humanely raised, while providing a low-inflammatory cut of beef without the chemicals and drugs that we shouldn’t be consuming….  5280 Beef gets a big thumbs up from our end!!  Thanks for previewing this healthy food blog, I hope you enjoyed it, and please stop by again soon!



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